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Archiv: August 2018 (Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel)
01. August 2018
14:02 [wunderhaft] (Details)
Über Suwaida, den ISIS und Medienlügen über Syrien
14:11 [SANA] (Details)
Army liberates al-Qasir village in Daraa countryside
02. August 2018
8:57 [Alles Schall und Rauch] (Details)
Gaza-Aktivisten von israelischen Soldaten geschlagen und entführt
9:00 [Tlaxcala] (Details)
The South African model: make Israel`s Druze `honorary Jews`
9:04 [Alahed] (Details)
Nasrallah dans la conscience israélienne: Un leader arabe... mais un honnête
9:05 [RT] (Details)
Selon Noam Chomsky, l’ingérence dans la politique américaine vient surtout d`Israël et non de Russie
03. August 2018
0:15 [Alarabiya] (Details)
Assad and his wife console family members of Russians martyred in Syria
15:23 [Sputnik] (Details)
UN mission arrives at foot of occupied Golan Heights via Syria 1st time in 7 years
18:47 [] (Details)
Einfuhr von Treibstoff nach Gaza unter Berufung auf Feuerballons gesperrt
21:11 [Pars today] (Details)
Golan: Israël liquide ses propres agents
21:12 [ZeroHero] (Details)
Israel Threatens Military Response If `Iran-backed` Houthis Block Red Sea Strait
04. August 2018
9:33 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
Wer zum Teufel sind wir?
9:44 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Final map of southern Syria after one month battle
20:16 [Redress Online] (Details)
Israel wreaks terror on another harmless mercy ship
05. August 2018
7:45 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
ISIS fully expelled from Syria-Iraq border
7:46 [Pars today] (Details)
Yémen: les EAU grossissent leur armée de mercenair
7:52 [Global Research] (Details)
War on Yemen: Dozens Dead After Saudi Air Strike Hits Hospital and Market in Hodeidah
22:55 [SANA] (Details)
Syrian Army targets Daesh gatherings in Sweida desert
06. August 2018
22:39 [Desert Peace] (Details)
Piracy ... Over And Over Again ... Western Silence Over And Over Again
22:58 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Kurdish forces ready to assist Syrian Army in Sweida offensive – YPG commander
08. August 2018
5:27 [SANA] (Details)
Syrian army advances towards Badiyah of Sweida
16:23 [globalresearch] (Details)
USS Liberty Survivor Joe Meadors Witnesses Israeli Violence Against Gaza Freedom Flotilla
20:53 [Press TV] (Details)
Saudi foreign minister says no room for mediation in Canada row
10. August 2018
2:10 [] (Details)
Wie Putin und Trump dem Krieg gegen Syrien ein Ende setzen
2:11 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
Sabotiert Herzl Halevi den Waffenstillstand zwischen der Hamas und Netanyahu?
17:34 [SANA] (Details)
Army raids al-Nusra sites in Hama, liberates more areas in Sweida desert
21:01 [Press TV] (Details)
Israeli bullets take two more Palestinian lives in Gaza
11. August 2018
20:31 [fort-russ] (Details)
Mayhem: 300+ Civilian Injuries as Israeli IDF shoots uniformed Palestinian medic through the head
20:43 [Mint Press News] (Details)
Haaretz Reports Israel Targeting Civilians in Gaza as “Collective Punishment”
20:51 [Press TV] (Details)
Syrian troops take back more ground from Daesh in Sweida
12. August 2018
11:59 [SANA] (Details)
Army destroys terrorists’ hotbeds in Hama northern countryside
12:00 [SANA] (Details)
Army establishes control over administrative borders of Sweida eastern countryside
13. August 2018
5:41 [RT] (Details)
Turkey blames Trump for attack on lira, says it won’t ‘kneel’ and has counter-measures ready
5:48 [SANA] (Details)
Cabinet approves rehabilitation plan for liberated areas in Daraa and Quneitra
8:22 [Tass] (Details)
Lavrov to discuss preparations for Russia-Turkey-Germany-France summit on Syria in Turkey
10:00 [Sputnik] (Details)
Erneuerung syrischer Eisenbahn: Russische Unternehmen bereit zu Teilnahme – Medien
14. August 2018
4:01 [Sputnik] (Details)
Erdogan Says `Economic Blockade` of Turkey Extension of 2016 Coup Attempt
10:32 [SANA] (Details)
Five drones downed near Hmeimim airbase in Lattakia
10:55 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Syrian Army eliminates scores of ISIS terrorists attempting to escape strategic mountain
15. August 2018
11:01 [Tasnim] (Details)
Hezbollah Stronger than Ever, Nasrallah Says
21:21 [Telepolis] (Details)
Mit Allah gegen den US-Dollar
21:28 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Airstrike kills rebel unit in southeast Idlib
16. August 2018
0:19 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Idlib offensive to have largest build-up of Syrian Army troops, full list of troops
14:41 [] (Details)
Israel zerstört beliebtes (EU-mitfinanziertes) Kulturzentrum in Gaza
14:50 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Hezbollah celebrate 12th anniversary of end of Israel war (video)
19:17 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Door to reconciliation is open to all in Idlib, except terrorists: Syrian minister
22:11 [Fort Russ News] (Details)
“Moscow’s Genius Move”: Kurds to Join SAA, Russia and Turkey to Cooperate ahead of Imminent Syrian Offensive
22:12 [Fort Russ News] (Details)
Will Russia Expel the US from the Middle East Once and For All?
22:12 [Global Research/Eric Zuesse] (Details)
Trump to Netanyahu: Palestinians Must be Completely Conquered
17. August 2018
5:45 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Iraqi forces launch major operation inside Syria to eliminate ISIS
5:47 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Syrian Army storms last ISIS stronghold in east Swaida
18. August 2018
11:58 [SANA] (Details)
Army destroys al-Nusra positions in Hama and Idleb, closes in on Daesh in Sweida
12:06 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Syrian Army launches heavy attack on jihadist forces in northern Latakia
12:07 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Syrian Army resumes heavy attack on southern Idlib
23:17 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Saudi Dissident Figure: Bin Salman under Israeli Training on How to Massacre Civilians
19. August 2018
11:00 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
US-backed forces allegedly arrest candidates for Syrian gov’t elections in Qamishli
14:01 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Hariri wont form new government if Syria ties restored
15:56 [Press TV] (Details)
Iraqi Supreme Court ratifies parliamentary vote
20. August 2018
7:24 [Fort Russ News] (Details)
Orphan Erdogan has Painted Himself in a Corner
7:26 [Global Research] (Details)
Revolt in Iraq. The Lion of Babylon Roars Again
7:32 [Press TV] (Details)
Iraqi political parties agree to establish core alliance
11:16 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Israel is ‘becoming a full-blown police state,’ Reza Aslan says after interrogation at border
15:27 [SANA] (Details)
Army units destroy hideouts of terrorists in Hama, thwart an attack in Idleb
21. August 2018
19:18 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Assad, Aoun reportedly hold talks over phone call: Al-Akhbar
19:32 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
Israel, Irak legalisieren zivilen Besitz von Pistolen und Maschinengewehren
19:38 [Oriental Review] (Details)
What Do The Winners In Syria Want?
19:55 [Réseau International] (Details)
La reprise de Deraa consacre la défaite de la coalition djihado-occidentale contre la Syrie
20:00 [Réseau International] (Details)
Ben Nayef : « L’Arabie est devenue une carte bancaire de Trump ». Israël s’inquiète pour MBS
22:32 [Press TV] (Details)
Turkish foreign minister says Trump`s Turkey policy self-defeating
23:30 [Press TV] (Details)
Bahrain suspends issuing visas for Qataris amid growing diplomatic spat
23:32 [Xinhua] (Details)
Fighting continues in Yemen during Eid al-Adha holiday
22. August 2018
13:49 [Chronique Palestinienne] (Details)
L’Iran réajuste sa stratégie en Syrie
14:16 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Syrian forces unleash big assault on southern Idlib
16:07 [SANA] (Details)
Army continues operations against Daesh terrorists in Sweida countryside, many terrorists killed
20:08 [SANA] (Details)
Syria strongly condemns Western countries’ statement against it: Aims at justifying use of chemical weapons by terrorists
23. August 2018
16:21 [Pars today] (Details)
Le non d`Assad à Ben Salmane
16:31 [Voltaire Netzwerk] (Details)
Der Nahe Osten bereitet sich auf den Trump-Kushner Plan vor
21:05 [Blacklisted News] (Details)
Netanyahu urges US to recognise Israel’s right to Golan
24. August 2018
8:51 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Israel To Ban The Raising Of The Palestinian ‘Enemy’ Flag
19:32 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi comes under fire for praising Hezbollah leader (video)
25. August 2018
2:20 [Orient XXI] (Details)
L’avenir de Jérusalem, une affaire avant tout politique
13:15 [Voltaire Netzwerk] (Details)
Anerkennt der Libanon das Ende des Krieges in Syrien?
13:30 [Press TV] (Details)
Jordan MPs seek scrapping peace deal with Israel
13:41 [Press TV] (Details)
Idlib : Ankara dit oui à Poutine
20:07 [Fort Russ] (Details)
Major: Putin Smashes Netanyahu’s Dreams – Russia Reveals Its Total Support For Iran In Syria
22:45 [SANA] (Details)
Army establishes control over more areas in Sweida countryside
26. August 2018
18:03 [Press TV] (Details)
Syrie : visite d’une délégation politique américaine à Hassaké
19:46 [Al Masdar News] (Details)
Former rebels join Syrian Army to fight Nusra in Idlib
23:26 [Réseau International] (Details)
Ahed Tamimi libérée : Telle fille… telle mère ?
23:29 [Réseau International] (Details)
Syrie / Astana 10 rendue à Sotchi
23:29 [Réseau International] (Details)
Banque mondiale : Alep est la clé de la vie et le cœur de l’économie.
23:30 [Réseau International] (Details)
Massacres d’enfants au Yémen : Diversion des Saoudiens contre le Canada
27. August 2018
14:45 [SANA] (Details)
Army destroys Daesh position in al-Safa hills in Sweida Badyia
19:59 [Press TV] (Details)
Yemeni forces launch drone strike against Dubai International Airport
28. August 2018
14:19 [German Foreign Policy] (Details)
Wiederaufbau in Syrien (III) - Zum Vorteil von Jihadisten
14:27 [German Foreign Policy] (Details)
Reconstruction in Syria (II)
15:40 [] (Details)
Russland sieht US-Vorbereitungen für möglichen Angriff auf Syrien
18:41 [Press TV] (Details)
Saudi de facto leader threatens to hit Yemeni women, children despite intl. outcry
19:15 [SANA] (Details)
Army restores Hatil Dam in Sweida, kills scores of terrorists in Hama
29. August 2018
14:22 [Sputnik Deutschland] (Details)
Huthi-Rebellen feuern Rakete gegen saudisches Militärlager ab – Reuters
14:35 [] (Details)
Karin Leukefeld: Wie gelang der schnelle Vorstoß der syrischen Armee bis zum Golan?
14:39 [SANA] (Details)
Army establishes control over new areas in depth of Sweida Badyia
23:03 [Eurasia Future] (Details)
Iran And Saudi Arabia’s “Deep State” Factions Are Striking Back
30. August 2018
7:58 [Press TV] (Details)
US, Israel form new joint task force to take on Iran
15:38 [Blauer Bote] (Details)
Endkampf gegen Al Qaida in Syrien
17:52 [RT] (Details)
US & allies can have missiles ready to strike Syria within 24 hours – Russian Foreign Ministry
31. August 2018
17:12 [SANA] (Details)
Army destroys fortified points for Daesh in Sweida Badyia
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