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Die Aufgabe der NATO ist es, „die Russen draußen, die Amerikaner drinnen und die Deutschen unten zu halten.“
  Lord Ismay, erster NATO Generalsekretär
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4:01 [Al Jazeera] (E)
The danger of conflating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism
Enfolding criticism of Israel within the definition of anti-Semitism would risk rendering the word meaningless.
3:54 [Global Research/Eric Zuesse] (E)
Why Trump Cancelled the Iran Deal
The following is entirely from open online sources that I have been finding to be trustworthy on these matters in the past. These sources will be linked-to here; none of this information is secret, even though some details in my resulting analysis of it will be entirely new.
20:38 [Radio Utopie] (D)
Warum Israels „Grundgesetze“ nicht vergleichbar sind mit unserer Verfassung
Sehr zum Leidwesen der E.U.-Reichsbürger und ihrer entsprechenden Pendants kann in der Berliner Republik die Verfassung nur durch Zwei-Drittel-Mehrheit in zwei Parlamentskammern (Bundestag und Bundesrat) geändert und nur durch eine Volksabstimmung gestürzt werden. Im Gegensatz dazu werden Israels "Grundgesetze" lediglich in einer einzigen Parlamentskammer (der Knesset) mit absoluter Mehrheit beschlossen, wie alle anderen Gesetze.
7:55 [Consortium News] (E)
The Mystery Fixer Who is Negotiating an End to the Syrian War
A nearly unknown businessman named Khaled al Ahmad became Damascus’ secret liaison to the West and has quietly dealt Syria’s grinding war to a close, reports Rhania Khalek
21:14 [Russie politics] (F)
Assassinat de trois journalistes russes en Centrafrique: que s`est-il passé?
Trois journalistes russes, envoyés par une organisation financée par l`oligarque Khodorkovsky, ont trouvé la mort en République de Centrafrique alors qu`ils étaient venus enquêter sur une société militaire privée russe, qui assure la sécurité du Président centrafricain, dans un pays que la France considère historiquement comme sa zone d`influence. Une partie de ping-pong médiatique semble s`être ouverte entre la France et la Russie.
23:58 [Global Research] (E)
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s History of Cover-Ups
What some people don’t know about Mueller is that he has a long history of leading government investigations that were diversions or cover-ups.
12:39 [] (D)
Senator Black: Warum die Zensoren Assange hassen
Als Militäroffizier wurde ich ausgebildet, die Sicherheitsprotokolle strikt einzuhalten. Als ich das erste Mal von WikiLeaks und Julian Assange hörte, war ich instinktiv kritisch. Aber als ich seine veröffentlichten Dokumente las, sah ich, wie Julian den Menschen genaue Einblicke in das Innenleben ihrer eigenen Regierung gab.
15:12 [Blauer Bote Magazin] (D)
Noam Chomsky: Hillary Clinton: We created Al-Qaeda / ISIS
Professor Noam Chomsky hat da mal ein Video mit Aussagen von Hillary Clinton veröffentlicht. Achtung: Sehr viele Aussagen dieser Frau in dem Video neben „We created Al-Qaeda / ISIS“ sind falsch oder manipulativ.
15:07 [Strategic Culture Foundation:] (E)
Why Neocons Hate Russia Even More Than They Hate Any Other Nation
Neoconservatism started in 1953 with Henry “Scoop” Jackson, the Democratic Party US Senator from the state of Washington (1953-1983), who became known as a ‘defense’ hawk, and as “the Senator from Boeing,” because Boeing practically owned him. The UK’s Henry Jackson Society was founded in 2005 in order to carry forward Senator Jackson’s unwavering and passionate endorsement of growing the American empire so that the US-UK alliance will control the entire world (and US weapons-makers will dominate in every market).
21:40 [iHeartRadio] (E)
Phony Dossier to Get FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump
[...]The dossier is it! The dossier is the primary reason for all of this. And everybody involved knew that it was bogus! See, I`m starting to raise my voice already because I`ve known from the get-go what this really is. The things this country have been put through because of this phony dossier and because a bunch of people feeling entitled to power were denied it in an election and have been trying to overturn and invalidate that election, we`ve gone through hell....They are taking us through hell each and every day with the assistance of the Drive-By Media.[...]
15:50 [The SoundingLine] (D)
Dissecting US Trade – Part I – Deficits and Debt
Piecing together data from a variety of sources, the following chart shows the approximate US balance of trade since 1790, shortly after the country’s founding. Negative values indicate a trade deficit, i.e. the US is importing more than it exports. The US maintained very closely balanced trade for the first 200 years of the country’s history. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that the US made the stark shift to large perennial trade deficits. Since 1982 the US has run a cumulative $10.3 trillion in trade deficits.
22:34 [Wrong Kind of Green] (E)
Syria: Avaaz, Purpose & the Art of Selling Hate for Empire
The organization Avaaz was instrumental in building public approval for the No Fly Zone for the illegal invasion of Libya in 2011. The NATO-led destabilization/illegal war in Libya resulted in the annihilation of a formerly sovereign country that has since descended into brutal chaos. Tens upon thousands of Libyans died and the most savage ethnic cleansing that the mind can imagine has been widespread. The destruction of Libya has been nothing less than a full-scale bloodbath.
22:28 [Infosperber] (D)
Einmischungen bei Wahlen? Die USA sind dabei selber führend (1)
Sonderermittler Robert Mueller und die US-Geheimdienste gehören nicht zu den glaubwürdigsten Quellen. Als FBI-Direktor hatte Mueller verbreitet, Saddam Hussein verfüge über Massenvernichtungswaffen. Nach 9/11 taten und tun er und die Geheimdienste ihr Möglichstes, um Ermittlungen gegen ein saudisches Komplott zu erschweren und zu verhindern (Infosperber hatte ausführlich darüber berichtet: «Das saudische Komplott hinter dem Anschlag von 9/11»).
0:44 [Consortiumnews] (E)
Guardians of the Magnitsky Myth
FROM THE ARCHIVES: In pursuit of Russia-gate, U.S. mainstream media embraces any attack on Russia and works to ensure Americans don’t hear the other side of the story, as with the Magnitsky myth, reported Robert Parry on Oct. 28, 2017. As Russia-gate becomes the go-to excuse to marginalize and suppress independent and dissident media in the United States, a warning of what the future holds is the blacklisting of a documentary that debunks the so-called Magnitsky case.
0:43 [Consortiumnews] (E)
The ‘White Helmets’ Controversy
FROM THE ARCHIVES: As Israel in the past few days helped evacuate 800 “White Helmets” from Syria, en route to Britain and other Western countries, we look back at an article published by Consortium News in Oct. 2016.
4:26 [Blauer Bote Magazin] (D)
Weißhelme | Syrische Zivilverteidigung | White Helmets | Syria Civil Defence
Die Organisation Weißhelme (White Helmets, auch Syrische Zivilverteidigung, Syria Civil Defence) wurde außerhalb Syriens von den Angreiferstaaten im Syrienkrieg gegründet und in diesem Krieg als Propagandatruppe an der Seite der vom Westen als „Rebellen“ bezeichneten radikalen Islamisten um Al Qaida und ausländischen Söldner eingesetzt. Ihren „offiziellen“ Namen „Syria Civil Defence“ haben die Weißhelme beziehungsweise ihre Gründer von der tatsächlichen Syrischen Zivilverteidigung gestohlen, die seit Jahrzehnten existiert und Mitglied in entsprechenden internationalen Gremien ist.
22:37 [Fort Russ] (E)
What else did Trump and Putin discuss at Helsinki?
After the meeting between the Russian and US leaders, they held a joint press conference commenting on topical issues of mutual interest such as the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, the alleged Russian interference in the US elections and the Iranian nuclear deal.
1:13 [Consortium News] (E)
Inside WikiLeaks: Working with the Publisher that Changed the World
Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi has worked with WikiLeaks for nine years on the Podesta emails and other revelations. Here’s an insider’s view of the publisher, which has incensed rulers around the world, desperate to hide their corruption.
18:11 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Donald Trump – Despised by Europe, Despises Europe
Why is Europe full of hate for Donald Trump? Is it, perhaps, because millions could soon die in yet another of the senseless and horrible wars unleashed by the Western empire? Or is it because Europeans suddenly ‘saw the light’ and realized that they mistreated billions of innocent people throughout history; that actually all people on Earth are equal and should be left alone and be allowed to live their lives as they please? Far from that; unfortunately, very far!
22:35 [The Duran] (E)
Hidden agenda behind Greece’s unfriendly move against Russia
The formal reason is alleged meddling in an attempt to foment opposition to the “historic” name deal between Athens and Skopje paving the way for Macedonia’s NATO membership. Moscow said it would respond in kind. Nothing like this ever happened before. The relations between the two countries have traditionally been warm.
17:00 [Fort Russ] (E)
Ades: Why doesn’t Putin give Assad S-300’s?
The S-300 may be one of the best anti-aircraft weapons around, but it’s not a nuclear weapon. By itself, it will not be enough to deter a determined adversary. A lot more will be needed to counter the retaliation that will surely come once such a weapon is used by the Syrians. Is the Syrian military and people, fatigued by years of fighting these proxy forces, in a position to handle an all out war with Israel and/or the US/NATO?
23:58 [Middle East Eye] (E)
How Israel helped to revive Europe`s ugly ethnic nationalisms
Polarisation within western societies on issues relating to migration and human rights has been intensifying over recent weeks and months. To many observers, it looks suspiciously as if an international order in place since the end of the second world – one that emphasised universal rights as a way to prevent dehumanisation and conflict – is rapidly unravelling in Europe and the United States.
13:30 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
No Evidence In Mueller`s Indictment Of 12 Russians - Release Now May Sabotage Upcoming Summit
The Special counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment (pdf, 29 pages) against 12 Russian people alleged to be officers or personal of the Russian Military Intelligence Service GRU. The people, claims the indictment, work for an operational (26165) and a technical (74455) subunit of the GRU. A Grand Jury in Washington DC issued 11 charges which are described and annotated below. A short assessment follows.
12:00 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Kiew-Leaks – Oligarch packt aus über Poroschenko, Klitschko und Co.
Er ist der meistgesuchte Mann der Ukraine und für Präsident Poroschenko Staatsfeind Nummer 1. Das schrieb die „Welt am Sonntag“ im April 2018. Alexander Onischenko war zwei Jahre die rechte Hand des ukrainischen Präsidenten und hat für ihn krumme Dinger gedreht. Sputnik traf den Oligarchen exklusiv im Exil zum geheimen Video-Interview.
1:30 [The Conversation] (F)
Petit guide pour bien comprendre le prix de vos billets d’avion
La discrimination par les prix est une stratégie de tarification que les entreprises utilisent pour facturer différents prix aux consommateurs pour un produit ou service identique. La justification réside dans la motivation de l’entreprise à vendre plus d’unités, et ainsi engranger plus de profits. En établissant différents prix pour les clients, elle est en mesure de saisir la part maximale de l’excédent de consommation disponible sur le marché.
1:19 [ÖDP München/Youtube] (D)
ÖDP Vortrag 04. Juni 2018 // Prof. Dr. Rainer Mausfeld
"Wie werden politische Debatten gesteuert?"
1:11 [Atlanta Black Star] (E)
What Really Happened with the Clinton Foundation and Haiti?
As a result of the recent comments by President Donald Trump — in which he called Haiti and African nations “shithole countries” and said, “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out” — the issue of the Haiti’s plight has resurfaced, but within a different context. The Clinton Foundation has been accused of corruption and misuse of funds, including allegations the foundation committed fraud in Haiti.
1:11 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Clinton Conflicts of Interest
Unsigned Memo Contains ‘Private Sector Opportunities’ for Bill Clinton in Haiti. Memo from Clinton Foundation to State Department Lists nearly 200 Then-Current and Former Heads of State to be Invited to 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Judicial Watch announced that it has received 508 pages of documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking information about possible conflicts of interest between the actions taken by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Bill Clinton’s activities.
1:22 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Deutsche Hilfe für den Donbass – der Politik ist das Thema zu heiß
Am 4. Mai schickt das Thüringer Aktionsbündnis "Zukunft Donbass" einen weiteren Hilfstransport in die nichtanerkannte Volksrepublik Lugansk. Diesmal wird Sanitärtechnik für ein Krankenhaus geliefert. Da die Ukraine bisher die Unterstützung dieser Transporte verweigerte, müssen die Organisatoren über Russland in das umkämpfte Gebiet reisen.
19:52 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Secret 2006 US Gov`t Document Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria Using Extremists, Muslim Brotherhood, Elections
"While the destabilization initiative did begin in earnest under Obama’s watch, the truth is the previous administration were also heavily involved in the planning of Syria’s destruction..."
1:33 [Sayed Hasan] (F)
Un Algérien humilie publiquement Cheikh Al-Sudais, Imam de La Mecque (VIDEO)
Dorénavant, les Saoud wahhabites ne sont plus assimilés à l`Islam, dont ils n`ont jamais constitué qu`une secte hérétique et barbare parfaitement incarnée par Daech, mais bien à ce qu`ils ont toujours été, à savoir une entité artificielle créée de toutes pièces et maintenue par l`impérialisme — jadis britannique, aujourd`hui américain —, un cheval de Troie de l`Occident en Orient, tout comme Israël.
1:12 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
No nerve or other chemical agent at Douma - OPCW
The depth of this deception points to the falsity of the never proven, merely asserted, supposed previous Syrian Government "gas attacks" at Khan Sheikoon and East Gouta. People rave on about Obama`s failure to punish the SAG for that "attack." Well, pilgrims, he did not attack because DIA told him there was no evidence of the attack.
18:33 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
The Gaza blockade is illegal– and so is the use of force to maintain it
...Shortly after the Israeli massacre in Gaza on 14 May 2018, Bashi posted a commentary under the title, “Don’t Blame Hamas for the Gaza Bloodshed.”
1:30 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Warum Trump Helsinki für das Treffen mit Putin gewählt hat – Experte
Den auf Grund historischer Parallelen statt in Wien eine Zusammenkunft in Helsinki präferiert, meint der Experte des Wiener Friedensinstituts Heinz Gärtner. Im Gespräch mit Sputnik äußerte er sich über die Erwartungen der Europäer an die für 16. Juli angesetzten bilateralen Verhandlungen zwischen Putin und Trump.
1:27 [World Economy] (D)
Angebliche „Annexion“ der Krim als Kampfbegriff
War der Anschluss der Krim an Russland völkerrechtswidrig? Die im März 2014 erfolgte Abspaltung der Krim von der Kiewer Ukraine ist der vorgeschobene Anlass für die Aggressions- und Sanktionspolitik der westlichen Allianz unter Führung der USA mit ihrer NATO gegen die Russische Föderation. "Annexion“, wie diese gewaltlose Separation von Politikern und Medien genannt wird, ist zu einem Kampfbegriff geworden, der gebetsmühlenartig wiederholt wird, obwohl das falsch ist und auch durch die permanente Wiederholung nicht richtig wird.
16:08 [The American Conservative] (E)
The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War With Iran
In my reporting on U.S.-Israeli policy, I have tracked numerous episodes in which the United States and/or Israel made moves that seemed to indicate preparations for war against Iran. Each time—in 2007, in 2008, and again in 2011—those moves, presented in corporate media as presaging attacks on Tehran, were actually bluffs aimed at putting pressure on the Iranian government.
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