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Archiv: Februar 2016 (Welt - Nordamerika)
01. Februar 2016
2:19 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
‘We are all Jews’ — the Holocaust as imperial export
12:11 [RT] (Details)
Game of donors: Soros gives $6mn to pro-Clinton SuperPAC, Sanders raises $20mn from crowdfunding
17:09 [youtube] (Details)
Future felon Hillary stumps to half-empty room
17:11 [youtube] (Details)
0:09 / 2:17 MSNBC: Obama Admin Has Sent People To Jail For Mishandling Classified Information, Like Clinton Did
23:28 [Sputnik] (Details)
Ron Paul: Is US Congress Declaring War on Its Own Citizens?
02. Februar 2016
1:22 [Parteibuch] (Details)
Live-Ticker des Parteibuches zu den Vorwahlen in Iowa
7:27 [Sputnik] (Details)
Second Place in Iowa Can Still Lead to US Republican Nomination - Trump
10:31 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
"Game of donors": Soros "spendet" 6 Millionen Dollar an Clinton, Sanders erhält 20 via Crowdfunding
10:32 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
USA: Cornel West für Sanders: „H. Clinton nimmt Wallstreetgeld und meint es hätte keinen Einfluss"
10:37 [RT] (Details)
American people believe in what Congress calls ‘terribly radical ideas’ – Sanders (EXCLUSIVE)
11:03 [teleSUR] (Details)
Noam Chomsky: Electing the President of an Empire
11:11 [teleSUR] (Details)
Why Sanders and Trump Are a Threat to the US Establishment
11:46 [russia insider] (Details)
Voter Fraud and `Missing` Precincts: How Clinton Stole Iowa
16:29 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
US-Vorwahlen: Wird die Nachfolge Obamas per Münzwurf entschieden?
18:20 [Press TV] (Details)
Sanders wants Iowa vote count released after controversy
20:30 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Biggest loser in Iowa was foreign policy
23:45 [Consortium News] (Details)
Hillary Clinton’s Hawkish Record
03. Februar 2016
3:06 [Xinhua] (Details)
Hillary Clinton narrowly wins Democratic Iowa caucuses
3:07 [Xinhua] (Details)
After Iowa caucuses, Republican Party now running three-man race
7:29 [Sputnik] (Details)
McCain Wants More Anti-Russian Measures After Being Sanctioned by Moscow
11:21 [Sputnik] (Details)
John Kerry Hopes to Become US President if Hillary Clinton Arrested - Trump
14:11 [russia insider] (Details)
`Human Rights` Champion Hillary Clinton Coming Soon to a White House Near You
15:50 [Global Research] (Details)
Election Scams in America. Were Iowa Caucuses Rigged?
15:56 [teleSUR] (Details)
Sanders Calls for Raw Count after Virtual Tie with Clinton
16:01 [teleSUR] (Details)
The Bernie Sanders Video That Went Viral
16:16 [Linke Zeitung] (Details)
“Game of donors”: Soros “spendet” 6 Millionen Dollar an Clinton, Sanders erhält 20 via Crowdfunding
16:17 [Linke Zeitung] (Details)
Die Krise des amerikanischen Zweiparteiensystems
16:18 [IMI] (Details)
Rubio: Kandidat der Vernünftigen?
04. Februar 2016
1:51 [irib] (Details)
US-Repräsentantenhaus verabschiedet Plan für Sabotage des Atomabkommens
1:56 [irib] (Details)
USA unterstützen Israels Aufspürsystem von Tunneln
2:29 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! take credit for faux ‘NYT’ highlighting biased coverage on Israel/Palestine
13:01 [teleSUR] (Details)
Blocks Together Chicago: Empowering Youth to Fight the System
13:07 [teleSUR] (Details)
Reparations: Guess Who Didn’t Come to the Iowa Caucus
13:51 [RT] (Details)
45 million Americans rely on food stamps, 1 million about to lose them – report
16:07 [Fort Russ] (Details)
U.S National Debt Reaches Astronomical Amount
20:52 [Press TV] (Details)
Sanders challenges Clinton’s progressive credentials
23:25 [SOST e.V.] (Details)
»American Angst«
05. Februar 2016
3:38 [Consortium News] (Details)
Seeking More Cold War with Cuba
3:39 [Consortium News] (Details)
Shaking Up the Democratic Party
11:15 [teleSUR] (Details)
Washington and Its Media Allies Hype Narco-Jihadi Threat, Again
11:46 [Global Research] (Details)
Obama Readies to Fight in Libya, Again
12:33 [RT] (Details)
Greatest threat to US? Sanders says ‘paranoid’ N. Korea, Clinton picks ‘belligerent’ Russia
12:52 [irib] (Details)
Drei US-Kongressabgeordnete wollen als Wahlbeobachter in den Iran reisen
13:50 [Fort Russ] (Details)
Hillary Clinton Unable to Explain $675,000 Fee Received for Speech
16:56 [Sputnik] (Details)
US National Debt Hits $19 Trillion, But Is It Really Bothered?
19:06 [Global Research] (Details)
An Improbable Solution. Washington Must Halt “Its Illegal War to Overthrow the Syrian Government of Assad”. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
06. Februar 2016
0:29 [russia insider] (Details)
Jimmy Carter Says US Controlled by `Legal Bribery` (Video)
6:15 [Consortium News] (Details)
How Fox News Undercut Trump
6:17 [Consortium News] (Details)
Giving Peace Very Little Chance
11:42 [RT] (Details)
Democrats discover errors in Iowa Caucus results – report
14:41 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
Neue Studie: Das öffentliche US-Schulsystem versagt
21:57 [teleSUR] (Details)
The Super Bowl Promotes War
07. Februar 2016
1:14 [irib] (Details)
USA fordern Wiederaufnahme von Verhandlungen mit Russland zur Verringerung strategischer Nuklearwaffen
08. Februar 2016
3:04 [RT] (Details)
‘I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding’ – Trump at debates
6:37 [Consortium News] (Details)
Still Sabotaging the Iran-Nuke Deal
6:42 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Anti-Zionist protest at LGBTQ conference was smeared as anti-Semitic
7:21 [Sputnik] (Details)
US officials: Turkey`s Hostility Toward Syrian Kurds Hampers Fight Against Daesh
13:41 [Moon of Alabama] (Details)
Why Kerry Blames The Opposition For The Continuing Bombing In Syria
16:09 [Sputnik] (Details)
Sanders, Trump Lead in New Hampshire One Day Before Primary Vote - Poll
16:31 [Sputnik] (Details)
Professor: Warmonger Hillary Clinton Architect of Syria, New Cold War
18:03 [RT] (Details)
Hillary Clinton out to prove she`s got `more testosterone than the boys`
18:14 [teleSUR] (Details)
‘Paz Colombia’: the Latest US Attempt to Control Colombia?
18:30 [Voltairenet] (Details)
Psy-Op Ted Cruz - von Thierry Meyssan
18:37 [russia insider] (Details)
Hillary Will Be Just Another Murderous Loon in the White House
09. Februar 2016
8:41 [Sputnik] (Details)
One Day Before New Hampshire Sanders Wins Women Voters
8:58 [RT] (Details)
Money, women and votes: Rattled Clinton supporters lash out at Sanders
14:21 [Linke Zeitung] (Details)
Ist Bernie Sanders ein Sozialist?
16:29 [Global Research] (Details)
“A Special Place in Hell”… For Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright?
19:50 [The Wire] (Details)
Chomsky Interview: ‘The US is One of the Most Fundamentalist Countries in the World’
20:21 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Signs of a Gathering Storm: Iowa Caucus Report
20:21 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Kill King Capital
10. Februar 2016
9:53 [Press TV] (Details)
Bernie Sanders promises `political revolution` in victory speech
11. Februar 2016
7:44 [RT] (Details)
Hillary Sanders? Clinton singing Bernie’s tune on banks, campaign finance
7:50 [Press TV] (Details)
Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina drop bids after New Hampshire
7:57 [Press TV] (Details)
WikiLeaks founder: Don’t vote for Clinton
16:35 [Consortium News] (Details)
Hillary Clinton’s Very Bad Night
18:15 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
‘Let the one-state era begin’– Tom Friedman explains there will never be a Palestinian state
12. Februar 2016
8:38 [rawstory] (Details)
‘You are no longer welcome’: Cops at Trump event boot peaceful black professor wearing headscarf
11:35 [Sputnik] (Details)
US-Präsidentschaftskandidat Sanders: USA denken bei Regimesturz nie an Konsequenzen
12:37 [teleSUR] (Details)
Chomsky: Sanders Is the Best but Won`t Win `Bought Elections`
13:33 [RT] (Details)
‘People aren’t dumb’: Sanders attacks Clinton’s effort to distance herself from Wall Street
13. Februar 2016
1:22 [Sputnik] (Details)
‘No Friend of Mine’: Bernie Sanders Slams ‘Destructive’ Henry Kissinger
7:59 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
Weisses Haus-Petition fordert U.S.-Präsidenten vor Internationalen Strafgerichtshof
9:02 [Press TV] (Details)
Trump leading in South Carolina: Two polls
9:28 [Consortium News] (Details)
Neocon Freak-out over Syria
10:34 [Press TV] (Details)
US condemns Assad’s vow to liberate Syria from terrorists
10:42 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
10:58 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called ‘Henry’ to intercede with ‘Bibi’
12:19 [RT] (Details)
US Congress gives final approval to new round of sanctions on North Korea
12:37 [RT] (Details)
Super-duper-delegates: `Undemocratic system used by Democratic Party`
18:21 [irib] (Details)
US-Demokraten fordern Lockerung des neuen Visa-Gesetzes
14. Februar 2016
8:38 [teleSUR] (Details)
US May Confirm New Ambassador to Mexico After Cruz Lifts Hold
8:49 [teleSUR] (Details)
The US Counts Prisoners as Voters, Boosting Power of Whites
9:00 [teleSUR] (Details)
Bernie, No! Winston Churchill Was a War Criminal, Not a `Hero`
9:36 [Global Research] (Details)
US Condemns Assad’s Vow to Liberate Syria from Terrorists
12:32 [Sputnik] (Details)
Trump, Bush Spar Over Russian Alliance in Syria
12:42 [Sputnik] (Details)
Provocative US Anti-China Bill Sends ‘Vindictive Signal’
15. Februar 2016
0:35 [Press TV] (Details)
Rubio won 9th Republican debate: Poll
17:19 [The Daily Beast] (Details)
We Now Join the U.S. Class War Already in Progress
16. Februar 2016
1:01 [Barth-Engelbart] (Details)
Ist Sanders für Chomsky kleineres Übel oder Hoffnungsträger ?
2:20 [Consortium News] (Details)
Pro-War GOP Boos Donald Trump
2:36 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Why Bernie Still Won’t Win
2:37 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Why Michael Hudson is the World’s Best Economist
2:59 [Press TV] (Details)
Trump attacks RNC for its ‘disgrace’ in last debate
3:18 [Press TV] (Details)
WH accuses GOP of playing politics over Obama`s justice nominee
3:24 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Clinton has frequently differed with Obama – on foreign policy
3:46 [RT] (Details)
Sanders calls out Clinton, blasts DNC on donations policy reversal
19:29 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Special Places in Hell: For Madeline, Hillary….and Bernie
17. Februar 2016
11:41 [Gegenmeinung] (Details)
So kann das Syrien-Problem nicht gelöst werden! - Die Wahnvorstellungen Washingtons zu Syrien
17:35 [Press TV] (Details)
Sanders tied with Clinton, Trump up 8 points: Poll
18:01 [Press TV] (Details)
Trump will never be elected US president: Obama
18. Februar 2016
8:27 [Sputnik] (Details)
Pres. Hopeful Ted Cruz Warns Daesh May Take Syria if US `Topples` Assad
8:30 [Sputnik] (Details)
US Supreme Court at Risk of Gridlock
19. Februar 2016
8:26 [RT] (Details)
Hillary Clinton tries to woo Nevada’s Latino voters with teary-eyed girl ad
13:15 [Press TV] (Details)
Sanders leads Clinton in national poll
23:37 [Die Freiheitsliebe] (Details)
Sanders auf dem Vormarsch – Möglichkeit für revolutionäre Politik
23:52 [Sputnik] (Details)
Majority of US Democrats Believe Bernie Sanders Could Win General Election
20. Februar 2016
4:10 [Consortium News] (Details)
Hillary Clinton’s Hypocrisy on Dissent
4:14 [Consortium News] (Details)
Feeling the Bern Across America
4:21 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Haim Saban warned Clinton that Tea Party is ‘chickensh–‘ next to the neoconservative ‘Coffee Party’
7:44 [RT] (Details)
Guns for kids: Group for firearms control alarmed over NRA ads for minors
8:03 [russia insider] (Details)
Obama Admits US-ISIS Terror Link
16:08 [Press TV] (Details)
If elected US president, I will serve Israel: Cruz
21. Februar 2016
1:21 [rawstory] (Details)
Billionaire Charles Koch: I agree with Sanders — politics are set up to ‘help the privileged few’
19:44 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Did dodging foreign policy doom Bernie Sanders?
19:47 [NachDenkSeiten/Oskar Lafontaine] (Details)
Obama in Kuba
19:52 [Consortium News] (Details)
Fearing Sanders as ‘Closet Realist’
20:35 [RT] (Details)
T-shirt switcheroo: Clinton campaign accused of tricks in Nevada
22:18 [Press TV] (Details)
Anti-Trump super-PAC spent millions against Donald
22. Februar 2016
13:06 [teleSUR] (Details)
National Nurse Union Says UN Election Observers Needed After Clinton Camp`s Tricks in Nevada
13:41 [Global Research] (Details)
Canada’s Privatization: The Logic of Public Private Partnerships (P3s)
14:21 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
Owner of The Onion openly admits to buying up American media to influence people politically and to make them more pro-Israel
20:14 [russia insider] (Details)
The Iraq War Was Not a Mistake, but a Holocaust
23. Februar 2016
7:48 [youtube] (Details)
Hillary Clinton Cough Compilation
7:49 [desertpeace] (Details)
12:19 [teleSUR] (Details)
Freedom of Speech? Canada Condemns BDS Movement Against Israel
19:58 [Consortium News] (Details)
The GOP’s ‘Pitchfork’ Rebellion
22:12 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
All eyes are on Sheldon Adelson, and even Trump courts him with Israel rant
24. Februar 2016
0:59 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Lamar Advertising censors ‘Boycott Israel’ billboard in Chicago
2:22 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Most US Jewish students don’t see Israel as ‘civilized’ or a ‘democracy,’ Luntz tells secret anti-BDS conference
2:24 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Weapons manufacturers support Hillary Clinton more than any other presidential candidate
4:42 [junge Welt] (Details)
Freimütig und ultrakonservativ
6:25 [Parteibuch] (Details)
Donald Trump gewinnt auch Nevada
10:51 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
„FYI-Good News“: Hillary Clinton freute sich über F-15-Deal mit Saudi-Arabien
11:24 [RT] (Details)
‘Don’t demonize Israel’: Canada passes anti-boycott motion
11:27 [teleSUR] (Details)
Poll Shows US Citizens Say Hillary Clinton a Liar and Dishonest
11:33 [teleSUR] (Details)
Money and the 2016 US Presidential Elections: The $10 Billion Contest
12:06 [] (Details)
Noch einmal zum Thema Sanders und Sozialismus
13:10 [Fort Russ] (Details)
Obama Extends Sanctions Against Gaddafi Associates for Another Year
20:10 [Sputnik] (Details)
Hidden Motives: What`s Behind Kerry`s `Plan B` on Syria?
21:22 [Sputnik] (Details)
Donald Trump Declares Undying Love for Uneducated US Voters
21:59 [Consortium News] (Details)
Sanders the ‘Realist’; Hillary the ‘Neocon’
25. Februar 2016
4:57 [Die Freiheitsliebe] (Details)
Im Schlepptau von Bernie Sanders zur Revolution?
5:01 [Counterpunch] (Details)
History Lessons: “Ultra-Radical” Reflections on Hillary, Bernie and U.S. Politics
22:52 [Strategic Culture] (Details)
America’s Aristocracy Facing Resistance from American Public Regarding Russia
26. Februar 2016
6:38 [Sputnik] (Details)
Obama: Daesh Executes Defectors as It Loses Battle for Hearts, Minds
6:42 [Press TV] (Details)
Obama warns Damascus, Moscow `world will be watching` ceasefire
14:56 [Sputnik] (Details)
US-Außenministerium: Geschäft mit Russland unerwünscht
18:57 [irib] (Details)
Kerry: Für Syrien benötigen wir bis zu 30.000 Soldaten
27. Februar 2016
5:03 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Trump’s refusal to name a ‘good guy and a bad guy’ in conflict is ‘anti-Israel,’ says Rubio
5:11 [Press TV] (Details)
Senate Dems start feud with Obama over Israel
6:26 [Global Research] (Details)
Torture of U.S. Political Prisoners. A Review
28. Februar 2016
0:36 [] (Details)
Soziale Krise in den USA überschattet Präsidentschaftswahl 2016
0:43 [russia insider] (Details)
Hillary`s Dark Alliance With the Corporate Media
4:24 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Neocon savages Christie for failing ‘months and months of careful coaching’ by foreign policy experts
21:34 [Clusterfuck Nation] (Details)
Repricing Reality
22:48 [Russia Insider] (Details)
`Letting People Vote? That`s Leadership?` – TV Pundit Says GOP Should Rig Primaries to Stop Trump
29. Februar 2016
0:10 [Breitbart] (Details)
Jeff Sessions Endorses Trump from Stage in Alabama
3:03 [Parteibuch] (Details)
Donald Trump bekommt Unterstützung von Jeff Sessions
5:20 [junge Welt] (Details)
»Superraubtier« attackiert Clinton
5:28 [Parteibuch] (Details)
Tulsi Gabbard unterstützt Bernie Sanders
9:53 [Global Research] (Details)
An Appeal to Canada’s Parliament: Visit to Ottawa of Andriy Parubiy, Leader of Ukraine Neo-Nazi Party
13:36 [teleSUR] (Details)
Police Kick `Black Lives Matter` Students Out of Clinton Rally
14:00 [Voltairenet] (Details)
Donald Trump würde von General Flynn beraten
16:25 [irib] (Details)
Die USA verstärken Militärhilfe für Israel
17:19 [Voltaire Net] (Details)
Donald Trump advised by General Flynn
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