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Archiv: Mai 2014 (Schlusslicht - Herzliches und Herzhaftes)
01. Mai 2014
14:03 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
RT Criticized Again by US State Dept. for "False Claims", "Selective Editing"
05. Mai 2014
1:53 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
S. Arabia Relocating Takfiri Fighters from Syria to Ukraine
06. Mai 2014
18:01 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
"There`s got to be something more than throwing weapons and suitcases of money,"
23:22 [Itar-Tass] (Details)
Timoshenko says if she loses elections, ‘third round of revolution’ will be inevitable
08. Mai 2014
1:48 [Syria Solidarity Miovement] (Details)
Hacked E-mail Reveals Qatar’s Devious Plans to Smuggle Chemical Weapons to Syria Terrorists
10. Mai 2014
20:15 [Press TV] (Details)
Referendum in East Ukraine catastrophic: Kiev
11. Mai 2014
7:24 [einartysken] (Details)
Neue Erkenntnisse aus den USA: Irans Präsident Hassan Rouhani ganz böse
12. Mai 2014
11:50 [rt] (Details)
Whither Ukraine? CNN map says in… Pakistan
13. Mai 2014
21:05 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
Syria’s dirty secret is that Assad could win in a fair election
15. Mai 2014
6:38 [TLAXCALA] (Details)
Putins genialer Schachzug oder wie Russland in ein paar Tagen 20 Mrd. Dollar verdiente
17. Mai 2014
18:57 [Al Alam] (Details)
Family cat saves boy from dog attack: Amazing video
19. Mai 2014
13:46 [The Rebel] (Details)
ISIL Threatens to Topple Gulf Rulers
20. Mai 2014
1:30 [RT] (Details)
US charges 5 Chinese officials in cyberspying case
21. Mai 2014
5:19 [RT] (Details)
State Dept. fails to recognize ‘individuals’ detained by Kiev as Russian journalists
15:39 [RT] (Details)
Rail fail: French company orders $20bn worth of trains too wide for platforms
22. Mai 2014
6:03 [] (Details)
“Menschenmassen” beim Anti-Separatisten-Protest [Video aus YouTube]
13:54 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
23. Mai 2014
23:19 [Al Monitor] (Details)
US senate votes for Syrian terrorists` status as a "US ally in the war on terror"
24. Mai 2014
2:02 [Al Monitor] (Details)
`It will end the revolution in Syria`
25. Mai 2014
20:58 [RT] (Details)
`Vote at gunpoint,` anyone? US keen to legitimize `good` election in Ukraine
26. Mai 2014
13:29 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Ukraine-Wahl: Poroschenko will Krim zurückholen
27. Mai 2014
12:55 [Xinhua] (Details)
White House mistakenly reveals name of CIA chief in Kabul
29. Mai 2014
3:37 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Obama: USA bleiben noch 100 Jahre lang führende Nation
23:02 [Niqnaq] (Details)
Klichko went to Maidan to tell them to leave, but reaction was not positive
30. Mai 2014
2:59 [RT] (Details)
NSA releases Snowden email after denying its existence
31. Mai 2014
10:30 [CHAOS mit SYSTEM] (Details)
Regulieren statt regieren
20:32 [qpress] (Details)
Pro-Russen tricksen ARD und ZDF mit Hubschrauber-Abschuss aus
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