Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Die Taktiken der Israel-Lobby stellen Höhepunkte der Schande und Unanständigkeit dar, sie schließen Rufmord ebenso mit ein wie selektive falsche Zitate, vorsätzliche Verfälschung der Fakten, Fabrikation von Unwahrheiten und vollkommene Missachtung der Wahrheit.
  Chas Freeman
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Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel (2)
11:39 [Brass Check]
The US-supported holocaust in Yemen
Deliberate targeting of civilians - At least half the victims are children
11:26 [Press TV]
Hudaydah truce agreement victory for Yemeni nation: Ansarullah
Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement says the ceasefire agreement reached between the warring sides is a victory for the war-torn country as it will stop Saudi military operation in the strategic port city of Hudaydah.
Welt - Nordamerika (2)
13:46 [The American Conservative]
Fighting Corruption in the U.S. Criminal Justice System
There will never be true reform until law enforcement and prosecutors are held accountable for breaking the rules. Over 2,000 people have been exonerated from criminal convictions since 1989. But to blame mere incompetence or simple negligence would be a mistake. In the majority of these cases, it was criminal or unethical behavior by witnesses, law enforcement, and even the government that put these individuals behind bars in the first place.
13:46 [offGuardian]
Maria Butina Endgame
Tony Kevin - The Maria Butina criminal investigation, cruel and futile as it has been, seems to be approaching resolution. I wrote in some detail in Off-Guardian on 29 July about the 15 July arrest by the FBI in Washington DC of a 29-year-old Russian national, a postgraduate student in Washington DC and gun enthusiast, Maria Butina. I was not expecting Maria Butina to be still languishing in solitary confinement in a high-security prison in Virginia awaiting trial as an agent of foreign influence, over four months later. Yet this is what has happened to this unfortunate young aspiring lobbyist for better US-Russian relations.
Europa - Allgemein (2)
11:13 [The American Conservative]
The Yellow Jackets Versus The European Empire
A Europe that doesn`t listen to its people`s outrage won`t remain intact.So the “yellow jacket” protests are continuing in France, even though President Emmanuel Macron postponed the new fuel tax that ostensibly set them off.
11:02 [Strategic Culture Foundation]
Despite Macron’s TV Mea Culpa, France Set for Showdown
Despite a televised appearance of humility and sympathy, French President Emmanuel Macron seems to have failed to quell the mood of national anger over wide-ranging economic grievances.
Feuilleton - Literatur (1)
13:51 [TomDispatch]
Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single Superpower World
In 1964, a book entitled The Invisible Government shocked Americans with its revelations of a growing world of intelligence agencies playing fast and loose around the planet, a secret government lodged inside the one they knew that even the president didn`t fully control. Almost half a century later, everything about that "invisible government" has grown vastly larger, more disturbing, and far more visible.
Themen - Armut und Reichtum (1)
11:13 [Brookings]
How having unemployed parents affects children’s future well-being
For many people, job loss can be a catastrophe with far-reaching negative psychological and economic consequences.
Themen - Energie und Ressourcen (1)
10:17 [Strategic Culture Foundation]
Multipolar World Order in the Making: Qatar Dumps OPEC
The decision by Qatar to abandon OPEC threatens to redefine the global energy market, especially in light of Saudi Arabia’s growing difficulties and the growing influence of the Russian Federation in the OPEC+ mechanism. In a surprising statement, Qatari energy minister Saad al-Kaabi warned OPEC on Monday December 3 that his country had sent all the necessary documentation to start the country’s withdrawal from the oil organization in January 2019.
Themen - Geschichte (1)
11:39 [Russia Insider]
The Enmity Between Ukrainians and Russians Is Artificial, Manufactured by the West
The authorities who forced Ukraine to become a part of the Soviet Union had no regard for the will of the people or the right to self-determination. Stalin was hell-bent on incorporating Ukraine – a pesky and independent-minded nation with a proud history – into the nascent Socialist empire.
Themen - Globalisierung und Globalismus (1)
13:47 [Moon oft Alabama]
British Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders` Campaign?
The Integrity Initiative, a British pseudo-NGO tasked with running anti-Russian propaganda operation, was recently exposed. Further digging into it revealed a much wider operation.
Themen - Kriminalität und Nepp (1)
11:31 [Mint Press News]
Child Sex Slavery Ring Run by Former Israeli Soldier Dismantled by Colombian Police
The girls were forced to be part of a WhatsApp group called “Purim” – an apparent reference to the Jewish holiday – where they were pressured and intimidated as well as summoned to areas frequented by Israeli tourists.
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