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18:43 [ZeroHedge] (E)
Here Are The Six Ways China Could Retaliate In Trade War With The U.S.
Predictably, China - which last week reacted instantly to Trump`s first round of $50BN in tariffs - again responded immediately, wasting no time in accusing Trump of "blackmail." China’s commerce ministry said on its website that if the US “irrationally” moves forward with the tariffs then China has no choice but to “forcefully fight back” with "qualitative" and "quantitative" measures.
10:02 [Sputnik news] (F)
Sanctions de Trump contre l’Iran: l’UE et la France se dégonflent-elles déjà?
Le ministre de l’Économie, Bruno Le Maire, a reconnu que «la plupart» des entreprises françaises ne pourra pas rester en Iran. Malgré les fermes déclarations des responsables européens, l’UE a-t-elle déjà échoué à empêcher les Américains d’être «le gendarme économique de la planète»?
0:08 [Strategic Culture] (E)
Russia Sells Off Record Amount of US Treasury Bonds
The US Treasury Department report for April published on June 15 revealed that Russia sold $47.4 billion out of the $96.1 it had held in Treasury bonds (T-bonds). In March, Moscow cut its Treasury holdings by $1.6 billion. In February, Russia reduced its bond portfolio by $9.3 billion. Other holders did it too. Japan sold off about $12 billion, China liquidated roughly $7 billion. Ireland ditched over $17 billion.
12:48 [Jasminrevolution] (D)
Das schwarze Herz der Bilderberger zwischen Öl und KI
Turin. Die diesjährige Bilderberg-Konferenz läuft gut geschmiert -mit Erdöl: Die Ölriesen Chevron, Shell, Total und BP (deren Boss beim MI6 war) geben sich ein Stelldichein. Neben Bankbossen, Rüstungsmogulen, und Medientycoons sieht man diesmal vier Premierminister, zwei stellvertretende Premierminister, erstmals einen offiziellen Vertreter des Vatikan sowie den NATO-Generalsekretär und Ursula von der Leyen. Sie treffen dort High Tech-Bosse von Google, Twitter, LinkedIn und Facebook.
5:08 [RT] (E)
Trump raises stakes in trade war with China, targets further $200bn-worth of imports with tariff
US President Donald Trump is looking to impose a 10 percent tariff on another $200 billion-worth of Chinese goods, after Beijing imposed reciprocal tariffs on US imports, as part of an expanding trade war with Washington.
5:01 [RT] (E)
Hit ‘em where it hurts: Chinese tariffs target American nuts & hundreds of other products
In an attempt to kick Washington in its natural resources, Beijing has revealed a list of US goods set to be affected by the first round of retaliatory tariffs that will come into effect on July 6.
16:57 [Le Blog Sam-La-Touch] (F)
[Vidéos] Les taxes douanières de Trump donnent une leçon à l`Europe, selon Poutine (Washington Post)
Cette 16e émission marathon de Poutine, qui a duré 4½ heures ininterrompues, a fourni une fenêtre sur l`état d`esprit du président - et une exposition de premier plan de la scénographie que le Kremlin déploie pour rehausser l`image de Poutine et promouvoir sa vision du monde auprès des ménages russes.
16:33 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Auch Indien tritt in den Handelskrieg ein
Indien will laut der Tageszeitung „The Indian Express“ die Importzölle erhöhen – als Antwort auf den Beschluss der US-Regierung, die Einfuhrzölle auf Stahl und Aluminium einzuführen.
2:22 [Eurasia Future] (E)
Trump’s New Tariffs on China Have Everything to Do With The North Korea Summit
Donald Trump’s White House has just announced a new round of tariffs on Chinese technology imports. It is not surprising that Trump is coming back for a second round of what looks to be a long running on again/off again tariff war with America’s chief economic rival after round one ended in a win-win compromise.
2:21 [Xin Hua] (E)
China decides to impose additional tariffs on 50 bln USD of U.S. imports
China has unveiled a list of products from the United States that will be subject to additional tariffs. Approved by the State Council, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council has decided to impose additional duty of 25 percent on 659 items of U.S. products worth about 50 billion U.S. dollars.
13:06 [Press TV] (E)
Beijing vows fast response to Trump`s China tariffs
China has warned to rapidly retaliate if the United States goes ahead with tariffs that are expected to be announced by President Donald Trump; a move that could set the stage for a major escalation in an ongoing trade dispute between Beijing and Washington.
17:18 [IVERIS] (F)
Commerce international : une querelle dérisoire
Donald Trump a bousculé l’échiquier mondial au nom de son slogan « America First ». Il l’applique en priorité à l’économie en vue de faire revenir aux Etats-Unis des emplois partis à l’étranger. C’est une mauvaise querelle qui repose sur une mécompréhension des faits.
13:14 [Zero Hedge] (E)
At the G-7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump described America as “the piggy bank that everybody is robbing.”
After he left Quebec, his director of Trade and Industrial Policy, Peter Navarro, added a few parting words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door...And that’s...what weak, dishonest Justin Trudeau did. And that comes right from Air Force One.” In Singapore, Trump tweeted more about that piggy bank.
12:29 [Reseau International] (F)
Iran/diktat américain, où est la France, où est l’Europe ?
Jour après jour on apprend que des entreprises françaises travaillant en Iran quittent ce pays par crainte des sanctions américaines décidées par D. Trump. Après Total, c’est au tour de Peugeot dont les intérêts en Iran sont très importants ; c’est au demeurant la deuxième fois que Peugeot se retire d’Iran sous la pression américaine – la première fois, ce fut en 2012 lorsque General Motors entra dans son capital et exigea que la société française cesse ses activités dans ce pays.
20:22 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Boeing kippt Liefervertrag mit dem Iran
Der US-amerikanische Flugzeugbauer Boeing hat einen mit dem Iran geschlossenen Liefervertrag gekippt. Das teilte das Unternehmen am Mittwoch nach Angaben der Nachrichtenagentur AFP mit.
18:14 [] (E)
Africa Speculates Joining Russia, China, India and EU – Escalating De-Dollarisation Of Oil Trades
The Mises Institute asked the question last September: “What indications are there that the world is turning its back on the US dollar?” – It did, in fact, answer that question (below), but here are just some of the more recent moves that just six months ago would have seemed unlikely.
18:12 [Asia Times/Pepe Escobar] (E)
Why India is ignoring US sanctions and sticking with Iran
Pay very close attention to what India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, said after meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif earlier this week in New Delhi: “Our foreign policy is not made under pressure from other countries … We recognize UN sanctions and not country-specific sanctions. We didn’t follow US sanctions on previous occasions either.”
17:32 [Press TV] (E)
France’s PSA again reverses on Iran deal in deference to US
PSA, the maker of Peugeot and Citroen cars, has become the latest French company to suspend its joint venture activities in Iran, despite promising to stand its ground in the face of sanctions.
22:10 [Xinhua] (E)
China issues statement on Sino-U.S. trade talks
"All economic and trade outcomes of the talks will not take effect if the US side imposes any trade sanctions including raising tariffs," the statement said.
18:39 [Press TV] (E)
China warns US no trade agreements possible without removing new tariffs
China has warned the United States that any deals reached during Sino-US trade negotiations would be null and void if Washington still insisted with levying hefty duties on Chinese goods, days after the White House threatened that it would impose extra tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports.
18:31 [Zero Hedge] (E)
De-Dollarization Escalates: "African Economy Needs More Usage Of Chinese Yuan"
The world`s push towards de-dollarization continues to accelerate as Americans go about their daily lives worrying more about blasphemous comedians, participation trophies, and Kim and Kanye`s traitorous behavior.
1:53 [RT] (E)
Few days left to avoid full-scale trade war between US and EU – France
"We still have a few days to take the necessary steps to avoid a trade war between the EU and the US, and to avoid a trade war among G7 members," Le Maire told journalists, following a meeting of the G7 finance ministers in Canada’s mountain resort of Whistler, British Columbia. He added that it is up to the US to make the first move.
21:09 [Telepolis] (D)
Kapitalismus vor neuer Krisenphase?
Durch eskalierende Handelskriege droht der labilen Weltwirtschaft ein neuer Krisenschub
1:25 [The Duran] (E)
United States alone against the world?
With steel and aluminum tariff excemptions set to expire, Europeans continue to wonder why Trump is applying tariffs on them over claims of national security, as Europe presents no security threat to America. They also wonder why these tariffs are being applied to them, and not just China, who is allegedly engaging in unfair business practices, a subject on which both the EU and the US agree.
1:19 [IVERIS] (F)
Sanctions américaines contre l`Iran, une épreuve de vérité pour l`Europe
L’annonce du retrait des Etats-Unis de l’accord sur le nucléaire (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ou JCPoA), signé par Obama le 14 juillet 2015, levant les sanctions à l’égard de l’Iran en échange du gel de son programme d’armement nucléaire ne saurait nous surprendre dans son principe : il est la réalisation d’une promesse de campagne de Donald Trump. On est cependant étonné par sa brutalité et la première victime pourrait en être non l’Iran mais l’Europe.
1:23 [RT] (E)
Trump’s decision on tariffs closed doors to other talks – Macron
France’s President Emmanuel Macron slammed the US move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union, calling the decision “unlawful” and a “mistake.”
23:54 [The Real News Network/Youtube] (E)
Deutsche Bank is Failing, Bail Out Inevitable
At €10 a share Deutsche Bank is a delayed victim of the Investment banking sector says Dr. Paul Steinhardt, co-editor of Makroskop
20:57 [Greg Hunter`s USAWatchdog] (E)
Europe and World Facing Another Debt Crisis – Gregory Mannarino
Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says the debt crisis of 2008 is going to blow up again. Mannarino explains, “The European debt crisis was never fixed. They kind of just added more debt onto a debt issue. They maxed out their credit cards and found a way to borrow a little more. That’s the main issue that is driving the markets here. *
1:10 [IVERIS] (F)
Les sanctions vues d`Iran
Si Emmanuel Macron se rendait en Iran, notamment à Abadan et Khoramsharh, il mesurerait à quel point ses propositions pour « aménager » l’accord sur le nucléaire iranien (JCPoA) sont irréalistes.
21:09 [Sputnik] (E)
US Pushes China to Buy its Oil and Gas in Wake of Trade Row - Reports
In April, Beijing was given a list of goods that China buys in various countries that can be replaced by American ones. The list includes oil, oil products, liquefied natural gas, beef, poultry and soybeans.
12:37 [Pars Today] (F)
Riyad boycotte l`Allemagne
En réalité, c’est l’Amérique qui est derrière ce coup. Riyad a décidé de suspendre ses échanges commerciaux avec l’Allemagne, rapporte l’hebdomadaire allemand Der Tagesspiegel dans son édition du 25 mai.
17:44 [Sputnik] (E)
550 Deals Worth About $38Bln Signed at SPIEF-2018 - Russian Presidential Adviser
"As of 1 p.m. [10:00 GMT], 550 agreements worth 2.365 trillion rubles have been signed," Anton Kobyakov, who is also the executive secretary of the SPIEF organizing committee, told reporters.
21:35 [Press TV] (E)
Turkey vows every initiative to protect firms against US bans
The Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman says Ankara will take every initiative to protect its firms against new US sanctions.
21:07 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Berlins Politik verärgert Saudis: Riad verhängt Auftragstopp gegen deutsche Firmen
Saudi-Arabien will deutsche Firmen offenbar von Regierungsaufträgen ausschließen. Das Königreich soll über Berlins Politik gegenüber dem Iran tief verärgert sein.
20:53 [Nachrichten Heute] (D)
US-Geierfond-Betreiber greift nach ThyssenKrupp
Der US-Fonds-Betreiber Paul Elliott Singer will mit seinem Investmentfond Elliott bei Thyssen Krupp grösser einsteigen, und den Vorstandsvorsitzenden Heinrich Hiesinger loswerden. Der SPIEGEL und andere Medien offerieren allerdings herzlich wenig über die Hintergründe dieses Betreibers und dessen Fond Elliott, und das soll hier und jetzt nachgeholt werden.
19:46 [Press TV] (E)
US slaps new sanctions on entities working with Iran airlines
The US has imposed new sanctions against nine Iranian and Turkish individuals and companies as well as a number of aircraft providing goods and services to four Iranian airlines.
19:40 [German Foreign Policy] (D)
Deutschlands Achillesferse
Mit heftigem Protest reagieren deutsche Wirtschaftsvertreter auf die Eröffnung eines Prüfverfahrens zur Erhebung von Strafzöllen auf KfZ-Importe durch die US-Administration. Wie es in Washington heißt, zieht US-Präsident Donald Trump Strafzölle von bis zu 25 Prozent auf die Einfuhr von Autos in Betracht. Dies träfe die deutsche Industrie ganz erheblich stärker als die zum 1. Juni drohenden Strafzölle auf Stahl- und Aluminiumlieferungen
14:40 [Press TV] (E)
Germany`s Merkel vows in China visit to offset US trade woes, Beijing reciprocates
Germany and China have agreed to further deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields amid trade threats from US President Donald Trump.
0:54 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Russland freut sich über Rekordinvestitionen aus dem Ausland
Die ausländischen Investoren haben im Jahr 2017 in eine Rekordzahl von Projekten auf dem Territorium Russlands investiert – 238, wie die Studie der Investitionsattraktivität Russlands von dem Unternehmen Ernst & Young besagt, die auf dem St. Petersburger Internationalen Wirtschaftsforum (SPIEF’18) präsentiert wurde.
0:59 [Press TV] (E)
Russia, Japan threaten to levy sanctions on US exports
Russia and Japan have threatened to impose heavy bans worth almost $1 billion combined on US exports in retaliation for Washington’s hefty duties on its metal imports.
21:42 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
A Needed Burst of Optimism
Direct collaboration between President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping at the end of this week pulled China and the U.S. back from the brink of a highly dangerous potential trade war between the two countries, a scenario devoutly desired and orchestrated by the British Empire and their free-trade acolytes in Washington. The problem is not over, but a collaborative course has been struck for a win-win approach, and further negotiations will now proceed.
21:21 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Ukrainischer Abgeordneter: „Wir müssen den IWF erpressen“
Die Ukraine muss laut dem Abgeordneten Alexander Kirsch („Volksfront“) nicht die Kreditauflagen des Internationalen Währungsfonds erfüllen, sondern im Gegenteil eine härtere Linie gegen die internationalen Gläubiger einschlagen und diese sogar „erpressen“.
19:17 [Eurasia Future] (E)
China Just Won Trump’s Trade War – And They Didn’t Even Have to Fight
News has broken that the Chinese government have made an internal decision to allow and encourage more US goods and services to enter the country. This comes after repeated US trade delegations were sent to China in attempts to avert a trade war that Donald Trump had declared in the forms of tariffs on a wide variety of Chinese goods.
17:10 [German Foreign Policy] (D)
Vor dem Welthandelskrieg - Panikstimmung
Die EU stellt erste Abwehrmaßnahmen gegen die US-Pläne in Aussicht, Iran-Geschäfte europäischer Firmen mit Strafen zu belegen.
17:07 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-China-Handelskrieg: Trump will Meinungsdifferenzen mit Peking beseitigen
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat sich am Donnerstag mit dem Vize-Premier des chinesischen Staatsrats Liu He getroffen. Bei der Zusammenkunft im Weißen Haus haben beide Politiker bestehende Meinungsdifferenzen zwischen Washington und Peking im Handel besprochen.
14:11 [Russia Insider] (E)
Has Donald J. Trump Just Set off the Global Sovereign Debt Crisis?
"If Trump is serious about putting sanctions on any foreign entity that does any business with Iran then that will set off chain reactions around the globe"
13:00 [Sputnik] (E)
EU to Switch From Dollar to Euro in Payments for Iranian Oil Supplies – Source
The European Union is planning to switch from US dollars to euros when paying for the oil supplies from Iran, a diplomatic source told Sputnik.
13:53 [Voltaire Netzwerk] (D)
Die Anwendung der US-Sanktionen gegen den Iran
Präsident Trump hat 90 oder 180 Tage, je nach Sektor, den Staaten und privaten Unternehmen gegeben, um die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Iran zu stoppen. - Die Sanktionen für Metall, Währung, Schulden und besonders Automobil-Produkte werden ab dem 7. August gelten. - Die Sanktionen im Bank-und Ölsektor werden ab dem 5. November gültig.
17:24 [Pars Today] (F)
Washington menace les entreprises
John Bolton, conseiller à la sécurité nationale des États-Unis, a menacé dimanche de sanctions les entreprises européennes qui continuent leur coopération économique avec l’Iran, suite à l’opposition de l’UE au retrait américain du PGAC. Interrogé par CNN, il a déclaré qu’il existait pour les entreprises européennes qui coopèrent avec l’Iran
17:09 [The BRICS Post] (D)
Expert economists warn Trump of global depression
Americans face protectionist threats to withdraw from trade deals, misguided calls for tariffs, their letter warned. A number of prominent economists, including 14 Nobel prize winners, have warned the Trump administration that protectionist measures such as tariffs won’t only end in trade wars, particularly with China, but could lead to the type of depression which broke global markets in the 1930s.
12:47 [The Money GPS/Youtube] (E)
Putin Declares Russia Will Stop Using the U.S. Dollar!
Guess What They Are Buying?
20:25 [RT Deutsch] (D)
US-Handelskammer-Chef kritisiert: Anti-Russland-Sanktionen bestrafen die US-Wirtschaft
Sanktionen gegen Russland lähmen meist US-Unternehmen, auch große Unternehmen, die aufgrund der jüngsten Strafmaßnehmen schwere Verluste erleiden müssen. Das hat der Leiter der US-amerikanischen Handelskammer in Russland der Trump-Administration vorgeworfen.
2:38 [Telepolis] (D)
USA wollen Dollargeschäfte mit Iran verbieten
Sanktionen gegen die Revolutionären Garden, Androhung der Ausweitung der Sanktionen, israelische Luftangriffe auf Syrien: Der Druck auf Iran wird wirtschaftlich und militärisch stark erhöht.
20:16 [Sputnik news] (F)
Que vont faire les pays qui ont des liens commerciaux avec l`Iran?
Il est relativement difficile d`évaluer l`impact de la décision des USA. Il ne faut pas oublier que les pays européens ont annoncé qu`ils respecteraient l`accord nucléaire, tout comme les autres signataires. De facto, les États-Unis ont donc quitté l`accord unilatéralement. En revanche, les USA ont décrété des sanctions — et notamment l`interdiction des opérations en dollars avec l`Iran.
4:49 [Craig Murray] (E)
Trump’s Act of American Hubris
In seeking to impose unilateral sanctions against the express wishes of its “old” European allies, the USA is betting that it has sufficient global economic power, in alliance with its “new” Israeli and Saudi allies, to force the Europeans to bend to its will. This is plainly a very rash act of global geopolitics. It is perhaps an even more rash economic gamble.
16:33 [Sputnik news] (F)
Bilan provisoire de la guerre commerciale contre la Chine: les USA ne s’y attendaient pas
Le bras de fer commercial sino-américain n’a pas pour l’instant conduit à une réduction des échanges entre les deux pays et, ce qui est le plus important, du déficit commercial américain. Au contraire, ils ne cessent d’augmenter.
20:41 [Press TV] (E)
Iran sanctions to cost Boeing, Airbus $39bn
Following Tuesday’s announcement by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that licenses for global Boeing and Airbus to sell planes to Iran will be revoked, speculations emerged in media that the aviation giants would lose $39 billion from lost Iran deals.
22:45 [fit4Russland] (D)
Handelskrieg zwischen USA und EU
Wegen Sanktionen und einem drohenden Handelskrieg fand (vor)letzte Woche eine wahre Pilgerfahrt nach Washington statt.
22:35 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
How China Became the World’s Number One International Financial Donor
At the spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), the head of the US Treasury Department, Steven Mnuchin, touched upon a delicate subject: the financing of IMF and WB members by China and several other developing countries. He called these countries “non-transparent creditors” that do not coordinate their operations with the IMF, thereby destabilising the international loan market. Mnuchin noted that this practice creates problems for the debtor countries when it comes to the debt restructuring process.
1:50 [Oriental Review] (E)
Trade War Between the US and Germany?
The heat has been rising recently in the relationship between the US and Germany. Despite Washington’s regular attempts to bring its allies to heel under the auspices of their cooperation as part of NATO and the fabricated threat of a “common enemy” as represented by Russia, Europe’s largest economy is increasingly irritating its transatlantic partner by strengthening its own positions.
16:29 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Österreich startet als Spitzenreiter auf Neuer Seidenstraße: Erste ÖBB-Direktverbindung nach China
Während Deutschland und die EU den von der Volksrepublik China forcierten Ausbau der Neuen Seidenstraße mit Befremden verfolgen, scheint Österreich entschlossen zu sein, die daraus entstandenen Chancen für die eigene Wirtschaft zu ergreifen.
16:27 [Rubikon] (D)
Es geht um Asien, verdammt!
Der westliche Blick übersieht das Wesentliche der globalen Realität
22:17 [Press TV] (E)
Brazil decries US `ultimatum` after deal on tariffs
Brazil`s government criticizes the US for giving the South American powerhouse an "ultimatum" over steel and aluminum tariffs.
16:33 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
LaRouche: "A Four-Power Agreement Can Create a New World Credit System"
The British Empire and allied forces have launched a series of coordinated attacks globally, designed to ensure that no lasting coalition for development and peace is formed around the planet`s four leading powers—Russia, China, India and the United States.
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