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11:43 [The Unz Review] (E)
Do Spies Run the World?
Jeeves, the excellent valet of Mr Wooster, had an ace up his sleeve: if going was tough, he had used his access to the records of the Junior Ganymede club, and there he could find embarrassing stuff against anybody who had ever employed a valet or a butler, for these gentleman’s gentlemen were obliged to inscribe in the club’s book all imprudent exploits of their masters. Thanks to this inside knowledge, Jeeves had saved his meek master, Mr Bertie Wooster from the bully.
8:52 [The Unz Review] (E)
A Week in the Life of the Empire
It is sometimes helpful not to look at any one specific issue in detail, but rather make a survey of ongoing processes instead. The resulting picture is neither better nor worse, it is simply different. This is what I want to do today: to take a bird’s eye view of our suffering planet.
22:51 [Clusterfuck Nation] (E)
Buyer’s Remorse
There remains also, the rather sweeping panorama of misconduct and probable crime among the government (and former government) players in the agencies mentioned above. Does the full Mueller Report mention, for instance, that the animating document claiming that Trump colluded with Russia was manufactured by Mrs. Clinton’s employees? And that this document was used time and again improperly and illegally to prolong the inquisition? How could Mr. Mueller not acknowledge that? And if not, what sort of investigation was this?
20:58 [Elija J. Magnier] (E)
Response to “Hezbollah media source” And Sayyed Nasrallah’s denial​ 1/2
Al Rai newspaper published an article this Sunday entitled: “Hezbollah leader: The possibility of a war with Israel is very high this summer and I may no longer be with you”. The article went viral in Lebanon and the Middle East with some denying, contesting, others agreeing and surprised. But the biggest surprise of all came from a “media source within Hezbollah” insulting the newspaper and the writer, breaking the rules of conduct and journalistic professionalism that Hezbollah itself has introduced for information related to the organisation.
18:32 [youtube/E Michael Jones] (E)
Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. E. Michael Jones Discuss Antisemitism
Dr. Michael Brown discusses antisemitism with Dr. E. Michael Jones on Dr. Brown`s show The Line of Fire, including discussion of allegations that Dr. Jones is antisemitic.
8:59 [Russia Insider] (E)
Oblivious US Elites Squabble About How to Market a Crumbling Empire
A hefty case can be made that the Empire of Chaos currently has no allies; it’s essentially surrounded by an assortment of vassals, puppets and comprador 5th columnist elites professing varied degrees of – sometimes reluctant – obedience. The Trump administration’s foreign policy may be easily deconstructed as a crossover between The Sopranos and late-night comedy.
8:52 [The Unz Review] (E)
The Saker Interviews Dmitry Orlov
I decided to turn to the undisputed expert on social and political collapse, Dmitry Orlov whom I have always admired for his very logical, non-ideological, comparative analyses of the collapse of the USSR and the US. The fact that his detractors have to resort to crude and, frankly, stupid ad hominems further convinces me that Dmitry’s views need to be widely shared. Dmitry very kindly agreed to reply to my questions in some detail, for which I am most grateful. I hope that you will find this interview as interesting as I did.
8:44 [The Unz Review] (E)
Assange Bound
Like Prometheus to whom he was compared, Julian Assange did not escape the wrath of the self-proclaimed gods of Deep State. After seven years of captivity in the walls of Ecuadorean Embassy, the man who gave us an understanding of international politics was shifted to a new and worse jail, the “British Gitmo”, Belmarsh, waiting for extradition to the even worse prison in the Archipelago of CIA jails.
8:00 [Club Orlov] (E)
Respecting the Other
Since it first came together as a superethnos (Great Rus) around ten centuries ago, Russia has been consistently attacked and invaded from the west. It has been invaded by the Swedes, the Germans, the Poles/Lithuanians, the French and the Germans again. Note that these are all Northern European ethnic groups; this turns out to be important. All of these incursions the Russians managed to repulse. Russia was also invaded from the east, by a large and diverse group of nomadic peoples collectively known as the Mongols (even though actual ethnic Mongols among them numbered no more than a thousand) and this eventually led to integration and either assimilation or peaceful coexistence.
13:56 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Frankenstein Designer Kids: What You Don’t Know About Gender-Transitioning Will Blow Your Mind
Puberty-blocking drugs, mastectomies, vaginal surgery and fake penises – all with zero chance of reversal – these are just some of the radical experimental methods being used on children. The madness must stop.
18:33 [youtube] (E)
AIPAC in Decline
E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, interviewed by Paul Stevenson of Revolution Radio. (3/29/2019)
10:35 [Of Two Minds] (E)
Which Nations Will Crumble and Which Few Will Prosper in the Next 25 Years?
What will separate the many nations that will crumble in the next 25 years and those few that will survive and even prosper while the status quo dissolves around them? As I explain in my recent book Pathfinding our Destiny: Preventing the Final Fall of Our Democratic Republic, the factors that will matter are not necessarily cultural or financial; being hard-working and wealthy won`t be enough to save nations from coming apart at the seams.
8:35 [Club Orlov] (E)
Is the USS Ship of Fools Taking on Water?
It certainly appears to be doing so, and the rate is accelerating. Having spent the last three weeks at an undisclosed location away from the internet has allowed me to observe the increase in its rate of sinkage. There was wifi at the airport and I downloaded three weeks` worth of articles, which I read on the long flight back to civilization. What I read came as a bit of a shock, especially after three weeks of nothing but surf, sea birds, crabs scampering about and lots of happy, friendly people who couldn`t possibly care any less about the US.
0:25 [Sputnik News] (E)
Apocalypse Now & Loving It!
Remember the madcap scene in `Apocalypse Now`, the 1979 film by Francis Ford Coppola about American genocidal rampaging in Vietnam? "I love the smell of napalm in the morning", bellows the psychotic military commander as US choppers strafe and destroy a Vietnamese village.
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