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Archiv: Oktober 2013 (Themen - Geheimdienste und Terror)
01. Oktober 2013
3:34 [Breaking News] (Details)
Yemen army base attacked in Al-Qaeda-strong region
17:33 [Breaking News] (Details)
Al-Qaida spokesman criticizes rival Syrian rebels
18:40 [Press TV] (Details)
Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for Iraq attacks
02. Oktober 2013
4:31 [] (Details)
Individual Terror as Pattern of Washington’s Foreign Policy
4:33 [nsnbc international] (Details)
CW Expert Opinion on the UN Report on Syria
11:17 [Al Alam] (Details)
Iraq arrests 40 al-Qaeda terrorists in al-Anbar
22:06 [Al Akhbar] (Details)
Syria: Al-Qaeda Branch Battles Kurds, Threatens Ankara
22:11 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
`Blood, treasure & success`: trademarks of Saudi proxy wars!
03. Oktober 2013
1:23 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
18 killed, many injured in Iraq violence
1:30 [Breaking News] (Details)
Al Qaeda-linked group advances on Syrian rebels near Turkey
22:14 [Breaking News] (Details)
CIA ramping up covert training program for moderate Syrian terrorists
22:18 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
`So called` moderate Syrian rebels on the verge of being wiped out!
04. Oktober 2013
19:17 [ Jürgen Meyer] (Details)
Neue Beweise für Rebellen-Schuld für das syrische Giftgasmassaker
19:18 [Russia Today /] (Details)
Auffällige Ähnlichkeiten - Wie man einen Angriffskrieg begründet
21:37 [Breaking News] (Details)
Special arms for Syria rebels fall into al-Nusra hands
22:25 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
AIPAC/ WINEP `discovers` a new ally that could bring down Tehran`s regime!
05. Oktober 2013
2:42 [Telegraph] (Details)
British charity millions `going to Syrian terror groups`
18:46 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
19:26 [Telepolis] (Details)
Warum Geheimdienste feindliche Untergrundorganisationen aufbauen
19:47 [Press TV] (Details)
FSA on verge of collapse in Syria: Analyst
19:57 [Al Monitor] (Details)
Turkish Parliament`s Permit To Intervene in Syria Misguided
06. Oktober 2013
5:42 [Press TV] (Details)
Day of violence in Iraq leaves 78 dead: Officials
9:08 [Russia Today] (Details)
Wave of violence in Iraq kills 66 people, including 2 journalists
07. Oktober 2013
14:26 [Breaking News] (Details)
Suicide bomb kills 14 children in Iraq after attacker drove truck into primary school
08. Oktober 2013
0:40 [Press TV] (Details)
Over 40 killed, more than 80 injured in Iraq blasts
2:28 [Arab News] (Details)
French Defense Minister Le Drian: Saudi Arabia, France have unified position on Syria
5:36 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Netherlands Works Out Plans to Prevent Return of Dutch Nationals Fighting in Syria
5:42 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
US-Approved Rebel Group Recruits 13-Year-Old Boy as Sniper who Killed 32, Including 13 Civilians
5:48 [Press TV] (Details)
Al-Libi was released by UK police after US embassy bombings
11:13 [Press TV] (Details)
Paris, Riyadh to up aid to Syria rebels
09. Oktober 2013
10:01 [] (Details)
Ein Artikel in der Washington Post über die Miami Five
11:06 [RT] (Details)
‘Gift to terrorists’: MI5 chief denounces Snowden’s leaks as harmful guide to avoid being tracked
11:08 [RT] (Details)
‘Aggressive and insidious’: More details of Canada spying techniques to follow, Greenwald promises
14:04 [Breaking News] (Details)
139 arrested in China’s Xinjiang for urging jihad
10. Oktober 2013
0:18 [RT] (Details)
Mossad ‘resorts to threats’ to block agents’ family life documentary
7:30 [Press TV] (Details)
Militants attack major refinery in central Syria
11:21 [Al Alam] (Details)
3 brigades of FSA terrorists surrendered to Kurdish fighters in Raqqa
11:51 [Press TV] (Details)
Iraq day of carnage leaves 19 dead
15:42 [Islamic Invitation Turkey] (Details)
Syria: Terrorists dog fight- Al-Nusra Front Kidnaps 5 Al-Tawhid Militants
22:45 [Friday Lunch Club] (Details)
Turkey continues its support of al Qaeda in Syria
23:07 [Breaking News] (Details)
Failed suicide attempt of French terrorist; Khanaser under army’s control
23:15 [Breaking News] (Details)
Martyrs reported in Jaramana; Army seizes control of two villages of al-Quneitra
11. Oktober 2013
1:00 [Al Alam] (Details)
Lebanon charges 12 over terrorist plots
12. Oktober 2013
5:37 [RT] (Details)
Foreigners train Syrian rebels in Afghanistan to use chem weapons - Lavrov
11:38 [Al Akhbar] (Details)
Syria: ISIS Orphans al-Nusra Front, Cutting Its Funding
12:31 [Al Alam] (Details)
Lebanese bomber killed in Syria rocket attack
12:40 [Breaking News] (Details)
Mortar attack kills a child in Damascus; “Free Army” detonates a motorbike in Idlib
12:56 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Army Defuses Bomb-Laden Motorcycle in Northwestern Syria
12:58 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Egypt: 4 Gunmen Killed While Laying Explosive Device in North Sinai
20:41 [Breaking News] (Details)
“Free Army” threatens “ISIL” of giving areas to Syrian Army
22:40 [wdr] (Details)
Lizenz zum Töten
23:38 [Press TV] (Details)
13 killed, 32 injured in north Iraq car bomb
13. Oktober 2013
12:52 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
Syrien: OPCW-Experten entgehen knapp Granatenangriff
14:13 [Breaking News] (Details)
“Free Army” shells mortars on Damascus and Syrian Army advances in al-Qalamoun
14:15 [Breaking News] (Details)
Syrian Arab Army operates in Idlib and hit militant headquarters
22:57 [Breaking News] (Details)
Extremists Abduct 7 Members Of International Red Cross Near Idlib
14. Oktober 2013
0:03 [Al Alam] (Details)
Damascus car bombings disrupt TV programing
0:06 [Al Alam] (Details)
80 casualties in Iraq’s Samarra bombing
1:04 [Stimme Russlands] (Details)
Die US-geführte US-Terrorbande Al Qaida schult für Giftgaseinsatz in Syrien
5:40 [antikriegTV] (Details)
VIDEO - Rechtsanwälte gegen Totalüberwachung
9:42 [Breaking News] (Details)
Sufi shrine in eastern town destroyed by al-Qaeda
10:23 [Press TV] (Details)
Two die in Addis Ababa bomb explosion
12:44 [Breaking News] (Details)
A suicide bombing hits Darkoush; “Free Army” shells a church in Damascus
16:53 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Qatari FM Secretly Meets FSA Commander in Turkey
15. Oktober 2013
11:13 [Arabi Souri @ Youtube] (Details)
Damascus Twin Explosions Caught Live on TV
14:10 [Breaking News] (Details)
Video: “Free Army” fires mortar shells on the neighborhoods of Damascus today morning
14:18 [Press TV] (Details)
Bomb blast targets worshipers in Iraq
14:40 [antikrieg.TV] (Details)
NSU-Prozess 13 Fragen (Teil1) - Journalist Andreas Förster
16. Oktober 2013
6:36 [] (Details)
“The more the US and UK threaten, the more I will publish,”
7:14 [] (Details)
NSA’s Global Economic Intelligence Net
7:16 [] (Details)
Canadian Intelligence Working in the Interests of the U.S.
9:11 [Fars News Agency] (Details)
Tens of Al-Nusra Terrorists Killed in Reef Idlib
10:21 [Arte] (Details)
Dienstbereit: Nazis und Faschisten im Auftrag der CIA
22:49 [Breaking News] (Details)
25 civilians martyred including 17 children as a landmine blows up a home-bound truck
17. Oktober 2013
13:49 [Breaking News] (Details)
Suicide bomber kills 15 in north Iraq
18. Oktober 2013
6:26 [Breaking News] (Details)
“ISIL” abducts the women of “Northern Storm Brigade” fighters in Azaz, North Syria
6:33 [Press TV] (Details)
Iraq carnage continues, 66 more people die
13:41 [Breaking News] (Details)
A Kazakh family of 150 heads to Syria for “Jihad”
19. Oktober 2013
12:15 [Breaking News] (Details)
A suicide bombing hits Jaramana entrance and ISIL did not control TAMICO
14:07 [Press TV] (Details)
Bomb blast kills 13 in central Somalia: Politician
15:41 [Breaking News] (Details)
Car bomb explodes near army intelligence building in Egypt - sources
18:36 [Breaking News] (Details)
“Free Army” targets a church in Damascus and blocks Red Crescent assistance
20. Oktober 2013
4:28 [Xinhua] (Details)
Explosion near Egyptian intelligence building injures 6
9:28 [Al Alam] (Details)
Saudi Prince is real leader of al-Qaeda: Syrian envoy
9:31 [Al Alam] (Details)
Al-Qaeda sent 50 suicide bombers to attack Aleppo prison
11:19 [Al Alam] (Details)
Al-Qaeda trains Syrian children in al-Ghouta: photos
12:01 [Press TV] (Details)
Car bomb goes off in Syria’s Hama
15:34 [Breaking News] (Details)
Mass Grave, a relic of “Free Army” in al-Qusair
15:35 [Breaking News] (Details)
1000 Jordanians fighting along with Al Qaeda in Syria
15:38 [Breaking News] (Details)
Al-Nusra suicidal attack leaves martyrs in Hama
16:33 [RT] (Details)
NSA leaks: Years of spying on Mexico govt gave US investment benefits
19:57 [RIA Novosti] (Details)
Menschenrechtler: 31 Tote bei Explosion in syrischem Hama
20:01 [Russia Today] (Details)
Deadly Sunday: Over 40 killed in bombings across Iraq
20:08 [Breaking News] (Details)
Suicide bomber kills at least 26 at Baghdad cafe
22:05 [Syria News] (Details)
230 AlQaeda Militants Eliminated in Qalamon in One Shot
21. Oktober 2013
1:55 [Press TV] (Details)
19 killed in Boko Haram attack: Sources
13:46 [Al Alam] (Details)
How al-Qaeda lures people into Syria war: sample video
13:52 [Press TV] (Details)
France summons US ambassador over NSA spying
13:55 [RT] (Details)
Gunmen kill 3 in shooting spree at Egyptian Coptic church
13:56 [RT] (Details)
Terrorist blast kills at least 5, injures 20 in Volgograd, central Russia
14:04 [Xinhua] (Details)
5 killed, 15 injured as blast hits passenger train in S.W. Pakistan
14:54 [Global Times] (Details)
New China-Myanmar pipeline opens
16:38 [Press TV] (Details)
Bomb attacks kill 5 Iraqi policemen, wound 9
17:07 [Al Alam] (Details)
More Israeli-made missiles found in Syria
22. Oktober 2013
11:10 [clearancejobs] (Details)
The CIA is feeding intelligence to rebel fighters in Syria.
13:11 [Voice of Russia] (Details)
In sign of protest against the USA Saudis announce to train more Syria terrorists
13:36 [Hürriyet] (Details)
US halts aid to terrorists in northern Syria
22:47 [Breaking News] (Details)
“Al-Nusra” threatens “ISIL”, Raqqa is our “Islamic Emirate”
22:49 [Breaking News] (Details)
Jaramana, ‘Shells’ target’; a landmine blast hits correspondents in Aleppo countryside
23. Oktober 2013
0:25 [Press TV] (Details)
16 Iraqi security forces killed in W province
23:57 [Al Monitor] (Details)
Tunisia’s `Road to Jihad` in Syria Paved by Muslim Brotherhood
24. Oktober 2013
4:09 [ABNA] (Details)
Anti-Shia Salafis Kill Two Men in Pakistan
12:03 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
USA dementieren Einstellung von Hilfe für Terroristen in Syrien
14:35 [Telepolis] (Details)
Umfassende Überwachung raubt der Weltbevölkerung ihr Recht auf Privatheit
23:57 [RT] (Details)
NSA spied on phones of 35 world leaders
25. Oktober 2013
1:00 [RT] (Details)
US, UK snooped on Italian government – report
17:23 [Mission: "Phönix"] (Details)
“Ein Kind, das seine Mutti schlägt, bekommt das Händchen abgesägt!”
17:51 [RT] (Details)
‘Damage accumulating’ after US loses trust over spying activities
18:12 [Press TV] (Details)
2 car bombs go off near mosque in Damascus countryside
19:21 [ABNA] (Details)
Saudi Wants Replacements for Azaz Hostages!
19:27 [Al Alam] (Details)
At least 40 killed in twin car blasts near Damascus
19:42 [Tagesschau] (Details)
Frankreichs Geheimvertrag mit "Five Eyes"
23:26 [RT] (Details)
Leader of al-Nusra Front killed in Syria – state TV
26. Oktober 2013
2:07 [Nachrichten Heute] (Details)
Der Mossad-Piratenakt auf der Arctic Sea, und ein kriminell-politisches Nachspiel
2:16 [Kampf dem System] (Details)
Radikal-Zionist Bernard Kouchner zur NSA-Affäre und Merkels Handy
14:57 [Press TV] (Details)
Six die in Pakistan train attack
15:02 [Press TV] (Details)
’16 people killed in bomb attacks across Iraq’
27. Oktober 2013
11:13 [einartysken] (Details)
Dirty Wars - Auf den Spuren von Obamas Todespatrouillen
12:04 [Press TV] (Details)
Obama knew about NSA spying on Merkel: Report
12:06 [Press TV] (Details)
Dozens killed in Baghdad car bombings
12:08 [Press TV] (Details)
Syria militants seize town, report says
12:16 [veteransnewsnow] (Details)
I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress
12:26 [Al Alam] (Details)
10 car bomb blasts across Baghdad province kill 37
28. Oktober 2013
14:16 [Ria Novosti] (Details)
US-Abhör-Skandal: 46 Millionen Lauschangriffe innerhalb eines Monats in Italien
21:04 [Global Times] (Details)
Tiananmen jeep crash kills 5, police name Xinjiang suspects
29. Oktober 2013
6:20 [Mother Jones] (Details)
NSA Says It Stopped Spying on Angela Merkel "This Summer"
17:01 [Tunisie Secret] (Details)
Seifallah Ben Hassine, auteur des assassinats de Belaïd, Brahmi et des sept gendarmes
30. Oktober 2013
3:49 [RT] (Details)
NSA ‘no longer spying’ on UN headquarters in New York – report
4:04 [RT] (Details)
French and Spanish intelligence aided NSA spying - report
4:08 [RT] (Details)
NSA stores data to target any citizen at any time - Greenwald
14:33 [Barth-Engelbart] (Details)
Zerstörung christlicher Symbole in Syrien: von langer NATOhand gesteuert, um Hass zu säen
22:02 [Another World Is Possible] (Details)
"Rebels" conduct new chemical weapons attack in Syria near Turkish border - report
31. Oktober 2013
0:25 [Telegraph] (Details)
Al-Qaeda recruits entering Syria from Turkey safehouses
2:29 [RT] (Details)
‘Rhetoric is not enough’ for Europe in dealing with NSA spying
11:12 [RT] (Details)
NSA, ‘Five Eyes’ use Australian embassies to gather intel on Asia
18:21 [Tagesschau] (Details)
"New York Times": NSA späht viele deutsche Politiker aus
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