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Archiv: November 2016 (Welt - Nordamerika)
01. November 2016
0:03 [U.S. Uncut] (Details)
Outrage Over Bundy Verdict: White Militants Acquitted While Native Protesters Brutalized
13:27 [wunderhaft] (Details)
FBI-Direktor Comey mit Vorwürfen der Wahlbehinderung konfrontiert
13:56 [Sputnik] (Details)
Trump Soars Over Clinton Week Before US Election Amid FBI Scandal - Poll
19:07 [GlobalResearch] (Details)
Hillary Clinton: Wall Street’s Loosing Horse? Constitutional Crisis? What’s the End Game?
23:59 [orrazz] (Details)
Anonymous donor pays $2.5 million to release everyone arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline
02. November 2016
0:06 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
WIKILEAKS Discovers “INTENT” In Clinton Email Investigation!
15:03 [rinf] (Details)
FBI sees no ties between Trump, Putin: Report
15:37 [RT] (Details)
America to choose either ‘proto-fascist’ or ‘corruption queen’ – Jill Stein to RT
23:47 [naturalblaze] (Details)
As Flint Suffers, Nestlé Plans Dramatic Expansion of Water Privatization in Michigan
23:48 [informationliberation] (Details)
Soros-Connected Group Sends Out `Voting Report Cards` to Scare Minorities Into Voting Hillary
03. November 2016
16:56 [RT] (Details)
‘Obama betrayer & false promiser’: Sanders slated in latest #PodestaEmails
18:23 [Press TV] (Details)
FBI ‘likely’ to press charges against Clinton: Sources
21:31 [RT] (Details)
The State Department releases the latest batch, #18, of Clinton emails
21:32 [RT] (Details)
‘DOJ/FBI/Huma Special’: WikiLeaks releases 1000+ more Podesta emails
04. November 2016
3:11 [] (Details)
Standing Rock: Spirit Rider und Pferd mit Gummigeschossen beschossen
7:38 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Worse Than Watergate? Revisiting the Clinton Email Fiasco
7:39 [The Jimmy Dore Show] (Details)
Top NY Dem Suspended For Purging Voters In Classic Clinton Corruption
13:58 [washingtonsblog] (Details)
Clinton’s Email Narrative Just Fell Apart
14:27 [Ceiberweiber] (Details)
Hillary Clintons Soldatinnen
14:48 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
‘Ruling class’ must regard Trump’s rise as response to ‘ill conceived wars’ — Matthews
19:58 [RT] (Details)
Getting a grip of Bill: #PodestaEmails29 reveals concerns over rogue ex-president
20:00 [intellihub] (Details)
Pieczenik: ‘There is a coup in the White House and we are going to stop it’
22:36 [Ceiberweiber] (Details)
Ihr wählt ein Gehirn und keine Vagina!
05. November 2016
0:27 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
‘Do not blame Israelis for settlements or excessive use of force’ –Clinton stance was clear a year ago
8:17 [] (Details)
Ayn Rand und der Geist der USA: Femme fatale fürs Kapital (Audio+Manuskript)
13:39 [youtube] (Details)
Obama Gets Angry In Fayetteville, NC
14:39 [Sputnik] (Details)
Washington Comes Up With `Backup Plan` to Secure Clinton’s Victory in Election
16:21 [RT] (Details)
Bill Clinton`s fundraising speeches revealed in WikiLeaks` #PodestaEmails31
06. November 2016
1:14 [Press TV] (Details)
Hillary Clinton supported all of America’s imperial wars: Writer
1:18 [Desertpeace] (Details)
Solidarity with Standing Rock going viral
1:22 [strategic-culture] (Details)
Hillary and Bill Clinton: The «Bonnie and Clyde» of American Politics
1:23 [zerohedge] (Details)
Julian Assange: "Hillary Made The FBI Look Weak, And Now They`re Out For Payback"
3:04 [Strategic Culture] (Details)
The FBI Can’t Actually Investigate a Candidate Such as Hillary Clinton
10:03 [RT] (Details)
What to do about BDS? Clinton campaign scrambled for advice in #PodestaEmails 31
11:59 [globalresearch] (Details)
Clintongate: How Corporate America Bought Hillary Clinton for $21 Million
12:00 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
The Fall of Hillary Has Begun… Obama & The Democ-Rats Are Losing It With 3 Days Out… FBI Knows Clinton Lied to FBI Agents
14:30 [RT] (Details)
#PodestaEmails32 : WikiLeaks releases latest batch of emails from Clinton campaign chair
15:56 [youtube] (Details)
UPDATE - Bill Clinton on Pedophile Island (#LolitaExpress)
22:56 [sott] (Details)
Evil witch Madeleine Albright compares RT and Sputnik to Daesh propaganda
07. November 2016
4:20 [Sputnik] (Details)
Trump Campaign Manager Says FBI Can’t Have Checked New Clinton Emails Thoroughly
8:17 [Telepolis] (Details)
US-Präsidentschaftswahl: Polizeistaat oder Krieg?
17:22 [youtube] (Details)
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Rally Crowds
18:27 [] (Details)
Europäische Reaktionen auf die US-Wahl
22:55 [Sputnik] (Details)
#Podesta33: Clinton Aide Refuses to Reveal Terror Information via Personal Email
23:31 [KenFM] (Details)
Nacht fällt auf Amerika…
23:54 [RT] (Details)
Key #DNCLeak2 emails: Cozy with CNN, silencing journalists & pinning it on Putin
08. November 2016
7:28 [Telepolis] (Details)
Neun Wege, die US-Wahlen zu manipulieren
7:28 [Telepolis] (Details)
Faktische Koalition aus demokratischen und republikanischen Neocons?
7:34 [] (Details)
New Yorker debattieren über neue Schulaufteilung
7:34 [junge Welt] (Details)
Zerstörung der politischen Vernunft
7:35 [] (Details)
Wahlcomputer mit Sicherheitslücken
10:23 [Sputnik] (Details)
DSA: Divided States of America - Willy Wimmer
13:18 [russia insider] (Details)
The Path to Total Dictatorship: America`s Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup
21:50 [Der Ueberflieger] (Details)
USA – die Demokratie in der 70 % der Wählerstimmen nicht zum Sieg reichen müssen
21:52 [] (Details)
Wahlbetrug in »Gottes eigenem Land«
21:53 [youtube/Ryan Dawson] (Details)
Before you vote...
21:54 [youtube] (Details)
The Podesta Brothers Incriminating Evidence Madeleine McCann, Part 1
21:56 [youtube] (Details)
Lady Gaga Campaigns with Hillary Dressed as Satanic Witch
21:59 [LaRouchePAC] (Details)
LaRouche: "Hillary is the Enemy, the Enemy of the American People"
22:00 [endingthefed] (Details)
Clinton Campaign Paid Beyonce and Jay Z $62 Million For Cleveland Concert to Secure Black Votes
22:02 [] (Details)
Women´s Press Colllective – Presse, Organiation, Gegenmacht
09. November 2016
11:53 [Press TV] (Details)
GOP maintains control of both chambers of Congress
12:40 [ZeroHedge] (Details)
Nassim Taleb Explains Who Just Got Buried
16:41 [Aufgewachter] (Details)
Congratulations Mr. Trump / Here´s your briefing for this week! / ten-point plan
10. November 2016
2:32 [EIR] (Details)
Focus on Wall Street Crimes Will Continue After Election
2:36 [Common Dreams] (Details)
A Statement on the US Election – by Julian Assange
2:42 [Yellowhammer] (Details)
Alabama’s biggest winner last night: Jeff Sessions
2:53 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (Details)
The Revolt of the Deplorables
8:14 [Telepolis] (Details)
Obama: Neue Atomwaffen, neue Kriege, mehr Waffenverkäufe als unter Bush
8:20 [Tagschatten] (Details)
Sysiphos, Syphillis oder Pyrrhus?
8:21 [The Jimmy Dore Show] (Details)
8:26 [junge Welt] (Details)
Das lautere Übel gewinnt
8:59 [New Eastern Outlook] (Details)
Politics Over Principles: US Denies Philippines Weapons, Continues Arming Saudis
9:28 [teleSUR] (Details)
Student Loan, Private Prison Company Stocks Up After Trump Win
11:44 [Press TV] (Details)
Trump`s victory leads to protests, student walkouts across America
12:17 [Jasminrevolution] (Details)
Mit Bernie Sanders hätten die Demokraten Trump geschlagen
13:23 [Ohauerha] (Details)
Wellcome Donald Trump!
16:45 [Jasminrevolution] (Details)
USA-Wahl 2016: Wahlergebnisse im Detail
16:46 [Ceiberweiber] (Details)
Warum Trump im Visier steht
17:50 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Big Jewish donors are suddenly balking at giving money to Israel, says leading sociologist
19:21 [IRIB] (Details)
Trump will Netanjahu bei erster Gelegenheit treffen
11. November 2016
1:26 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (Details)
The Art Of The Deal?
3:17 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (Details)
Trump Ascends to the Cherry Blossom Throne - Tyler
7:48 [youtube] (Details)
7:57 [] (Details)
dear LGBT people: why trump wont hurt you
9:32 [Global Research] (Details)
The Working Class Won the Election? What Kind of Trump Administration? - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
11:02 [Radio Utopie] (Details)
Angst-Reflex: Spenden in Millionenhöhe für U.S.-Bürgerrechtsorganisation ACLU nach Präsidentenwahl
11:03 [junge Welt] (Details)
Ende von Demokratie
11:05 [Redacted Tonight] (Details)
BREAKING: Election Experts Explain How The Election Was Stolen!
13:41 [teleSUR] (Details)
As UN Probes US Afghan Attack Obama Requests More Money for War
16:01 [Sputnik] (Details)
Nach Trumps Wahlerfolg: Kalifornien will „Calexit“
16:05 [RT] (Details)
Trump should resist neocon & shadow gov’t influence to justify people’s hopes – Ron Paul to RT
16:39 [RT] (Details)
DNC chair Donna Brazile blasted by staff for backing ‘flawed candidate’ Clinton
17:57 [The Jimmy Dore Show] (Details)
A Donald Trump Presidency Is Not As Scary As You Think
18:10 [Ceiberweiber] (Details)
Mit Hysterie gegen Donald Trump
18:26 [News with views] (Details)
The Trump victory: What we saw and what we need to see
18:44 [Antiwar] (Details)
Why Trump Won: The Foreign Policy Factor
21:29 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Poor Liberals, Nobody to Blame But Themselves
21:39 [Global Research] (Details)
The Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy. Their Objective: Delegitimize Donald, Install “Madam President”
21:43 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Before Trump’s revolution, there was Sanders’
12. November 2016
0:24 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (Details)
Obama has overruled the pro-nusra faction in his government ...
3:11 [Tagschatten] (Details)
8:16 [Sputnik] (Details)
Trump: US to End Up Fighting Russia in Syria if Attacks Assad
11:53 [youtube] (Details)
Peter Thiel FULL Speech Supporting Trump at National Press Club - October 31, 2016
11:56 [moonofalabama] (Details)
Nusra On The Run - Trump Induces First Major Policy Change On Syria
12:00 [Counterpunch] (Details)
The Long Death March of the Dismal Dollar Democrats
12:18 [junge Welt] (Details)
Filmen, wie sie schießen
14:06 [KenFM] (Details)
Donald Trump – letzter gewählter Präsident der USA? - Ernst Wolff
17:04 [Breitbart] (Details)
Rep. Huelskamp: Speaker Ryan Does Not Have 218 Votes
17:06 [Breitbart] (Details)
GOP Rep: Paul Ryan ‘Does Not Have My Vote’; Trump Gave Congress a Mandate, Ryan Gave a ‘Constitutional Crisis’
13. November 2016
1:09 [Parteibuch] (Details)
Breitbart macht Stimmung gegen Paul Ryan
9:56 [junge Welt] (Details)
Staat und Evolution
9:57 [amerika21] (Details)
Die sieben Vorschläge von Donald Trump, die seinen Wahlsieg erklären
14:57 [thomasdishaw] (Details)
14:57 [Fox News] (Details)
Trump`s Cabinet: Speculation mounts over president-elect`s team
14:58 [rt] (Details)
Trump Doctrine
18:53 [Sputnik] (Details)
Trump-Wette verloren: US-Politologe muss sich Grille in den Mund stecken – VIDEO
21:41 [Breitbart] (Details)
Conway: Bannon Was the ‘General’ of Trump Campaign — Will Have a ‘Big Role’ in the Administration
21:44 [Breitbart] (Details)
Michael Savage Warns Donald Trump: ‘Rinse’ Reince; He’s ‘Everything the Voters Rejected’
21:55 [Breitbart] (Details)
AP’s Pace: Clinton Campaign ‘Laughed’ at Bill For Caring About Rural Voters
23:00 [Ceiberweiber] (Details)
Why Donald Trump Is In Danger
23:01 [thegatewaypundit] (Details)
On Saturday hundreds of far left activists held a march-rally at the Trump Tower in New York City.
23:01 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
Paul Joseph Watson: Trump supporters are being physically attacked in schools across America yet THIS is the story the media focuses on.
23:02 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
The first thing Donald Trump should do is arrest George Soros for paying Clinton supporters to riot and beat up innocent people in the streets of America
14. November 2016
7:47 [Unsere Zeit] (Details)
Die verdreckte Wahl
9:03 [youtube] (Details)
Wikileaks Pizza Pedo Ring Summarized: Podestas, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Everything Known
10:05 [Kampf dem System] (Details)
10:27 [Parteibuch] (Details)
Trump macht Bannon zum Chefstrategen des Weißen Hauses, Priebus zum gleichgestellten Stabschef
13:57 [Sputnik] (Details)
China in Close Contact With US President-Elect Trump`s Team
19:07 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
Das Trump-Übergangsteam: Das Personal macht die Politik
19:09 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
NGO mit Verbindungen zu Clinton und Soros wiegelt zu Anti-Trump-Protesten auf
22:27 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
AIPAC removes two-state solution talking point from its website
15. November 2016
3:56 [Breitbart] (Details)
Zionist Organization of America: ADL Falsely Alleging Steve Bannon Is Anti-Semitic
3:59 [Breitbart] (Details)
Protesters Occupy Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Capitol Hill Office to Protest His Ties to Wall Street
7:28 [fit4Russland] (Details)
Durch die Verteidigung der Interessen von Amerika hilft Donald Trump ebenso Russland
7:29 [irib] (Details)
Trump: Millionen illegale Einwanderer werden ausgewiesen
19:53 [Sputnik] (Details)
Trump Must Avoid Picking Neocon John Bolton as US Secretary of State - Rand Paul
22:49 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Trump is fostering breakup of US Jewish consensus in favor of Israel
16. November 2016
11:18 [Consortium News] (Details)
Trump’s Slim Chance for Greatness
11:48 [alexanderhiggins] (Details)
Stop Trump Protest Jobs Pop Up Nationwide – CNN, Care to Comment?
11:49 [Press TV] (Details)
US students leave schools to join anti-Trump protests
12:00 [Sputnik] (Details)
Nochmal zehn Jahre? US-Kongress stimmt für Verlängerung der Iran-Sanktionen
13:16 [Breitbart] (Details)
Steve Bannon on Wall Street Reform: ‘It’s Not That Money Controls Washington. Washington Controls the Money’
13:26 [Breitbart] (Details)
Rand Paul: Bolton ‘Totally Unfit’ for Secretary of State — Giuliani ‘Very Similar’
13:57 [LifeZette] (Details)
Picking Trump’s Pentagon Chief: Sessions Over Bolton
14:35 [LifeZette] (Details)
Buchanan to Trump: Be Wary of Bolton
18:59 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Neoconservatives warm up to Trump (maybe they have an agenda)
23:06 [LaRouchePAC] (Details)
No, the FBI Didn`t Do It: This Is a Global Paradigm Shift
23:27 [zerohedge] (Details)
Who`s Behind The Portland Riots?
23:31 [rt] (Details)
Judge orders CIA, FBI & NSA to disclose whether they spied on Occupy Philadelphia protests – report
23:33 [zerohedge] (Details)
"Tolerant" Educators Exile Trump Voters From Campus
17. November 2016
8:24 [Sputnik] (Details)
Geheimer Moskau-Besuch verunsichert Ottawa
8:45 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
Treffen hinter verschlossenen Türen - Soros trommelt zum "Krieg" gegen Donald Trump
15:32 [Press TV] (Details)
Clinton wanted to ‘curl up’ in house after crushing defeat to Trump
15:33 [Press TV] (Details)
I would have been elected US president: Bernie Sanders
15:42 [LifeZette] (Details)
Godfather Takes Aim at Fourth Amendment
19:12 [Telepolis] (Details)
Trump: "Ich werde der größte Jobs-Präsident sein, den Gott jemals geschaffen hat"
19:38 [No Quarter USA] (Details)
Amateur Hour at State Department, the Obama Clown Show on Display
18. November 2016
8:40 [IRIB] (Details)
New Yorks Bürgermeister gegen Trumps Abschiebeplan
8:47 [ronpaulinstitute] (Details)
McCain to Trump: Don`t You Dare Make Peace with Russia!
8:49 [Democracy Now/YouTube] (Details)
Bernie Sanders` Surprise Speech Outside the White House on Rejecting Dakota Pipeline & Trump
10:34 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
George Soros Is Running Out Of Friends,…Time For Him To Be Brought To Justice!
19. November 2016
13:11 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
Ex-Präsidentschaftskandidat Bernie Sanders will Donald Trump im Kampf gegen Konzerne helfen
15:05 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
US-Vizepräsident Mike Pence – ein christlicher Theokrat im Wartestand?
15:06 [RCP] (Details)
Sanders: When You Lose To Least Popular Candidate It`s "Time For A New Direction"
21:51 [orrazz] (Details)
Trump’s pick for attorney general: ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana’
21:54 [] (Details)
Erinnerung an Roosevelts „New Deal“
20. November 2016
8:47 [junge Welt] (Details)
Farbenrevolutionär des Tages: George Soros
20:44 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
General under consideration by Trump for Defense has slammed Israel for impending ‘apartheid’
20:50 [Telepolis] (Details)
General Flynn: Hardliner gegen Islamisten und Iran
21. November 2016
11:59 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
Trump Fires Attorney General Loretta Lynch
16:43 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
16:45 [Global Research] (Details)
Incoming US National Security Adviser to Fuel, not Fight Terrorism
18:07 [Press TV] (Details)
US senators promise to act against Trump on Russia ties
22. November 2016
3:12 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Trump aide blows off Zionist gala, and Dershowitz warns that politicizing Israel means ‘we could lose’
4:43 [Consortium News] (Details)
Trump’s Tulsi Gabbard Factor
5:03 [Global Research] (Details)
Presidential Elections: Myths and Deceits
9:46 [Sputnik] (Details)
„Zuerst Amerika“: Trump präsentiert 100-Tage-Plan
9:52 [zerohedge] (Details)
Trump "Exploded" At Media Execs During Off-The-Record Meeting: "It Was A F--king Firing Squad"
14:06 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
Warnung der Falken: Trumps Entspannungswille führt zum Dritten Weltkrieg
16:44 [RT Deutsch] (Details)
Trump zieht Sanders-Unterstützerin Tulsi Gabbard als mögliches Kabinettsmitglied in Betracht
17:53 [Sputnik] (Details)
Majority of US Adults Express Confidence Trump Will Do Good Job as President
21:17 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Leading pro-Israel groups dare not criticize Trump lest they lose access to White House
23. November 2016
5:57 [Consortium News] (Details)
US House Seeks Syria-War Escalation
9:04 [Counterpunch] (Details)
Trump’s Team Will Start New Wars in the Middle East
15:10 [Ceiberweiber] (Details)
Medien? Propaganda!
20:47 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Keith Ellison seeks to placate Israel lobby, by saying he is against BDS
20:52 [libertyfight] (Details)
Ron Paul on Trump`s Promise To Audit the Fed
20:58 [zerohedge] (Details)
Hundreds Of Veterans Heading To Standing Rock To Defend DAPL Protesters From Police
24. November 2016
14:50 [Press TV] (Details)
Trump rejecting intelligence briefings since vote, officials say
18:47 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Rally marks the rebirth of the New York Jewish left
19:21 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
Tulsi Gabbard’s screw-the-neocons meeting with Trump sparks anger and encouragement
25. November 2016
2:14 [RT] (Details)
Jill Stein raises over $3mn in 24hrs for vote recount in swing states
2:33 [junge Welt] (Details)
Black Box Trump
17:36 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
Loretta Lynch And The DOJ Are In Trouble! The American Center For Law and Justice (ACLJ) Has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against Her!
17:36 [youtube] (Details)
Loretta Lynch Found Guilty of Money Laundering Money With The Clinton Foundation
17:37 [Telepolis] (Details)
USA: Kampagne der Grünen zur Nachzählung der Stimmen erfolgreich
17:47 [junge Welt] (Details)
»Wir verhandeln nicht«
22:50 [Paul Craig Roberts] (Details)
Trump the Great
26. November 2016
1:27 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (Details)
Black Friday Thoughts - 25 November 2016
13:24 [anjamueller] (Details)
Kommentar zu den Ereignissen der globalen Politik von W.W.Pyakin: Wahlen in den US
27. November 2016
9:33 [dcclothesline] (Details)
BREAKING: Army Corps Announces Eviction of Water Protectors, Corps-Managed Land to Be Emptied
9:33 [breitbart] (Details)
The Truth about Huma Abedin that Media Matters Doesn’t Want America to See
9:34 [jerusalemonline] (Details)
Former senior-level Pentagon official calls for Trump to stop controversial submarine deal
9:36 [] (Details)
Interview mit Bernie Sanders - Er und Trump haben gemeinsame Ziele - Sanders will Zusammenarbeit
13:17 [] (Details)
GRÜNE Trixereien, jetzt auch in den USA
13:17 [Duckhome] (Details)
Entrechtete im eigenen Land
18:21 [katehon] (Details)
Donald Trump vs. the New World Order?
20:40 [investmentwatchblog] (Details)
After President-Elect Donald Trump and Russian President Putin agreed to work together to defeat ISIS in Syria, George Soros’ plans for war with Russia have been put on hold.
20:41 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (Details)
The Counterattack Against President-Elect Trump
21:25 [The Jimmy Dore Show] (Details)
Cops Blow Off Arm Of Dakota Access Pipeline Protestor Then Lie About It
21:26 [Telepolis] (Details)
Reagans postfaktische Nicaragua-Politik
28. November 2016
18:23 [Mondo Weiss] (Details)
David Brooks’s drumbeat: an ‘expansive foreign policy’
29. November 2016
0:00 [Sputnik] (Details)
Canada Sanctions 15 Individuals, Including 6 Russian Lawmakers From Crimea
1:12 [Sputnik] (Details)
Michigan Electoral College Member Will Vote for Trump Despite Death Threats
2:22 [Xinhua] (Details)
U.S. state of Michigan certifies Trump victory
14:00 [blacklistednews] (Details)
Dakota Access Contractor With Blackwater Ties Heads Protester Surveillance, Violence Escalates
14:04 [naturalblaze] (Details)
Monsanto’s Dirty Links With Government Over Deadly White Phosphorus Manufacturing
21:52 [Global Research] (Details)
Trump and the “Collapse of Capitalism” (COC): Foibles, Fables and Failures, The Financial Press and its Keepers
21:55 [nrhz] (Details)
Interview der "New York Times" mit Donald Trump „Wäre es nicht schön, wenn wir gut mit Russland auskämen“
30. November 2016
8:34 [sitsshow] (Details)
Trump Is Meeting with an Ex-bank Ceo Who Wants to Abolish the Federal Reserve and Return to the Gold Standard
8:35 [blacklistednews] (Details)
Boston Police Department plans to buy $1.4m social media spying tool
20:42 [the free thought project] (Details)
For the First Time Since Standing Rock Began, US Senator Calls for Investigation of DAPL Oppression
20:47 [youtube] (Details)
Bernie Sanders on the Dakota Access Pipeline & Treaty Rights Violations by U.S. Government
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