Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Der Mut, der Lächerlichkeit zu trotzen, ist es, den wir am meisten brauchen.
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16:13 [Luftpost] (D)
Washington zittert vor einer unsichtbaren Armee von Kreml-Trollen
Diana Johnstone erklärt, warum Präsident Trump nicht mehr als russischer Agent verfolgt würde, wenn er seine Absicht aufgäbe, die Beziehungen zu dem Staat zu verbessern, den der militärisch-sicherheitstechnische Komplex der USA dringend als Feind braucht, und sich stattdessen an der organisierten Dämonisierung Russlands beteiligen würde.
16:09 [The Daily Caller] (E)
The Obama Administration’s ‘Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton’ Starting To Leak Out, According To Former Fed Prosecutor
The litigator also discusses the Uranium One scandal, the “tainted” Mueller special counsel investigation and the heroism of Nunes, who is under intense pressure from a united Democrat front.
16:00 [RT] (E)
Democrats are repudiating FDR’s precedent of détente with Russia – Stephen Cohen
By criminalizing alleged “contacts with the Kremlin” - and by demonizing Russia itself - today’s Democrats are becoming the party of the new and more perilous Cold War.
4:13 [Chine Nouvelle] (F)
La Maison Blanche anticipe une probabilité accrue de panne du gouvernement
Les responsables de la Maison Blanche ont annoncé vendredi qu`il existait une probabilité de 50% d`interruption partielle des services gouvernementaux, en raison des difficultés entourant le vote du budget au Congrès.
3:50 [The Duran] (E)
Tulsi Gabbard destroys North Korea, Libya and Iraq narrative in 30 seconds (Video)
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii was interviewed on ABC News “This Week” following the human error that led to a false alarm missile message in Hawaii. During one defining moment of the interview, long time Clinton staffer, George Stephanopoulos asked Gabbard point blank… “Was it a mistake for the United States to take out Gaddafi and Hussein?”
19:41 [EIR] (E)
Dicky Durbin Has a Track Record of Lying
Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL)—the sole source of the charge that President Donald Trump called Haiti and other nations “shithole countries” in a private White House meeting on Jan. 11—has been caught fabricating lies against others before.
22:34 [Steadfast and Loyal] (E)
FISA Reveal May Turn Our Own Conspiracy Theory Into Fact!
[Huge Updated Details] ...Rep. Matt Gaetz: I believe this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail. I was very persuaded by the evidence
22:28 [Réseau International] (F)
Ron Paul et la chute de la maison Amérique
L’ancien député républicain du Texas a déclaré qu’il ne croyait pas nécessairement que les Etats-Unis allaient se scinder en plusieurs pays, mais qu’il prévoyait une refonte complète de la politique monétaire américaine et la fin de ce qu’il considère comme un « empire » américain.
21:56 [postnewsd2] (E)
California is letting over a million people convicted of weed charges to get clean slate.
The new law, Prop 64, not only OK`d possession for people 21 and older but also allows anyone to apply to have their past marijuana-related offenses reduced or expunged completely. And roughly one million Californians are eligible, according to the Drug Policy Alliance.
16:00 [The Unz Review] (E)
A Dubious Patriotism
Methinks that, for the good of the country, it is time that the “Alt-Right,” those bitterly hostile to our Latin-America population, stop and think. There is a difference between opposing further immigration, a good idea, and constantly attacking American citizens.
15:53 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"
All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. tonight after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice and the end of Robert Mueller`s special counsel investigation...
15:33 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Tillerson zu Syrien: Regime-Change und Kampf gegen Iran stehen für USA im Vordergrund
Unter Präsident Donald Trump hat Washington stets betont, die Präsenz von US-Truppen in Syrien diene lediglich dem Kampf gegen den "Islamischen Staat". Nun spricht Außenminister Rex Tillerson jedoch von ganz anderen Prioritäten des US-Militärs in Syrien.
15:31 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Jüdische Organisationen in USA zu Netanjahu: Deportation von Afrikanern sei "Verrat jüdischer Werte"
Die Anti-Defamation League (ADL) und die Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) haben in einem offenen Brief ihre "ernste Besorgnis" über einen neuen Plan Israels geäußert, gemäß dem Migranten und Asylsuchende gegen ihren Willen in ungenannte Drittländer geflogen werden sollen.
3:38 [Sputnik news] (F)
Un nouvel État prêt à paraître aux États-Unis?
Un groupe d’initiative californien a rédigé un document proclamant la création de la Nouvelle Californie, indépendante de la Californie actuelle mais faisant partie des États-Unis.
1:43 [21st Century Wire] (E)
Syria: Tillerson’s Schizophrenia and Neocon-Approved “Assad Must Go” Policy
Confirming that the US military presence inside Syria had little to do with fighting ISIS, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unveiled in detail today the real US strategy for Syria: overthrow of the Assad government.
1:36 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Byron York: House committee takes step toward making Trump dossier findings public
One of the most vexing problems of the Trump dossier probe has been that much of the evidence involved is classified and thus hidden from public view.
1:35 [The White House] (E)
No American Should Have to Choose Between Faith and the Law
No American—whether a nun, nurse, baker, or business owner—should be forced to choose between the tenets of faith or adherence to the law.
17:01 [Greg Hunter`s USAWatchdog] (E)
U.S. Government Criminal Enterprise – Catherine Austin Fitts
Financial expert and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says the U.S. Government runs on massive criminal activity.
17:00 [Greg Hunter`s USAWatchdog] (E)
Reset Rule of Law – Dr. Dave Janda
Dr. Dave Janda is a radio host and a patriot who is a Washington outsider with insider contacts. Janda says a new Inspector General’s report will be the beginning of the reset of the rule of law.
16:54 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump kündigt Gewinner von „Fake News Awards“ an
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat laut seinem Twitter-Beitrag „Fake News Awards“ für aus seiner Sicht besonders unredliche und falsche Berichterstattung verliehen. „Die Fake News Gewinner sind…“, twitterte Trump.
6:53 [Ron Paul Institute] (E)
Breaking - Tillerson Unveils `New` US Syria Plan: `Assad Must Go!`
Confirming that the US military presence inside Syria had little to do with fighting ISIS, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unveiled in detail today the real US strategy for Syria: overthrow of the Assad government.
3:21 [Sputnik] (E)
Tillerson: US Troops Will Remain in Syria to Stop Resurrection of Daesh
Tillerson noted that a possible US withdrawal from Syria would likely help President Bashar Assad and give Iran an opportunity to strengthen its role in region.
16:55 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Forward on the High Ground: The LaRouchePAC 2018 Platform
We are pushed from all sides in the U.S. and Trans-Atlantic, to sink down to the low ground, in terms of economics, culture and morality. Under assault from the City of London/Wall Street defenders of the dying monetarist system, we are pressured to fixate on mind-trap questions and "issues:" "What did Trump say, or not? What did someone else say, or not?" When all the while, reality is clear.
16:46 [sgtreport/Youtube] (E)
Q: Strings Cut - There Is No Escape For The Clintons
The Clintons and their minions are in deep, deep trouble. The indictments have begun. According to new posts by Q, "the strings have been cut. Highest levels. The puppet masters have been removed.There are no deals. There is NO escape." Here are just a few of the GOOD things that have happened since President Trump took office that would NOT have happened if Hillary had been selected.
16:27 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
“The Clinton Dossier”
Time, further questioning, and a host of inherent contradictions will eventually bring more sunlight upon the authorship of “The Dossier”.
7:33 [RT] (E)
N.Korea faces unrealistic preconditions, US regime change policy made it seek nukes – Tulsi Gabbard
Washington`s policy of worldwide violent regime change has spurred Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has said, adding that Pyongyang is being saddled with “unrealistic preconditions” from the West.
4:10 [Arrêt sur Info] (F)
Washington tremble : La charge de l’armée invisible des trolls du Kremlin
Diana Johnstone explique que le président Trump peut éviter d’être poursuivi comme agent russe s’il abandonne son intention de normaliser les relations avec l’ennemi nécessaire du complexe militaro-sécuritaire US et s’il se joint à la démonisation orchestrée de la Russie.
3:20 [Consortium News] (E)
Why Senator Cardin Is a Fitting Opponent for Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning’s senatorial bid offers a contrast to the Russian fear-mongering of incumbent candidate Ben Cardin, says Norman Solomon.
20:02 [zerohedge] (E)
As No One Watched, Trump Pardoned 5 Megabanks For Corruption Charges
While Americans celebrated the holidays, President Trump followed in the footsteps of his predecessors by acting in the interest of Wall Street and using the distraction to do something that was not in the best interest of the American people.
1:37 [The Gateway Pundit] (E)
John Podesta, Hillary’s Creepy Campaign Manager, Now in Middle of Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Phony Dossier
John Podesta is one of the creepiest crooks in the DNC. It looks like Podesta is in hot water again as he is right in the middle of the fake Trump dossier.
1:33 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
After New Orleans City Council implicitly endorses BDS, officials say resolution was not about Israel
After backlash to the New Orleans City Council resolution in support of human rights, which was pushed by Palestinian solidarity activists, Councilmember-At-Large Jason Williams who voted in support of the resolution stopped discussing parallels between South Africa during Apartheid and Israel.
21:18 [Antiwar] (E)
America’s Civil War
For nearly twenty-five years I have been writing in this space about war: that is, the wars we have waged against other countries. I’ve heard every possible rationalization for these conflicts, from “weapons of mass destruction” to “he’s killing his own people” to babies being bayoneted in their incubators and on down the line.
23:50 [SOTT] (E)
Love Him or Loathe Him, Trump is Liberating us All From The Empire`s Lies
Alexander Blok, one of the smartest and most noble of Russians, wrote this amazing essay on Catiline, a Roman rebel whose plot was crushed and who was utterly maligned by the father of all bullshit, Cicero.
23:49 [Radio Utopie] (D)
Tulsi Gabbard for President
Dass die ehemalige Veteranin des Irak-Krieges abseits der üblichen Verdächtigen steht und gleichzeitig den mörderischen Interventionismus ihres Staates und Militärs beenden will, macht sie einmal mehr außergewöhnlich.
16:41 [Fox News] (E)
Nancy Pelosi`s elitist Democrats -- America, this is the party of the rich, sneering at the poor
There was a time when the Democrats were the party of working Americans. They seemed to understand and fight for the interests of the working class and people living in poverty. Republicans, by contrast, struggled for decades with the perception that they were “for the rich.”
16:40 [Zero Hedge] (E)
DOJ Unseals Indictment Involving Uranium One Scandal
In short, the FBI had ample evidence of the Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved the Uranium One deal thanks to their embedded mole in the Russian nuclear industry.
16:40 [The Daily Signal] (E)
6 Actions States, Federal Government Could Take on Obamacare, Health Care in 2018
Many states are eager to reverse the damage from Obamacare in 2018, but in some cases, they will need help from Congress, leading health care experts say.
16:34 [The White House] (E)
President Trump on Prison Reform: `We Need to Do More Than Simply Remove People from Society`
THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. And today we are going to be discussing the important topic of prison reform...The vast majority of incarcerated individuals will be released at some point, and often struggle to become self-sufficient once they exit the correctional system....We have a great interest in helping them turn their lives around, get a second chance, and make our community safe.
6:11 [zerohedge] (E)
The Real News We Ignore At Our Peril
This is the threat to our democracy, not Fake News. And Exhibit A is our failed war in Afghanistan...
6:08 [The American Conservative] (E)
Beyond Cynicism: America Fumbles Towards Kafka’s Castle
Can a people recover from an excursion into unreality? The USA’s sojourn into an alternative universe of the mind accelerated sharply after Wall Street nearly detonated the global financial system in 2008.
18:12 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Next Week Will Be A Very Bad Week For Democrats and Their Media…
DOJ Has Begun Taking down the low hanging fruit on the Uranium One Tree – ...And Chairman Devin Nunes is now openly telling his colleagues in congress that the Obama, Lynch and Comey DOJ and FBI FISA violations are beyond their imaginings
17:52 [Querdenkende] (D)
Trumps Rassismus unterstreicht dessen Menschenverachtung
USA alles andere als vorbildhaft. Keineswegs hat der Ku-Klux-Klan die Regierungsgeschäfte der USA übernommen, aber dessen 45. Präsident, sehr bald schon ein Jahr im Amt, bezeichnete jüngst Haiti und Teile Afrikas als „Dreckslöcher“, ein klares Statement zum widerwärtigen Rassismus, was daher weltweit viele Anhänger als Anlaß werten werden, diesen selbst erst recht kaltschnäuziger auszuleben!
0:07 [RT] (E)
‘Last chance’: Trump waives Iran sanctions, demands changes to ‘disastrous’ nuclear deal
"Despite my strong inclination, I have not yet withdrawn the United States from the Iran nuclear deal. Instead, I have outlined two possible paths forward: either fix the deal`s disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw," Trump said in a statement.
21:57 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
More MAGAnomic Success – Chrysler Moving From Mexico To Michigan, Toyota Building in Alabama, and More…
...Economic Nationalism – America’s largest private employer, Walmart, has announced their plan to increase their minimum wage to $11/hr and give out bonuses between $200 to $1,000 to each of their more than one million employees....
3:18 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
The Trump Dossier Timeline, A Democrat Disaster Looming by Publius Tacitus
When the entire episode about the creation of the Trump dossier (by former Brit spy, Christopher Steele) and its dissemination (by Steele and the Democrat hired contractor, FUSION GPS,) to the FBI and the press, is fully exposed, the American people will be confronted with the stark dilemma of how to deal with the fact that there was a failed domestic coup attempted by members of the U.S. intel and law enforcement community.
0:05 [RT] (E)
Challenge for US in Syria is bending Russia to its will – Senate hearing
US troops will remain in Syria indefinitely in order to counter Iranian influence, a senior State Department official told the Senate. He acknowledged the success of this strategy depends on Russia seeing things the American way.
23:52 [Rouget de Lys] (F)
Société, démocratie : La fable démocratique US
Dans l’imaginaire collectif l’état Fédéral US est un exemple de réussite de démocratie du type Occidental, principalement grâce aux relais dans les médias, radios, pop-culture musicale et dans l’industrie du divertissement ou du cinéma hollywoodien. Tous ces relais ainsi que le système éducatif mis en place par les pouvoirs dans le monde Occidental nous laissent baigner dans une atmosphère de liberté et de réussite si l’on s’en donne les moyens.
23:52 [Voltairenet] (E)
The truly explosive book? The one Trump signed
... However hardly anyone is talking about a book the content of which is truly explosive. This book was released a little earlier and signed by President Donald Trump: the “US National Security Strategy”. ...
19:08 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Trump Declares Collusion Between Democrats And Russians During Joint Press Conference [VIDEO]
President Trump held a joint press conference with Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg Wednesday afternoon at the White House, in which he declared that the Democratic party colluded with Russia.
19:08 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Kellyanne Conway: Trump `discovered` wall isn`t needed for entire US-Mexico border
Trump himself has conceded in the past that building a wall, for which prototypes have already been built, may not be needed....Trump himself has conceded in the past that building a wall, for which prototypes have already been built, may not be needed.
19:03 [IMI-Online] (D)
„Trumps“ Nationale Sicherheitsstrategie
Erst am 18. Dezember 2017 veröffentlichte das Weiße Haus die seit einiger Zeit in der Mache befindliche „Nationale Sicherheitsstrategie der Vereinigten Staaten“ (NSS)....Wohl aufgrund des späten Veröffentlichungszeitpunkts fand das Dokument wenig Beachtung – zu Unrecht, denn es bestätigt den Trend, dass diejenigen, die versuchen, die US-Militärpolitik in die gewohnten (üblen) Fahrwasser zurückzugeleiten, innerhalb der Regierung – und gegenüber dem Präsidenten – immer weiter die Oberhand gewinnen.
19:02 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trumps Berater will Atomdeal mit Iran retten
Der Sicherheitsberater von US-Präsident Donald Trump, Herbert McMaster, will die Abgeordneten des US-Senats dazu überreden, den Atomdeal mit dem Iran zu retten, berichtet das US-Internetportal „The Daily Beast“ unter Verweis auf eigene Quellen.
2:42 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
‘Curricularizing Israel’– the Hebrew program in suburban Chicago schools
Pro-Israel groups are working to save the Hebrew program at Evanston Township High School, north of Chicago, where enrollment has slipped in recent years to only 34 students. "The message of these Hebrew programs are clear: If you`re going to learn Hebrew, you’re going to learn to love Israel. No room exists for students to master the language while disagreeing with Israel’s policies"--writes Liz Rose, former Hebrew teacher in a Chicago area public school, who lost her job when she attempted to show students the Palestinian side of the story.
17:45 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Attorney Sues Fusion GPS, BuzzFeed For Dossier Defamation
“It will be proven that I had no involvement in this Russian collusion conspiracy,” Cohen said in an interview on Tuesday. “My name was included only because of my proximity to the president.”
17:42 [Fox News] (E)
`Somebody`s already been killed` because of Trump dossier, Fusion GPS rep revealed
An attorney for the co-founder of opposition research firm Fusion GPS revealed during a closed-door interview this summer with congressional investigators that “somebody`s already been killed” as a result of the publication of the anti-Trump dossier.
17:40 [Washington Examiner] (E)
The biggest Hillary Clinton scandal no one`s talking about
You`ve heard of Benghazi and Uranium One. But more than a year after Hillary Clinton’s resounding loss to President Trump, she must now grapple with a new scandal: An ongoing Federal Election Commission investigation into an alleged $84 million money laundering scheme orchestrated by the Hillary Victory Fund — the $500 million joint fundraising committee between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state parties.
17:37 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Former Idaho State Rep Commits Suicide After Sexual Assault Allegations
Another Republican state legislator has killed himself following allegations of sexual misconduct or sexual assault...
17:23 [wunderhaft] (D)
Der Fokus richtet sich von Trump auf Hillary und das korrupte FBI - Paul Craig Roberts
[Dieser kurze Beitrag hat einen sehr brisanten Hintergrund.] Die New York Times, Washington Post, CNN und NPR werden Ihnen nie erzählen, daß Hillary die Kriminelle ist und nicht Trump.
22:26 [Gold Goats n Guns] (E)
The Trump/Bannon Show Distracts from the Tightening Hillary Noose
This is a difficult week of news to parse if you aren’t a full-blown conspiratard like me. Back in August Halsey English and I made waves with our theory that President Trump and Steve Bannon were working with Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange to roll up their Democrat opposition protecting Hillary Clinton from prosecution.
22:25 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
The Focus Shifts From Trump To Hillary And The Corrupt FBI
The Chairman of the US Senate Homeland and Government Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson (R, Wis) has asked the current FBI director, Chris Wray, if the document was rewritten in order to protect Hillary. Senator Johnson is particular interested in the emails that show that some senior FBI officials were determined to prevent Trump from becoming US President.
22:22 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Media struggle to comprehend the Trump-Russia probe: Collusion? Obstruction? Conspiracy?
After nearly nine months of a special counsel probe into President Trump`s links to Russia, the press is still searching for a way to describe it, and in many cases, still appears to be learning on the fly what it`s all about.
22:14 [The White House] (E)
26 Years Later, a President Hears Rural America
Our farmers deserve a government that serves their interest and empowers them to do the hard work that they love to do so much.
19:00 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Video: Judicial Watch questions Comey’s Clinton Foundation probe
Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell on “Fox News @ Night” discussing the new questions surrounding Comey’s probe of the Clinton Foundation.
19:00 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Video: Fitton on Renewed Clinton Foundation Investigation: Comey Conducted a ‘Sham’ Probe
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on “Outnumbered Overtime” on the Fox News Channel discussing Huma Abedin’s classified emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.
18:59 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Report: Chairman Devin Nunes Has Received FBI and DOJ FISA Application and Steele Dossier Documents…
According to information provided to The Daily Caller, today Chairman Devin Nunes received the FISA Application and Steele Dossier documentation from Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. This includes the critical FD-302’s and FD-1023’s that relate to interviews with Christopher Steele and his Russian Dossier.
18:53 [The Daily Caller] (E)
House Intel Committee Has Received All Docs On Trump Dossier From DOJ, FBI
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence members gained access to all Department of Justice and FBI documents it possesses on the Trump dossier, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.
18:53 [wunderhaft] (D)
Russiagate wendet sich gegen seine Urheber - Paul Craig Roberts
Russiagate entsprang einer Verschwörung des militärisch/sicherheitspolitischen Komplexes, des von Clinton kontrollierten Democratic National Committee* und der Liberalen/Progressiven/Linken.
17:52 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Upcoming OIG Report Likely To Trigger Second Special Counsel; Comey, Lynch And Clinton In Crosshairs
While most of the MSM fixated last week on whether or not President Trump eats McDonald`s in bed while watching Gorilla TV, a flurry of investigative bombshells involving Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and conduct by the FBI`s top brass during the 2016 election splashed across the headlines.
1:02 [Strategic Culture] (E)
Who Will Pay the $250+ Billion Reconstruction Cost in Syria?
The United States Government says that Syria’s Government caused the U.N.-estimated "at least $250 billion" cost to restore Syria from the destruction that Syria’s war produced, and so Syria’s Government should pay those reconstruction costs.
23:07 [RT Deutsch] (D)
„Unter bestimmten Bedingungen“: US-Präsident Trump bereit für Gespräche mit Nordkoreas Kim-Jong un
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat bekannt gegeben, dass er „absolut“ bereit ist, mit dem nordkoreanischen Führer Kim Jong-un telefonisch zu sprechen, wenn das Treffen zwischen Staatsvertretern aus Nord- und Südkorea am Dienstag positive Ergebnisse bringt.
23:06 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Steve Bannon expresses regret for critical comments about Trump family
Former White House strategist Steve Bannon expressed regret for comments critical of President Trump and his family amid a heated feud with the White House. "Donald Trump, Jr. is both a patriot and a good man,” Bannon said in a statement to Axios on Sunday. “
22:35 [Washington Examiner] (E)
CIA director Mike Pompeo: Trump is `completely fit` to be president
.“Completely fit,” he said. “It’s just a ludicrous question. These are from people who just have not yet accepted the fact that President Trump is the United States’ president. I’m sorry for them."
22:22 [LifeZette] (E)
The Two Clinton Issues That Could Shake America in 2018
When former congresswoman Corrine Brown reports to a federal prison this month to begin serving a five-year sentence for her role in an $800,000 charity fraud, the question will be raised about why she is in jail — but Hillary Clinton remains free.
22:21 [LifeZette] (E)
Here’s Why There May Be No More Free Passes for the Clinton Foundation
A new Department of Justice probe of the email and charity fraud scandals won`t end well for Bill or Hillary. Until recently, the Clinton Foundation has been monitored by the IRS, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, and multiple state government authorities that are seeded with persons loyal to either the Clintons or the Obamas. Every time, the Clinton Foundation got a free pass.
22:14 [Sputnik News] (E)
US Plans to Recognize Kurdish Area in Syria 3x Size of Lebanon `Soon` - Reports
An unnamed senior Western official told the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the plans are part of a new strategy for Syria currently being drafted by the Trump administration.
21:43 [American Thinker] (E)
The Clock Ticks for the Clinton Foundation
Whether it is merely the FBI trying to restore its shattered credibility or justice finally being done, the news that the pay-to-play activities of the Clinton Foundation are going to get renewed and serious attention is welcome.
12:27 [RT] (E)
Trump says Rand Paul’s call to end all US aid to Pakistan ‘a good idea’
US President Donald Trump praised a bill that Senator Rand Paul plans to introduce, aiming to cut all US aid to Pakistan, after the US State Department conditionally withheld security funding to the country.
12:08 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Trump Cuts the Gordian Knot of Foreign Entanglements
The very fact that Trump won despite the opposition of practically every established constituency in the United States shows that there is more to him than readers of the NYT and WaPo or watchers of CNN and MSNBC (can) understand.
9:31 [Press TV] (E)
White House in talks with Congress on a `fix` to stay in Iran deal: Tillerson
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the White House is actively working with congressional leaders to find a legislative "fix" to the Iran nuclear agreement so that the United States would remain in the multi-nation accord.
3:35 [Sputnik] (E)
US Senator Explains Trump`s Approach to Pakistan
The Trump administration’s decision to suspend US military assistance to Pakistan is intended to encourage the country’s government to take action against the Haqqani terrorist network (outlawed in Russia), US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said in a press release on Friday.
1:21 [Fox News] (E)
IG report on Clinton email case, document dump could hold new year bombshells
Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe gets most the publicity these days, but another investigation involving the 2016 election is wrapping up soon and could be just as explosive....““[The IG is] doing a thorough job that folks across the political spectrum will be interested in,” Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that has sued for Clinton’s emails, told Fox News.
1:21 [The Daily Caller] (E)
White House Staffers Are No Longer Permitted To Use Personal Cellphones At Work
...The White House is forcing staffers to use only their government-issued phones that don’t allow texting, reported the New York Post. White House chief of staff John Kelly imposed the ban, although it was first considered back in November, according to Bloomberg News....Aides added that the personal cell phone ban is not related to information being leaked to the media.
1:20 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
FBI startet neue Ermittlung gegen Hillary Clinton – Medien
Die US-Bundespolizei FBI hat hinsichtlich der Ex-Präsidentschaftskandidatin der USA, Hillary Clinton, eine neue Untersuchung wegen der Tätigkeit ihrer Wohlfahrtsstiftung Clinton Foundation eingeleitet. Dies teilt die Zeitung „The Hill“ unter Verweis auf Quellen in den Rechtsschutzstrukturen mit.
18:57 [Dystopia, USA] (E)
Week 11: Storm of the Century in Washington, D.C. in 2018
Happy 2018 to you, friends! As the Christmas-New Years break is almost over, the lull in the storm should be ending too. After almost three months of congressional and DOJ investigations into and against the Deep State, I can’t imagine that there are many doubters left. I would expect this to be the year we’ll see members of the swamp fully turn on each other and for legal proceedings to begin in earnest.
18:54 [Zero Hedge] (E)
FBI Launches New Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation
The probe will focus on pay-for-play schemes and tax code violations.
18:53 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Comey`s Original Clinton Memo Revealed, Shows Deletions Of Felony Evidence
The document shows, Comey`s original statement was edited by subordinates to remove five separate references to terms like “grossly negligent” and to delete mention of evidence supporting felony and misdemeanor violations...
4:00 [Washington Examiner] (E)
GOP senator: Trump `would not sign` immigration bill without border wall funding
A Republican senator who met with President Trump said Thursday that Trump made it "very clear" he would not sign immigration legislation unless it starts the process of funding a wall on the southwestern U.S. border.
19:34 [] (D)
Trump verspricht Unterstützung für iranische Proteste "zu gegebener Zeit"
Trumps wiederholte Bekundung der Unterstützung für die Demonstranten und die Tatsache, dass die USA wiederholt solche Bewegungen in anderen Ländern unterstützt haben, um einen Regimewechsel durchzusetzen, veranlasste iranische Amtsträger, die Angelegenheit vor die UNO zu bringen und die USA der "grotesken Einmischung" gegen sie zu beschuldigen.
17:32 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The Deep State`s Plan `C` - Murder Donald Trump?
Longtime Donald Trump advisor and confidante Roger Stone is warning once again about the deep state. This time, he said that the deep state’s “plan C” is to simply murder the president, since plans A and B won’t work out.
5:02 [The Unz Review] (E)
Let`s End the Israeli Tie-That-Binds
A new Declaration of Independence for 2018
4:48 [Sputnik News] (F)
«Ça suffit!»: Trump accuse le Pakistan d`avoir trompé les États-Unis
Le Président américain a de nouveau critiqué via Twitter les autorités du Pakistan pour avoir soutenu des terroristes et a remis en cause l`aide financière que les États-Unis fournissaient au pays.
23:54 [Al Masdar News] (E)
Trump promises ‘great support from US’ to Iranian protesters
US President Donald Trump promised that Iranians protesting against President Hassan Rouhani’s government will receive the US assistance “at the appropriate time.”
2:38 [The White House] (E)
White House Drug Policy Office Releases Commission Report Reaction Documents
Today, the Office of National Drug Control Policy released the Trump Administration’s reaction to the Final Report of the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis and a summary of major actions taken by the Administration this year.
2:36 [The White House] (E)
Presidential Message on National Mentoring Month, 2018
In our youth, we must learn the behaviors and habits of successful adults - how to treat others, how to overcome failure, and how to give back to our communities, for example.
2:18 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Iran Protests…CIA Fingerprints? Ron Paul
Is it just a coincidence that the biggest protests since 2009 have hit Iran shortly after a secret agreement was revealed between Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh to destabilize Iran?
13:42 [The Washington Examiner] (E)
Trump rips Pakistan`s `lies & deceit` and threatens to stop hundreds of millions in foreign aid
Trump tweeted Monday morning the U.S. would no longer be investing as much in foreign aid to Pakistan as it has under previous presidents.
13:41 [The Washington Examiner] (E)
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts launches working group to examine sexual harassment protections
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts announced Sunday he created a working group to examine protections against sexual harassment in the judiciary. Roberts said the working group will explore whether proper procedures exist in the federal court system to protect law clerks and other employees from sexual harassment.
13:41 [The White House] (E)
President Donald J. Trump Proclaims January 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we recommit ourselves to eradicating the evil of enslavement. Human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation.
17:06 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Arrive at a New Years Eve Party at Mar-a-Lago (video)…
President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump arrive at the Mar-a-Lago New Years Eve party in Palm Beach, Florida.
17:05 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Ron DeSantis: NYT Papadopoulos ‘Russia Probe’ Claim Not What FBI and DOJ Told Congressional Investigators…
Essentially DeSantis states the claims surrounding the origin of the 2016 Russian Probe, made by the leaked intelligence sources, does not align with the sworn congressional testimony given by the FBI and DOJ to the judiciary committee.
4:50 [Medium] (E)
US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
Two weeks ago a memo was leaked from inside the Trump administration showing how Secretary of State and DC neophyte Rex Tillerson was coached on how the US empire uses human rights as a pretense on which to attack and undermine noncompliant governments.
4:35 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Looks Like FBI or McCain May Have Paid for the 16th Report of the Steele Dossier by Publius Tacitus
If you have not been paying attention, there were 16 reports in the Steele Dossier--the first is dated 20 June 2016 and the last is dated 13 December 2016. Only one problem. The Clinton campaign only paid for 15 of the 16 reports. Their contract with Fusion GPS ran until the end of October 2016
16:57 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Nunes Bombshell—Closing in on the Beast, Establishment Screams Like Stuck Pigs
The House Intelligence Committee has given the FBI and Department of Justice until January 3, 2018 to produce their files on Christopher Steele and the use of his dirty British intelligence authored dossier in the Russiagate hoax against President Trump.
5:42 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Classified Huma Abedin Emails Found On Anthony Weiner`s Laptop Discussing Hamas, Israel And Palestinian Authority initial review of the 2,800 documents dumped by the State Department reveal at least 5 emails classified at the `confidential level,` the third most sensitive level the U.S. government uses.
13:06 [Voltaire Netzwerk] (D)
Die Strategie der Nationalen Sicherheit von Donald Trump
Im Gegensatz zu der nationalen Sicherheitsstrategie seiner Vorgänger gibt Präsident Donald Trump das Management der Weltangelegenheiten auf und stellt die Weichen für den wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Wiederaufstieg der Vereinigten Staaten. Dieses vollkommen kohärente Projekt bedeutet eine radikale Wende, welches sein Kabinett nun in der ganzen Verwaltung durchsetzen muss.
13:06 [Contra Magazin] (D)
Der angekündigte Sturm tobt – Trump fegt den „Tiefen Staat“ hinweg
Von Eva Maria Griese - Offenbar bekämpft Donald Trump tatsächlich den "Tiefen Staat", der die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika im Würgegriff hält. Eine ausgeklügelte „Executive Order“ vom 20. 12. ermöglicht die Konfiszierung von Vermögen korrupter Personen und Institutionen sowie solcher, welche Menschenrechte massiv verletzen. Diese Order greift auf Gesetze aus den 50er und 70er Jahren zurück und gilt national wie international.
12:42 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Says Mueller "Will Treat Him Fairly" But The "Russia Hoax Makes The Country Look Very Bad"
"There’s been no collusion. But I think he’s going to be fair. It makes the country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position."
17:35 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
CNN Legal Analyst agrees with Pres Trump on FBI and DOJ (to the surprise of the CNN anchor)
GOP Congressman Francis Rooney, says it’s time to ‘purge’ FBI of anti-Trump elements DOJ. FBI. “OFF THE RAILS” NEEDS PURGE!” And begrudgingly CNN reports the real news.. but calls panel in for spin..
15:25 [Press TV] (E)
US building alliances to confront totality of Iranian threats: Tillerson
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the United States is building alliances with certain countries in the Middle East in order to confront a wide range of threats Iran is presenting.
20:24 [Zero Hedge] (E)
New Trump Executive Order Targets Clinton-Linked Individuals, Lobbyists And Perhaps Uranium One
The order goes after "serious human rights abuse" and corruption - including misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, and corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources...
20:23 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch: State Department Made Deal with Hillary Clinton to Keep Call Log, Schedules Secret
“We already know the Obama State Department let Hillary Clinton steal and then delete her government emails, which included classified information. But these new records show that was only part of the scandal. These new documents show the Obama State Department had a deal with Hillary Clinton to hide her calls logs and schedules, which would be contrary to FOIA and other laws,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “When are the American people going to get an honest investigation of the Clinton crimes?”
20:17 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Slams "Crooked Hillary Pile Of Garbage"-Funded "Bogus" Dossier
Having taken a shot at The FBI on Christmas Eve Eve....How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin’ James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife’s campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation? President Trump took to Twitter early on this Boxing Day with a very direct shot across the bow of all his DC-swamp adversaries...
20:13 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Trump wishes the entire world a merry Christmas
"Melania and I are delighted to wish America and the entire world a very merry Christmas," Trump says to start the video.
1:06 [The Unz Review] (E)
A Good Year for Israel and Its Friends
... The Trump Administration’s slowness in filling senior positions has meant that there are many vacancies, which has opened the door to eager neoconservative-leaning nominal Republicans to re-enter government. ... While Elliot Abrams, Eliot Cohen, the Kagans and other prominent neocons have been blocked, second-tier activists carrying less political baggage have quietly been brought in.
20:24 [Press TV] (E)
Trump told billionaire friends new tax law makes them richer: Report
US President Donald Trump told a group of his billionaire friends shortly after signing the historic US tax bill into law that they all became wealthier, a new report has revealed.
20:14 [Russie politics] (F)
Résolution sur Jérusalem: les Etats-Unis exigent le paiement de leur "aide"
A l`occasion de la résolution sur le statut de Jérusalem, les Etats-Unis menacent de ne plus aider ceux qui ne soutiennent pas leur position à l`ONU.
18:15 [Zero Hedge] (E)
FBI Fires Suspected Leaker And Comey Ally James Baker
Just hours after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe delivered private testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, his boss, FBI Director Christopher Wray, announced that the bureau’s top lawyer would be leaving his post, an attempt to bring in “new blood” to an agency whose reputation has been hopelessly compromised by revelations that agents’ partisan bias may have influenced two high-profile investigations involving President Donald Trump and his former campaign rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
2:10 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Kushner`s Records At Deutsche Bank Subpoenaed As Mueller Avoids Trump
As it turns out, President Donald Trump’s legal team was telling the truth when it told reporters that Special Counsel Robert Mueller hadn’t subpoenaed financial records related to the president’s business activities from German lender Deutsche Bank...
1:59 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump offenbart seine Weihnachtspläne
US-Präsident Donald Trump will in den Weihnachtsfeiertagen „sehr gewissenhaft arbeiten“ und die Situation in Nordkorea sowie die Tätigkeit der Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat (IS/Daesh) aufmerksam verfolgen.
16:35 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Mueller Investigation Criminality in the Open: Time to End the Reign of Geopolitics
Join Helga Zepp-LaRouche Thursday for her weekly international webcast. In the recent weeks, a series of exposes, led by the circulation of LaRouchePAC’s dossier on Robert Mueller, the “Immoral Legal Assassin”, has emboldened those fighting against the coup in the United States, which was designed to overturn Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.
22:38 [Zero Hedge] (E)
In Unexpected Move, Trump Enacts Obama-era Law Opening US Arms Sales To Ukraine
After years of covert American involvement in the Ukrainian proxy and civil war which has raged since 2014 - and which a leaked recording confirmed was precipitated by the US State Department - President Trump has decided to come off the fence regarding his prior reluctance to formally approve arms sales to the Kiev government.
4:26 [Press TV] (E)
Top officials in US government undermining Trump, his son suggests
"My father talked about a rigged system throughout the campaign, and people were like, `Oh, what are you talking about?`" Trump Jr. said. "But it is. And you`re seeing it."
1:30 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
And so it begins; Chaos alert: Dem leader calls for deploying UN troops on the streets of America
Apparently oblivious to the fact that Democrat policies have driven the city of Chicago into a state of near-collapse, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is now calling for United Nations “peacekeeping” troops to be stationed on the streets of America.
18:11 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
The Mueller/London Subversion Is in Trouble — A Time of Breaking Developments
Yesterday in Washington, D.C. a team of volunteers delivered hard copy of the LaRouchePAC Special Investigative Report, "Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him," to all 100 Senate offices on Capitol Hill, and relevant committees.
18:02 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Der Kreuzzug zur Absetzung Trumps verpufft
Seit Donald Trumps Amtseinführung versuchen Vertreter verschiedenster Kreise, den US Präsidenten wieder aus dem Amt zu jagen. Es gibt kaum eine Verfehlung, keine Bemerkung und keine Amtshandlung, die nicht von irgendwem als Grund für eine möglichst baldige Entfernung Trumps herangezogen würde.
10:48 [Press TV] (E)
Saudi blockade of Yemen violates US law: Trump nominee
In written statements to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before her confirmation Tuesday, Jennifer Newstead signaled a stricter interpretation of statutes that ban US foreign assistance to countries blocking or hindering the flow of humanitarian aid, the Foreign Policy magazine reported.
21:40 [EIR] (E)
Turley: Mueller Seizure of Trump Emails an Illegal ‘Coup Stick’
Constitutional legal expert Jonathan Turley of George Washington University presented Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s abuse of the law in his attempt to prosecute President Trump as following in the footsteps of the FBI’s notorious J. Edgar Hoover, in The Hill today.
20:43 [Fox News] (E)
Rep. Jim Jordan: I`m convinced FBI was trying to stop Trump from being elected
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told the Todd Starnes Show he is convinced the FBI was actively trying to stop Donald Trump from being elected president of the United States.
20:43 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The RussiaGate Witch-Hunt: Stockman Names Names In The Deep State`s "Insurance Policy"
Likewise, the perpetrators didn`t speak Russian or write in the Cyrillic script. In fact, they were lifetime beltway insiders occupying the highest positions of power in the US government. There was a sinister plot to meddle in the 2016 election, after all. But it was not orchestrated from the Kremlin; it was an entirely homegrown affair conducted from the inner sanctums---the White House, DOJ, the Hoover Building and Langley---of the Imperial City.
18:25 [The Future of Freedom Foundation] (E)
Russia: Our New (and Old) Official Enemy
Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration confirms the overarching power of the national-security establishment section of the federal government and what happens when a president bucks that power.
2:47 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Trump: Amtrak crash shows need for infrastructure plan
President Trump said Monday that a fatal Amtrak train accident in Washington state was an example of why Congress needs to pass his upcoming infrastructure plan.
2:39 [RT] (E)
Trump unveils new security strategy based on `principled realism`
President Donald Trump has released a new national security strategy for the US. The strategy outlines plans to preserve US military and economic dominance as key factors of global peace and prosperity.
23:38 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Treason at the FBI and in Mueller`s `Get Trump` Team Stand Exposed
The treasonous actions by the leading figures in the FBI, CIA, and National Democratic Institute (NDI) under Obama are now undeniable. And, the exposure of their concerted effort to carry out a coup d`état against the elected government of the United States is now irrefutable.
18:09 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Harper: Why Isn`t James Clapper Behind Bars?
One of the biggest failures of the United States Congress, IMHO, has been the refusal to hold Executive Branch officials accountable when they lie to Congress on vital matters of national security. And no case angers me more than that of James Clapper ...
15:24 [Luftpost] (D)
Residiert in Washington die korrupteste Regierung der Geschichte? - Der Mann, der zweimal starb
Der US-Publizist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts fragt nach, warum wegen der angeblichen Beeinflussung der US-Präsidentenwahl durch russische Hacker offizielle Untersuchungen in Gang gesetzt, wirkliche Skandale aber einfach unter den Teppich gekehrt wurden.
15:24 [The Daily Caller] (D)
Trump Says He Is Not Thinking About Firing Mueller
President Donald Trump told reporters Sunday that he is not considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “No, I’m not,” Trump told reporters after returning to the White House from Camp David. The president made the comments after he criticized how the special counsel investigation obtained emails from his presidential transition.
13:59 [RT] (E)
Trump’s new security strategy to keep Russia & China as main competitors
Trump’s new national security strategy will preserve the Obama-era declaration of Russia and China as the two main challengers to US global power, excerpts from the document released by the White House show.
0:48 [Réseau International] (F)
Pat Buchanan et les néocons
On a beaucoup parlé du bouffon géorgien qui semble un personnage de bande dessinée, simulacre de condottieri que l’oxydant médiatique fabrique à dessin. Pat Buchanan fait le rappel suivant : Même les interventionnistes regrettent certaines des guerres dans lesquelles ils ont contribué à plonger les États-Unis au cours de ce siècle.
20:29 [FOX NEWS] (E)
Gregg Jarrett: Mueller`s allegedly lawless acts have corrupted his probe and demand his removal
There is devastating new evidence to suggest that Mueller and his staff of lawyers improperly, if not illegally, obtained tens of thousands of private documents belonging to President-elect Trump`s Presidential Transition Team (PTT). The material includes emails, laptops and cell phones used by 13 PTT members. Mueller`s staff apparently admits this egregious violation, which the law strictly forbids. The Records Are Private.
20:24 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Obama`s Ethics Czar: `Take The Streets` If Trump Fires Mueller
“I’m concerned the assault on the rule of law is coming over the holidays when we’re distracted. It‘ll be a defining moment for the Republic,” Walter Shaub wrote on Twitter on Friday.
20:22 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Trump Is Fighting The FBI Old-Guard — But Watch How The FBI Academy Reacts When He Takes The Stage [VIDEO]
President Trump is often fighting with the old-guard of the FBI. The president fired FBI director James Comey and has been deeply critical of Robert Mueller’s special investigation into campaign collusion with Russia. Recently, texts were released from former Muller investigator Peter Strzok indicating a deep criticism of Trump during the campaign.
20:20 [The Daily Caller] (E)
GOP Rep Says He Would ‘Probably Be In Jail’ If Clinton Had Won
GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert said Monday that if Hillary Clinton had been elected, religious freedom would have disappeared and he would have been imprisoned for being a Christian.
20:12 [EIR] (E)
United States: “Russiagate” Is Rapidly Becoming “Muellergate”?
While the anti-Trump media was cheering the guilty plea of former National Security adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn, hailing this as a step closer to removing President Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller and his team were hit with revelations which have severely damaged their credibility.
20:11 [Frandroid] (F)
Neutralité du Net : le procureur général de New York lance un procès contre la FCC
La sauvegarde de la neutralité du Net est l’un des sujets les plus importants de ces dernières années. Et pour cause : tout le monde devrait avoir un accès libre et sans limites au réseau, qu’importe l’opérateur, fournisseur d’accès ou abonnement.
19:28 [Fort Russ] (E)
Why not? Russian deputy suggests destabilising USA using Indians and African Americans
"We see how the US, under the beautiful words about democracy, unleashes civil wars and destroys entire states. Maybe it`s time for us to take part in the struggle of the African Americans and the Indians in America for their rights and democracy. Find real wild ones. I am assured many Russian women would give up their jewelry for such a noble cause (to pay for it.) Maybe then America will finally concentrate on itself," Goryacheva said.
22:24 [Donipress] (F)
Guerre du Donbass - Le Canada verse de l’huile sur le feu et s’apprête à se rendre complice des crimes de guerre de Kiev
Malgré les mises en garde répétées de la Russie à l’encontre de toute livraison officielle d’armes létales à l’Ukraine par des pays occidentaux, le Canada vient d’endosser volontairement le rôle du pyromane.
20:32 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The U.S. Is Not A Democracy, It Never Was
"Rather than blindly believing in a golden age of democracy in order to remain at all costs within the gilded cage of an ideology produced specifically for us by the well-paid spin-doctors of a plutocratic oligarchy, we should unlock the gates of history and meticulously scrutinize the founding and evolution of the American imperial republic."
20:20 [American Thinker] (E)
What if Jeff Sessions is not asleep, but instead playing possum?
Conventional wisdom is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asleep at the wheel – from recusing himself unnecessarily from the Trump-Russia collusion investigation to doing nothing about the politicization and weaponization of the Department of Justice.
19:46 [American Thinker] (E)
Dems rail against release of Strzok-Page text messages
Democrats seem to be reading George Orwell`s 1984 as an instruction manual, taking to heart the injunction "ignorance is bliss." They are very, very unhappy that the privacy of adulterous lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page has been violated with the release of about three and half percent of their ten thousand text messages sent on government-owned smartphones, therefore the property of the American people.
19:38 [American Thinker] (E)
Another Trump victory?
President Obama adopted a policy of "strategic patience" to slow North Korea`s rush to become a nuclear state. The policy failed, but Obama`s media enablers downplayed the looming threat and shielded him from criticism in the process. Unsurprisingly, North Korea`s ambitions became a big story after President Trump inherited the crisis.
19:17 [Gulag Bound] (E)
Why the Anti-Trump “Resistance” is so Relentless
I revisited election night videos on youtube of Leftists’ tearful meltdowns in response to Trump defeating Hillary.
17:53 [Jasminrevolution] (D)
Facebook manipuliert dich immer effektiver
Skandalgeschrei: Putin hat Facebook-Anzeigen pro Trump geschaltet! Aber hat Facebook auch selbst versucht die US-Wahlen zu manipulieren? Klar, warum sollte ausgerechnet Zuckerbergs Daten-Moloch dies nicht getan haben? Alle Big Biz-Firmen der USA haben zig Milliarden in den Wahlkampf investiert.
17:50 [US Defense Watch] (E)
The FBI Plot Against Trump
Two Trump-hating FBI gumshoes investigating Hillary Clinton’s email treachery and alleged Russian interference in last year’s election traded crude, caustic barbs about President Trump while they plotted to undermine him, congressional overseers heard yesterday.
5:14 [Antiwar] (E)
From ‘Russia-Gate’ to ‘Israel-Gate’
This is more grist for Mueller’s mill: aside from that, Kushner has financial and political links to Israel, and these are now likely coming under the special counsel’s scrutiny. One can now see what direction this investigation may be taking us: Instead of revealing collusion between the Trump team and the Russians, the Flynn indictment exposed Kushner’s collusion with Israel.
5:09 [The Gateway Pundit] (E)
REPORTER: ‘Mark My Words, The House is Going To Be Rocked in The Coming 72 Hours’
Capitol Hill is on pins and needles amid a deluge of sexual harassment allegations. According to the Daily Caller‘s Luke Rosiak, one of the leading journalists investigating the Awan brothers’ scandal, things are about to take yet another dark turn.
5:08 [Twitter/Eric Holder‏] (E)
Eric Holder former attorney General under Obama now trying to intimidate the lawmakers
Most of the commentators are not impressed at all...
5:06 [moveon] (E)
Nobody is above the Law—Mueller Firing Rapid Response
Just to show you how tensions are rising over there. The Clinton - stooges on the brink of a civilwar in favor to give shelter to crooked Hillary
4:34 [EIR] (E)
NSC’s McMaster Rants Against Russia, China at British Think-Tank
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster delivered what can only be described as a British rant, as a speaker yesterday at the launching of a special Anglo-American project by the British think-tank Policy Exchange, in Washington. Described as a center-right think-tank which is influential in shaping British policy,
22:19 [zerohedge] (E)
Judicial Watch President: "Forget Mueller," The Real Question Is "Do We Need To Shut Down The FBI?"
... I think the FBI`s been compromised. Forget about shutting down Mr. we need to shut down the FBI because it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration?"
15:48 [Voltaire Netzwerk] (D)
Die Hölle für Weinstein, Obama und die Clintons
Präsident Donald Trump hatte versprochen, den Augiasstall zu reinigen. Das ist ja auch, was in Hollywood mit der Weinstein-Affäre begonnen hat. Auf seine eigene Initiative, oder einfach nur mit seiner Unterstützung, fallen nun die führenden Magnate von Hollywood und reißen die Puritaner der Demokratischen Partei in ihrem Sturz mit. In den politischen Kontext der Vereinigten Staaten gerückt, wird dieser Affäre eine ähnliche Operation folgen, die gegen das Silicon Valley geführt werden wird und die zu dem Calexit führen wird.
4:13 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Fake News, Sedition and Public Apathy by Publius Tacitus
Where is the outrage? The evidence is quite clear. It is no longer a matter of informed speculation that during the final year of Barack Obama`s Presidency, key leaders of the intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies conspired and collaborated to destroy Donald Trump.
3:47 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
A Plan To Defeat A Coup, And Join A New Paradigm Of Economic Progress
The LaRouche Political Action Committee is issuing two mass-circulation documents during December, to defeat the coup against President Trump, and to realize — and go beyond — the economic policies Americans thought he stood for during last year`s campaign.
14:38 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Would some please explain why showing a current and valid I. D. is not necessary to vote?
Voting is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS a United States citizen does. Why shouldn’t a proper form of identification be required?
14:34 [The American Conservative] (E)
Iraq, Syria, Iran… Are We To Destroy Iran Next?
Neoconservatives won`t stop until their plans to remake the Middle East are realized. Years ago there was a plan, A Clean Break: Project for the New American Century (PNAC), to wreck the Oslo peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians and to re-mold the Middle East. It first involved destroying Iraq, or in the discredited words of Paul Wolfowitz, “The road to peace in the Middle East goes through Baghdad.” Destroying Syria was to be next.
16:26 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
US Reform Jews endorse land theft in Israel and occupied territories
The largest Jewish denomination in the US, Reform Jewry, showcased a leader of the dispossession of Palestinian lands at its biennial last week: the head of the Jewish National Fund. So the Union for Reform Jewry has embraced the violence inherent in Zionism, the group that covers up the Nakba with forests. Shouldn`t Jews debate this?
16:23 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Mueller`s War on Lyndon LaRouche Can Finally Be Defeated
The Robert Mueller "legal assassin" operation to remove President Trump from office is crumbling. Mueller and his sponsors — especially the Obama-Hillary apparatus within the Democratic Party and their cheerleaders in the nation`s press corps — are panicked.
15:59 [Govtslaves] (E)
Trump Continues Obama’s Wars Against Democracy
U.S. President Trump’s bold support for the apartheid dictatorship of Israel against that theocratic-racist nation’s non-Jews, fits into a larger picture of the supremacist nation that America itself has increasingly become.
14:28 [Coop Antikriegscafe] (D)
VIDEO: Kindersexnetzwerk-Justizskandal im Fall Epstein
– Zu den potentiellen Kunden zählte auch Ex-Präsident Bill Clinton
5:17 [Press TV] (E)
Democrat Jones wins Alabama vote after sex assault claims against Moore
Republican Roy Moore, an accused child molester running for the US Senate from the deeply conservative state of Alabama, has lost to his Democratic contender Doug Jones.
3:30 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Democrats abandon the resist Trump movement when it comes to Jerusalem
Democrats usually jump at opportunities to counter Trump’s reckless and incendiary policies. That is, when the policies don’t have to do with the state of Israel.
1:16 [Sputnik] (E)
US `Living Off 1950s Infrastructure,` Must Spend $2 Trillion to Modernize
During last year`s presidential elections Donald Trump made much political capital out of the terrible state of US infrastructure - but he has done little to address it.
1:11 [Strategic Culture] (E)
Flynn Case Highlights Deep Political Corruption of US Security Services
The Logan Act aside, the real purpose of the investigation is to “get” Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. If it were otherwise, Mueller would be looking hard at the Israeli connection since it is clear from the time line that Israel had approached Kushner who then asked Flynn to make the phone call.
1:00 [The American Conservative] (E)
Trump’s Foreign Policy Failings
... By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Trump gave away something that the U.S. had refused to provide for decades, and in return he got absolutely nothing. ...
0:58 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Trump: Democrats using `false accusations` of sexual harassment to remove me from office
President Trump claimed Tuesday that the dozen women who have alleged the billionaire businessman sexually harassed and assaulted them are part of a ploy by the Democratic Party to remove him from office.
13:24 [RT] (E)
Trump says ‘chain migration’ led to NYC terrorist attack, wants family visas abolished
In the wake of the botched NYC terrorist attack, President Donald Trump has called for an end to so-called “chain migration.” Trump told Congress to act in order to thwart future incidents like the one carried out in a midtown Manhattan tunnel.
13:20 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
USA zu Machterhalt von Assad in Syrien bereit – Medien
Das Weiße Haus ist bereit, die Aufrechterhaltung der Macht des syrischen Präsidenten Baschar Assad zumindest in den nächsten vier Jahren zu akzeptieren. Dies berichtet das US-Magazin „The New Yorker“ unter Berufung auf amerikanische und europäische Politiker.
13:15 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump: US-Angriffe auf Regierung und Armee Syriens „legitim“
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat in einem am Montag an den Kongress geschickten Brief die jüngsten Schläge des US-Militärs gegen die syrische Armee als „legitime Maßnahmen“ bezeichnet.
17:07 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Paul Manafort - Imagepflege mit russischer Geheimdienstnähe vorgeworfen
Der einstige Wahlkampfleiter Donald Trumps versucht sich nach Anschuldigungen gegen ihn an Imagepflege.
1:33 [Blacklisted News] (E)
Oops: CIA ‘mistakenly’ destroys copy of 6,700-page US torture report
The CIA inspector general’s office has said it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a comprehensive Senate torture report, despite lawyers for the Justice Department assuring a federal judge that copies of the documents were being preserved.
1:28 [Forbes] (E)
Has Our Government Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Money Without Telling Us?
On July 26, 2016, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a report “Army General Fund Adjustments Not Adequately Documented or Supported”.
Zum Thema:
[Mises Institute] The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking
1:27 [The Libertarian Institute] (E)
Obama Must Have Read My Post!
He Says We Can’t Let Trump Be Hitler Because 60 Mil Will Die
1:27 [The Libertarian Institute] (E)
TGIF: The FBI Is Not Your Friend
One of the unfortunate ironies of the manufactured “Russiagate” controversy is the perception of the FBI as a friend of liberty and justice. But the FBI has never been a friend of liberty and justice. Rather, as James Bovard writes, it “has a long record of both deceit and incompetence."
1:25 [World Economy] (D)
Die Mutter aller üblen Nachreden...
.. wen meinte Obama, als er in Chickago vor einem neuen Hitler in USA warnte?
16:02 [The American Conservative] (E)
Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move
Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. now recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will eventually move its embassy there, might well be the most predictable decision of an otherwise unpredictable presidency.
11:46 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Überraschung zu Jubiläum von INF-Vertrag? Trump bewilligt neue Russland-Sanktionen - Medien
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat wegen angeblicher Verstöße gegen den INF-Abrüstungsvertrag neue Sanktionen gegen Russland bewilligt, wie die Zeitung „Politico“ unter Berufung auf einen hochrangigen Vertreter der amerikanischen Administration berichtet.
11:43 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Obama Appointed Judge Mysteriously Recuses Himself From Michael Flynn Case
The case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has taken a strange turn, as U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras abruptly recused himself Thursday night with no explanation.
11:35 [Sputnik] (E)
Trump`s Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell Resigns
US Defense Secretary James Mattis in a statement said the White House national security team was losing an invaluable member with the departure of Deputy National Security Adviser.
5:48 [citizenfreepress] (E)
Lawmakers attack Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok and much more…
Standing outside the Capitol, holding an impromptu press conference for truth.
0:23 [Fox News] (E)
Why Trump`s promise to move US Embassy to Jerusalem is so controversial
...Millions of evangelical eyes were on Trump, waiting to see if he would keep his campaign promise to move the embassy, longtime Pastor John Hagee told Fox News ahead of the president`s official announcement... Morton Klein, president of the nonprofit Zionist Organization of America, also hoped Trump would move the embassy soon and dismissed the idea that its relocation could negatively influence peace talks...
0:13 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Trump’s thug-power, or does anybody still like Woody Allen?
Susie Day writes, "Before this sex-scandal wave ends – and it will – we need to realize that, though media can take down a few powerful men, they`re not the keyhole through which we can peep the real power in Trump`s America. The thugs now annihilating Palestine, net neutrality, immigrants` rights, healthcare, environmental protections, safeguards to nuclear war, and what`s left of the New Deal, are impervious to media news, "fake" or not. The thing is, beneath the hopeful social-change discourse we create in the media and on Facebook and Twitter, we are losing everything."
0:02 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Trump’s Jerusalem speech will foster the liberal Jewish awakening
By recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Donald Trump gave a license to Israel to ethnically cleanse more areas of the city and finish off the peace process. Liberal Zionists of conscience understand the seriousness of this moment. It is time for liberal American Jews to come out for equal rights, and to reject the rightwing nationalism that Zionism has produced.
21:04 [Press TV] (E)
100 Jewish studies scholars sign petition condemning Trump`s declaration
In a petition released on Thursday, at least 110 signatories from universities and colleges across the United States called on Trump to cancel the controversial decision.
17:56 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue
The Justice Department has launched a federal investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices and the sale of fetal tissue.
17:55 [Information Clearing House] (E)
Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel
Why Isn’t That News?
17:27 [Washington Examiner] (E)
Paul Manafort`s legal team bites back at Robert Mueller over Ukraine op-ed
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s legal team said the op-ed Manafort worked on with a Russian associate did not run afoul of his gag order, while reacting to special counsel Robert Mueller`s request to keep Manafort under house arrest.
17:25 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Handelsstreit mit den USA: Kanada wirft Kampfflugzeug-Deal mit Boeing über Bord
Die kanadische Regierung hat ihre Pläne für einen Kauf von 18 Kampfjets des Typs Boeing Super Hornet aufgegeben. Grund ist der sich immer weiter verschärfende Handelsstreit mit dem US-amerikanischen Luft- und Raumfahrtkonzern, berichtet Reuters.
17:23 [Zero Hege] (E)
FBI Deputy Director McCabe Told Agents To Lie About Benghazi Investigation, Says GOP Lawmaker
"The agent found the instruction concerning because his unit had gathered incontrovertible evidence showing a major al Qaeda figure had directed the attack and the information had already been briefed to President Obama."
4:30 [Consortium News] (E)
Franken’s Opportunism on the Iraq War
Sen. (and former comedian) Al Franken was a rising Democratic Party star before sexual harassment allegations brought him down to earth, but was he really ever a progressive hero, asks William Blum at Anti-Empire Report.
14:40 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
„Ausländische Agenten“: USA drohen weiterem Sputnik-Broadcaster
In den USA droht einem weiteren Sputnik-Broadcaster die Einstufung als sogenannter „ausländischer Agent“. Das Unternehmen Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (MRBI), das Sputnik-Hörfunkprogramme auf Mittelwellen (AM) in den Vereinigten Staaten ausstrahlt, hat vom US-Justizministerium eine entsprechende Benachrichtigung erhalten.
23:21 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Watergate Deja Vu and Fake News by Publius Tacitus
If you have HBO I encourage you to carve out some time to watch their latest documentary on the life and times of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee. The most important take away from the film is how different the so-called Russian collusion scandal is from Watergate, which brought down Richard Nixon.
22:55 [Press TV] (E)
US State Department issues travel warning for Israel
The US State Department has asked American diplomats and citizens to defer travel to Israel, Jerusalem al-Quds and the West Bank until December 20, over fears of protests surrounding US President Donald Trump’s decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel.
19:02 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Jim Comey — “The Dirtiest Cop In America”
Synopsis: Tucker Carlson lashed the reputation of the FBI and Joe DiGenova, former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, said that it started with James Comey, who DiGenova blasted as “the dirtiest cop in America”.
18:52 [Daily Mail] (E)
`He`s declaring war on 1.5billion Muslims`
Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel`s capital TODAY despite international fury from the Pope, the UK, Russia, China and Palestinians
12:20 [RT Deutsch] (D)
Clinton-Emails: US-Kongress droht FBI und Justizministerium rechtliche Schritte an
Der Geheimdienstausschuss des US-Kongresses hat von FBI und Justizministerium Informationen bezüglich Hillary Clintons privatem Email-Server und der Entlassung eines angeblich voreingenommen FBI-Agenten gefordert.
12:19 [The New American] (E)
Dershowitz: Obstruction of Justice Charge Against Trump Would Create Constitutional Crisis
“Senator Feinstein simply doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she says it’s obstruction of justice to do what a president is completely authorized to do under the Constitution,” Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz declared, in a sharp rebuke of the California Democrat during his Monday interview on Fox and Friends.
12:19 [The American Conservative] (E)
Is Michael Flynn’s Defection a Death Blow?
The media is jubilant over his FBI cooperation. They shouldn’t pop the champagne yet.
4:35 [Consortium News] (E)
Apparent Election Theft in Honduras
In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton excused a coup in Honduras to stop a possible second term by a progressive president, but the U.S. now sits by as a right-wing president steals a second term, says Rick Sterling.
0:37 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Reportedly Tells Abbas He Intends To Move Embassy To Jerusalem
On the call with Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other regional leaders, Abbas warned Trump that moving the embassy could have "dangerous consequences."
0:34 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
All the Trees in the British Forest Could Fall
Although the fake-news press and the anti-Russian political forces in both parties continue the daily diatribe against President Trump, the witchhunt led by "legal assassin" Robert Mueller to oust the President and bring down the US government, is facing exposure and an escalating counterattack by patriotic forces.
23:50 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Netanyahu ditches US Jews for alliance with Christian evangelicals and the alt-right
For decades most American Jews have claimed an “Israel exemption”: resolutely progressive on domestic issues, they are hawks on their cherished cause. Racism they would vigorously oppose if applied in the United States is welcomed in Israel.
12:48 [citizenfreepress] (E)
Gregg Jarrett WRECKS Mueller, Comey And Peter Strzok: ‘The Entire Cabal Is Corrupt’
Excellent discussion from Fox News Sunday morning…
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