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02. Januar 2019
8:53 [The Unz Review] (Details)
Israel Is Bad for America - A New York Times Columnist explains why
9:01 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
Wie Elizabeth Warren mit Bernie Sanders‘ Hilfe U.S.-Präsidentin geworden wäre
15:24 [Dedefensa] (Details)
Trump & la cabale des généraux
03. Januar 2019
2:08 [SOTT] (Details)
Pompeo: Cooperation with Israel over Syria and Iran is ongoing
2:12 [Sara A. Carter] (Details)
Trump Criticizes Federal Reserve’s Decision to Raise Interest Rates
2:22 [Townhall] (Details)
The Democrats in 2019: As Anti-Democratic As Ever
2:24 [The American Conservative] (Details)
How Trump’s First Two Years Might Have Been a Success
2:42 [MarketWatch] (Details)
Nikki Haley ditches her Twitter account — and nearly 1.7 million followers — and the real question is why
2:43 [russia-insider] (Details)
Syria Withdrawal: Trump Is Turning Against Sheldon Adelson After Alliance With Jewish Oligarch Backfired
13:32 [Liberty Nation] (Details)
The Great Myth Of The Anti-War Left Exposed
04. Januar 2019
14:58 [RT] (Details)
"Kampf dem Terrorismus": Trump verteidigt Sowjet-Intervention in Afghanistan – Mainstream flippt aus
19:00 [Tom Luongo] (Details)
Trump Walks Back Syria Pullout As Noose Tightens
05. Januar 2019
10:05 [The Daily Caller] (Details)
Democrats Prepared To Impeach Trump On First Day Of New Congress
10:06 [The Daily Caller] (Details)
KERNS: Remember When Obama And Clinton Shut Down Government For Their Own Pet Projects?
12:13 [Youtube/Fox News] (Details)
Tucker: Leaders show no obligation to American voters
12:20 [State of the Nation] (Details)
Red Alert: Trump is in grave danger!
12:21 [State of the Nation] (Details)
They were rogue Marine Guard mercenaries working with Alphabet Soup Agencies (FBI) that tried to assassinate Trump
12:54 [State of the Nation] (Details)
It’s Official: Gen. Flynn’s Dinner with Putin was Perfectly Appropriate
12:57 [Judicial Watch] (Details)
California and Los Angeles County to Remove 1.5 Million Inactive Voters from Voter Rolls – Settle Judicial Watch Federal Lawsuit
06. Januar 2019
20:50 [Consortium News] (Details)
Has Trump Been Outmaneuvered on Syria Troop Withdrawal?
09. Januar 2019
17:26 [Eurasia Future] (Details)
Donald Trump is About to Find Out That it is Easier to Deal With China Than His Domestic Opponents
10. Januar 2019
8:04 [The American Conservative] (Details)
John Bolton: Trump’s Foreign Policy Architect or Saboteur?
11. Januar 2019
5:57 [Querdenkende] (Details)
Trumps klägliche Rede an die Nation
11:51 [Anti-Spiegel] (Details)
Wie ein Streit um 0,1% des US-Haushaltes die Medien beschäftigt
12:52 [The Future of Freedom Foundation] (Details)
Break the Cycle
12. Januar 2019
21:15 [The American Conservative] (Details)
Mitt Romney, Commander of the Fake Internationalists
13. Januar 2019
20:47 [] (Details)
Das Ende des Kriegs gegen die Nicht-Droge Hanf
14. Januar 2019
13:40 [youtube/RonPaulLibertyReport] (Details)
What Are The Top Trends For 2019? With Special Guest Gerald Celente
13:49 [RT] (Details)
Donald Trump, der perfekte Sündenbock
13:50 [Zero Hedge] (Details)
Trump "Couldn`t Care Less" If Putin Conversation Becomes Public; Slams "Most Insulting Article" By NYT
15. Januar 2019
23:44 [Le Peuple] (Details)
Le mouvement des Gilets Jaunes fait des petits au Québec
16. Januar 2019
0:02 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (Details)
A Record Number of Americans No Longer Want to Live in the US
17. Januar 2019
23:53 [Sputnik Deutschland] (Details)
Kein Verzicht der USA auf russische Raketentriebwerke mindestens bis 2023
18. Januar 2019
15:07 [Moon oft Alabama] (Details)
The Trump-Russia Scam - How Obama Enabled The FBI To Spy On Trump
15:08 [Global Research] (Details)
Trump, The Manchurian Candidate: “Conspiracy” to Destabilize the Trump Presidency. Regime Change in America
15:13 [World Economy] (Details)
Auf Biegen und Brechen - Der Kampf gegen Donald Trump geht in die nächste Runde
15:14 [LaRouchePAC] (Details)
LaRouchePAC Challenges Congress: Put Principle Above Party and Move the Nation Forward With the President
15:14 [Anderweltonline] (Details)
Trump, Pelosi und die Mauer – es geht um Alles
19. Januar 2019
7:00 [Moon oft Alabama] (Details)
Putin Asks And Trump Delivers - Here Is A List Of All The Good Things Trump Did For Russia
7:00 [Paul Stramer - Lincoln County Watch] (Details)
Emergency Powers?
7:00 [Paul Stramer - Lincoln County Watch] (Details)
"Municipal Bankruptcy" Means Municipal Bankruptcy
7:02 [Prepare For Change] (Details)
Two Foreign Governments
23:36 [Alahed] (Details)
Le «shutdown» vire au règlement de compte: Trump réplique à Pelosi, annule ses déplacements
20. Januar 2019
6:11 [Youtube/Fox News] (Details)
Tucker: You`re not allowed to question NATO
6:17 [Zero Hedge] (Details)
Democrats Turn On Obama`s "Establishment" Legacy As 2020 Approaches
6:17 [Zero Hedge] (Details)
Federal Judge Orders Rhodes, Rice, & Other Obama Officials To Respond Over Clinton Benghazi/Email Scandal
9:11 [Paul Craig Roberts] (Details)
If Walls Don’t Work, Why Did Castles Have Them?
9:29 [Zero Hedge] (Details)
Trump Tells Pelosi Her Trips Are Postponed Due To Shutdown Unless She Flies Commercial
9:29 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (Details)
American ‘Liberal’ Delusions on Trump
19:46 [The White House] (Details)
Letter from President Donald J. Trump to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi
23:51 [Collective Evolution] (Details)
‘Russia Collusion’: The Only Real ‘Colluders’ Have Been Proven To Be The Accusers
22. Januar 2019
2:13 [Mohawk Nation News] (Details)
We Are Nature
11:59 [The Daily Caller] (Details)
I’m A Senior Trump Official, And I Hope A Long Shutdown Smokes Out The Resistance
12:02 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (Details)
Trump’s Biggest Lie?
12:11 [Zero Hedge] (Details)
The Rise And Fall Of The American Downtown
12:18 [SOTT] (Details)
William Barr`s confirmation as new US Attorney General - Trump`s plan or duped by the Deep State?
12:19 [The American Conservative] (Details)
Hawkish Democrats, Anti-War Republicans? Thank Trump
23:33 [Disobedient Media] (Details)
Death Of Russiagate: Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud’s Network
23. Januar 2019
10:02 [Judicial Watch] (Details)
Judicial Watch: Documents Detail Nancy Pelosi’s $185,000 CODEL to Italy and Ukraine in 2015
18:56 [Global Research] (Details)
A Tale of Two Walls - Congress prefers the Israeli version
18:58 [Sputnik Deutschland] (Details)
US-Kongress verbietet Trump Nato-Austritt
25. Januar 2019
17:55 [New Eastern OutLook] (Details)
Trump ‘Trade War’ Hides Military Industrial Agenda
20:10 [] (Details)
Weltherrschaft und das US-Militär
20:30 [Dedefensa] (Details)
Le Congrès au secours de l’OTAN
21:03 [SPUTNIK NEWS] (Details)
Libération aux États-Unis d’une journaliste iranienne après 10 jours de garde à vue
21:39 [] (Details)
Die außergewöhnliche Nation behauptet ihre Außergewöhnlichkeit
27. Januar 2019
17:24 [State of the Nation] (Details)
Coup-in-progress: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility
17:38 [Zero Hedge] (Details)
Clinton`s 2016 Strategy Revealed: Overwhelm FBI With Trump-Russia Narrative Until Something Stuck
29. Januar 2019
11:04 [Telepolis] (Details)
US-Kongress will Nato-Austritt durch Donald Trump verhindern
11:12 [RT] (Details)
Trump announces deal ending longest-ever government shutdown
11:15 [RT] (Details)
Höchst umstrittenes Gesetz: Journalistin war ohne Anklage in den USA in Haft (Video)
11:16 [Global Research] (Details)
A N.Y. Times Story Just Accidentally Shredded the Russiagate Hysteria
11:22 [youtube/X22Report] (Details)
Tactical Move, [DS] Trapped Themselves, The Power Of Military Planning
11:22 [youtube/American Intelligence Media] (Details)
Build the wall. Watch Nancy fall!
11:33 [Politica-Comment] (Details)
USA: Verhaftung von Präsident Trumps Wahlkampfberater Roger J. Stone
30. Januar 2019
14:39 [The 21st Century] (Details)
Before They Launch Missiles, They Launch Narratives. Before They Drop Bombs, They Drop…
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