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[European Deep State]
Senator Rand Paul is a vital critic of the deep state’s militarism and blocked Montenegro’s NATO membership. He said it would be “unwise to expand the monetary and military obligations of the United States given the burden of our $20 trillion debt” and left the floor. For Senator John McCain his decision demonstrates that „he is now working for Vladimir Putin“ helping him to achieve his objectives and „trying to dismember this small country which is already subject of an attempted coup“.
An international media frenzy of fake news was set off on the occasion of the March 20 hearing by the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, on the topic, "Russian Active Measures Investigation," proclaiming--as Germany`s Bildzeitung headlined yesterday--that "Trumpgate" is well underway
[Radio Utopie]
Washington: Die Spionage-Affäre um F.B.I., N.S.A. und C.I.A. einerseits, sowie den neu ins Amt gelangten Präsidenten Donald Trump andererseits, gewinnt an Fahrt und beleuchtet Praxis und Schleichwege der „versehentlich“ absichtlichen Massenüberwachung, in deren Raster nun offenbar auch der „mächtigste Mann der Welt“ gefallen ist.
[Patrick J. Buchanan]
The big losers of the Russian hacking scandal may yet be those who invested all their capital in a script that turned out to based on a fairy tale.
[Consortium News]
The mainstream U.S. media has virtually banned any commentary that doesn’t treat Russian President Putin as the devil, but a surprising breach in the groupthink has occurred in Foreign Affairs magazine, reports Gilbert Doctorow.
[New Eastern Outlook]
The catastrophic events around the California Oroville Dam in recent weeks underscores a far more urgent problem. The American Society of Civil Engineers has just released their quadrennial assessment of United States essential infrastructure–roads, clean water supplies, levees, ports, dams, bridges, electric grid. The report gives the nation a near-failing D+ grade. America is coming to resemble the economic infrastructure in the Soviet Union domestically at the collapse of communism during the late 1980’s.
[Press TV]
“I recognize there are many pressing challenges in the Middle East, but defeating ISIL is the United States’ number one goal in the region," Tillerson said. "As a coalition we are not in the business of nation building or reconstruction.”
[Press TV]
The White House has announced US President Donald Trump’s travel plans to Europe for a NATO summit in May, a day after it was revealed that his secretary of state will skip the April 5-6 NATO meeting in Brussels.
[Press TV]
US spy agencies possibly monitored then-President-elect Donald Trump and members of his transition team after the 2016 presidential election but found intelligence with little value and irrelevant to the New York billionaire’s ties with Russia, says a key Republican from California.
„Wir arbeiten an der Einrichtung innerer Zonen von Stabilität und Waffenruhe, damit Flüchtlinge heimkehren können“, sagte Tillerson zum Auftakt eines Treffens der aus 68 Mitgliedsländern bestehenden Anti-IS-Koalition.
There was no shortage of cuts proposed in Trump’s budget for 2018, which was released earlier this week. However, as Visual Capitalist`s Jeff Desjardins notes, one of the few departments that did not receive a haircut was the Department of Defense. If the proposed budget ultimately passes in Congress, the DoD would be allocated an extra $54 billion in federal funding
[The Daily Caller]
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman hired a prosecutor who served under a terminated Obama-era U.S. attorney to focus on corruption cases involving the Trump administration, according to a report published Monday.
[Mondo Weiss]
Young Jews from IfNotNow say the Jewish community has been waiting for them to come and defeat AIPAC. But not all progressives are on their side: Neera Tanden and three other experts from the Democratic Party linked thinktank CAP are speaking at AIPAC this year, in the 50th year of occupation. That`s the fault line in the Democratic Party.
[Consortium News]
Saudi Arabia is testing President Trump’s “America First” promise by demanding U.S. alignment with Saudi interests in the Mideast, a betrayal that Trump should reject, says 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser in a letter to the President.
[Press TV]
US President Donald Trump has questioned the Iran nuclear deal amid a visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
The White House on Monday defended Trump`s claim that his predecessor Barack Obama had ordered wiretapping Trump Tower and played down FBI`s probe into Russian election meddling.
[Consortium News]
The neocon royalty Kagans are counting on Democrats and liberals to be the foot soldiers in the new neocon campaign to push Republicans and President Trump into more “regime change” wars, reports Robert Parry.
Under the 2016 Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), vetoed by President Barack Obama but upheld by the necessary two-thirds vote in the Senate, families who lost loved ones during the 9/11 attacks have re-launched a lawsuit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
President Trump is driving the British Empire and its satrapies in the US and around the world into a state of utter panic. He is rejecting the "special relationship" between the U.S. and the British, openly identifying the crimes of the British and American intelligence agencies
President Trump`s refusal to back down from his accusation that the Obama Administration is behind the surveillance and the illegal leaks of classified wire taps, as well as his refusal to deny the truth of Judge Napolitano`s revelations about GCHQ`s complicity (or, more likely, direct control) over the color revolution against the U.S. government, is driving the British Empire into panicked self-exposure.
[Paul Craig Roberts]
Few any longer believe the “mainstream media,” that is, the presstitutes. This has put them into a panic as the presstitutes lose their value to the ruling elite if the presstitutes cannot control the explanations in order to justify the self-serving agendas of the ruling elite.
[Al Monitor]
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson defended the White House’s proposal to slash the State Department budget by almost 30%, a move that could have serious repercussions on Middle East diplomacy.
[co-op news]
Eine Medienplattform in den USA hat von einer glaubhaften Mittelsperson NSA-Dokumente aus den Jahren bis 2010 zwecks sofortigen Veröffentlichung zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen.
We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals…. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it. — President Donald Trump Donald Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan is not an infrastructure plan and it won’t put $1 trillion of fiscal stimulus into the economy.
[Neue Rheinische Zeitung]
Zum Kampf gegen US-Präsident Trump und die drohenden Folgen. Der US-Journalist und entschiedene Gegner Trumps, Norman Solomon, warnte, "die ständige Hetze und Denunzierung von Trump als Lakai des Kremls verstärkt den Druck auf ihn, das Gegenteil zu beweisen. Entlastendes Verhalten würde bedeuten, nicht weiter Möglichkeiten für eine Détente zu suchen, sondern Konfrontation mit Russland – rhetorisch und militärisch.
[Moon of Alabama]
A while ago Matt Tabbi in Rolling Stone warned: Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media: If we engage in Times-style gilding of every lily the leakers throw our way, and in doing so build up a fever of expectations for a bombshell reveal, but there turns out to be no conspiracy – Trump will be pre-inoculated against all criticism for the foreseeable future.
[Sic Semper Tyrannis]
I am not a big fan of NATO, and have not been since the fall of the Soviet Union. I certainly have been opposed to the eastward expansion of NATO to Russia`s doorstep. This expansion seems to me to be driven by a mindless jingoism that seeks an enemy. Angela Merkel does not seem to share my opinion. She stated clearly in her prepared remarks that NATO is very important to Germany, but at the same time she told us all that Germany, a rich country, will not be able to reach a 2% of GDP level of expenditure on its own defense until 2025. Say what?
[Press TV]
The US Justice Department says it is developing plans to temporarily transfer immigration judges from around the country to detention centers in 12 cities to expedite deportations of undocumented immigrants who have been charged with crimes.
In a new study published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, they admit the so-called American Dream is now largely an impossible goal for a majority of the country.
[Press TV]
The $1.5 trillion budget proposal, which covers only a portion of the $3.8 trillion federal budget, is due to be submitted to Congress on Thursday for approval.
[Washington`s Blog]
Ideology shapes priorities, and largely determines what will be increased, and what will be decreased, in a government’s annual budget. U.S. President Donald Trump’s first proposed federal budget, released on March 15th, makes his ideology crystal clear.
The principal problem for Democrats is that so many media figures and online charlatans are personally benefiting from feeding the base increasingly unhinged, fact-free conspiracies
Along with the student loan debt bubble and other major financial factors, the looming pensions crisis is bound to be the death of us all.
[Kampf dem System]
Rückblick aus aktuellem Anlass damals ging es um Obama oder Romney - heute haben wir Trump"f" vote, vote, Obama for president, your vote - ich kann es nicht mehr...
Former U.S. military intelligence professional Scott Ritter, best known for his vociferous campaign against the WMD lies which justified the invasion of Iraq, is the latest American intelligence specialist to point to the NSA’s British counterpart, GCHQ, as the agency which likely provided Obama et al. with the wire taps on the Trump campaign.
[The Big Picture RT]
Larry Cohen, Our Revolution/Democracy Initiative. Bernie Sanders says the Democratic Party has failed the American people. Can he save it?
Ein Gericht auf Hawaii hat in den letzten Minuten vor Inkrafttreten auch den neuen Terrorschutz-Erlass des US-Präsidenten Donald Trump blockiert. Jener reagierte empört und greift die US-Justiz scharf an.
U.S. House Republicans are calling for an investigation into tax dollars funneled through the U.S. Agency for International Development program to foundations controlled by billionaire liberal puppeteer George Soros.
[Analitikk ]
Wir beobachten weiter den Fahrstuhl (Teil 1, Teil 2). Die frühe Annahme war, dass Trump mit großen Skandalen einen großen Teil der alten Eliten aus den Machtstrukturen entfernen wird. Eine Vorbereitung in diese Richtung haben wir gesehen, als Trump eine Frau auf Platz 2 der CIA setzte, die gute Gründe hat, die CIA auszumisten. Wikileaks hat nun begonnen, CIA-Interna zu veröffentlichen.
[RT Deutsch]
Im Senat legt eine demokratische Senatorin eine Gesetzesinitiative vor, um internationale Medien in den USA als "ausländische Agenten" zu behandeln. Ihr Ziel besteht ausdrücklich darin, eine verwaltungstechnische Handhabe gegen Russia Today in den USA zu finden.
[Land Destroyer Report]
Many both within and beyond America`s borders labor under the delusion that US policy is determined by the nation`s elected representatives amid a careful balancing act between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. In reality, the inner workings of US policy resemble nothing of the sort.
[Press TV]
“President Trump has to provide the American people, not just the intelligence community, but the American people, with evidence that his predecessor, former president of the Unites States was guilty of breaking the law,” McCain told CNN on Sunday.
[Voltaire Netzwerk ]
Der demokratische Abgeordnete von New York, Eliot Engel, weigerte sich, die Hand des Präsidenten Donald Trump am Ende seiner Rede vor dem Kongress zu schütteln. Eliot Engel ist unseren Lesern gut bekannt: Er ist der wichtigste Sprecher der Lobby der israelischen expansionistischen Linken. Er spielte eine zentrale Rolle in der Opposition gegen den Iran und in den Kriegen gegen den Libanon und Syrien.
[...] At the start of this calendar year in January, the federal government’s cash balance was nearly $400 billion. On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the government’s cash balance was $384 billion. Today the US government’s cash balance is just $34.0 billion.
[Consortium News]
The Democrats won’t admit that they lost to Donald Trump because they ran a deeply flawed, corporate-oriented candidate, so they blame Russia instead, a very dangerous diversion, says Nicolas J S Davies.
Democrats said they may withdraw from a panel investigating alleged Russian attempts to meddle in the US presidential election. They expect that the committee would work out a credible report.
Ehemalige US-Botschafter in Russland und andere diplomatische Vertreter sind über die „Hexenjagd“ auf den russischen Botschafter in den USA, Sergej Kisljak, empört, wie die Zeitung „The Hill“ schreibt.
[Press TV]
The House Intelligence Committee has demanded that the White House provide evidence to back up President Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims against his predecessor.
[Fox News]
Fox News contributor gives his take on the claims of US-President Trump and his claim that the Trump Tower was wiretapped
[Fox News]
Former Intelligence Officials Bill Binney and Tony Shaffer On Surveillance ... NSA-Whistleblwer Bill Binney destroys Russia witchhunt
It may happen that Barack Obama and members of his administration are dragged before a grand jury and questioned under oath about what they knew about these break-ins, Roger Stone, former Trump adviser, told RT`s Worlds Apart host, Oksana Boyko.
[Mondo Weiss]
Israeli boycott law portends action against Israelis "who do not support the primacy of Israel’s Jewish character over its democratic aspirations," 182 Jewish studies scholars warn in an open letter deploring that law.
Nun trug sich zu, dass der für den südlichen Distrikt von New York zuständige Bundesanwalt, Preet Bharara pressewirksam erklärt hatte, er wolle seinen Rücktritt nicht einreichen, Trump müsse ihn schon feuern!
Sean Hannity last night called for a complete purge of every holdover political appointee from the Obama administration to try to put an end to the seemingly endless leaks coming out about the actions of the President.
[European Deep State]
The International Women’s Day on March 8 was the next step in a series of protests aimed at removing Donald Trump from the White House.
[Strategic Culture]
It is vogue among many Democrats and neo-conservative Republicans in Washington, DC to use the «T» word – treason -- to describe President Donald Trump’s and members of the administration’s relationships with the Russian ambassador to the United States and other Russian officials.
[Consortium News]
President Trump’s complaint that Official Washington is trying to block his policies, including détente with Russia, is underscored by the praise heaped on a departing State Department official, writes James W Carden.
White House Spokesman Sean Spicer lectured the mainstream liberal media reporters inside the White House Press Room on the Fake News Russia story. The media then starts screaming!
[Sic Semper Tyrannis]
I used to think that I understood the rough outline of US law and capability with regard to the intercept and collection of signals intelligence. In light of all the media reporting and accusations flying around just now I see that I was mistaken in that belief.
Here is Hillary Clinton’s tweet from October 31st. Computer scientists? Connect the dots, folks. Computer scientists is the polite way of saying NSA spooks working for Obama. This tweet was cryptic at the time, but now it is clear as day. Hillary Clinton knew about Tricky Barry’s wiretapping too.
Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is likely to face prosecution after she signed off on the FISA court order approving Barack Obama’s request to wiretap Donald Trump.
[Land Destroyer Report]
"All of Germany hears the Führer with the People`s Receiver," reads a World War II propaganda poster. It was advertising the Volksempfänger - or, the People`s Receiver - described by the US Holocaust Museum which contains one of the radios in its collection in Washington D.C. as: [...]
[European Deep State]
Is Barack Obama really out office and Donald Trump US-President? When rallies are organized and material for impeachment is collected it seems that Trump’s days as president are at least counted. But it begins to backfire as Trump deliberately accused Obama and the intelligence agencies to spy on him and after Wikileaks exposes the CIA of mass hacking.
What did President of the United States Donald J. Trump mean by this stark, repeated imperative during his February 16th press conference? The President cannot have meant that America finds itself in a disastrous social or economic situation. Neither can he have meant that America stands on shifting sands politically or diplomatically.
Der Fight wird hart und schmutzig, aber wenn man sieht, wer wie reagiert auf Don Trumps Tweets, indicating, that Obomba was wire tapping the Trump Tower, dann weiß man, den Verantwortlichen geht das Gesäß auf Grundeis!
The evidence is overwhelming… this is not about President Trump’s tweeting… this is about Obama’s spying… And the question isn’t whether it spied… we know they went to the FISA court twice… it’s the extent of the spying… that is, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates…
[Disobedient Media]
A case of US governmental meddling in the political affairs of a foreign ally previously investigated by Congress appears to have also been part of a scheme to launder taxpayer money and use it to fund the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, a crowdsourced investigation online has revealed.
Hier wird klar, dass die alten Machtstrukturen Angst haben, diese zu verlieren.
President Trump gave a speech to the National Governor`s Association on Monday, February 27, 2017. In this excerpt he talks about lowering taxes, free trade, the crumbling infrastructure, and potholes in the roads which destroy big rigs.
[RT Deutsch]
US-Justizminister Jeff Sessions sorgte durch zwei Treffen mit dem russischen Botschafter für eine Medien-Hysterie. Dass derlei Treffen zu seinem Aufgabenspektrum zählten, scheint dabei nicht von Belang zu sein.
Grassley is pushing back and demanding the FBI provide information pertaining to its use of the British spy, whose salacious allegations have infuriated Trump and his allies.
On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chairman Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) stated that the House is “going to look hard at” President Trump’s wiretapping claims and cited James Rosen, the IRS, and the targeting Chaffetz faced by the Secret Service as evidence that “this stuff does happen, and it’s not necessarily done the legal, lawful way.”
[The Jimmy Dore Show]
Jeff Sessions is not the first official to lie under oath. Jimmy Dore breaks it down.
Trumps Kommunikation, seine Tweets, sein Gepolter, seine Beleidigungen scheinen einem strategischen Plan zu folgen, der nur ein Ziel hat: seine Ziele durchzusetzen.
In a video rant that Senate Democrats posted to their Facebook page as "words of inspiration," former Attorney General Loretta Lynch seemed to suggest that the way to combat the policies of President Trump was to mimic the success of civil rights protests, no matter the cost.
As prophesized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just shy of 50 years ago, the United States has become a spiritually dead imperialist atrocity.
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat zu sofortigen Ermittlungen gegen Chuck Schumer aufgerufen. Grund seien seine „Kontakte zu Russland und Putin“, schrieb Trump auf Twitter.
Holt man zu einem solchen Schlag aus, der gleich auf 2 Tiefpunkte amerikanischer Innenpolitik verweist, die Menschenjagd Senator McCarthys, damals mit den Sovjets, heute mit den Russen, und Watergate, dann muss man das Paket materiell gut geschnürt haben und darf sich keine strategischen Fehler leisten!
[Voltaire Netzwerk ]
Der ehemalige Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten, Barack Obama, hat seine Mitarbeiter in das Quartier von Kaloroma (Washington DC) übersiedelt, da seine temporären Räumlichkeiten von Januar und Februar nicht rechtlich gestatteten, dort Politik zu betreiben.
Clashes between opposing political camps erupted in Berkeley, California, as Trump supporters and opponents squared off under the watchful eye of police in riot gear.
Levin called Obama’s effort “police state” tactics, and suggested that Obama’s actions, rather than conspiracy theories about alleged Russian interference in the presidential election to help Trump, should be the target of congressional investigation.
[Mondo Weiss]
Israel`s neverending occupation is not just endangering Palestinians, but changing the nature of what it means to be Jewish, from a justice-loving people to one that supports injustice. Diaspora Jews must demand that Israel end its occupation, lest their own situation in the west become precarious. Tony Klug`s speech at J Street last weekend.
Brave Ivanka posted a photo to Twitter of herself in the Oval Office with President Trump and NGOs tasked with eradicating the stench of human trafficking and pedophilia from not just Washington D.C. but the whole country.
President Donald Trump and the 115th Congress must implement LaRouche`s Four Laws for an economic recovery and join China`s New Silk Road program for global cooperation and `win-win` economic development.
Federal court litigation provides evidence the Obama administration illegally diverted taxpayer funds that had not been appropriated by Congress in an unconstitutional scheme to keep Obamacare from imploding.
US President Donald Trump has accused his predecessor Barack Obama of “wire tapping” Trump Tower just before his election win in November, according to his latest tweet.
Fifty-nine percent of Americans believe that the U.S. currently is spending either the right amount or too much on national defense, found a latest Gallup poll.
[Mondo Weiss]
On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders sent a one-page letter to David Friedman, President Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. ambassador to Israel, asking the envoy-designee to explain his funding of a West Bank settlement and to consider repealing the tax-exempt status for charities financing settlements, like the one Friedman runs.
[Consortium News]
The hysteria over “Russia-gate” continues to grow – as President Trump’s enemies circle – but at its core there may be no there there while it risks pushing the world toward nuclear annihilation, writes Robert Parry.
The Democrat attack on the Attorney General is not accidental as he would be dealing with accusations against the administration of fraternizing with Russians - the latest US hysteria, says Gilbert Doctorow of the American Committee for East-West Accord.
[Consortium News]
Mainstream U.S. media is proud to be the Deep State’s tip of the spear pinning President Trump to the wall over unproven allegations about Russia and his calls for detente, a rare point where he makes sense, notes Daniel Lazare.
[Tichys Einblick]
In zu vielen Medien ist es üblich geworden, Spitzenpolitiker nicht danach zu beurteilen, WAS und WIE sie etwas tatsächlich gesagt haben, sondern nach der Frage, ob man sie mag oder nicht. Wir trennen hier Nachricht und Kommentar
Warum die “Kommunistische Partei der USA” Killary Clinton unterstützte… Unter der Titel-Schlagzeile: Forward to defeat Trump begründete Joell Fishman am 18. August 2016 im offiziellen Portal der CPUSA, warum die Partei Killary Clinton gegen Donald Trump unterstützt. Sie tat da nicht allein: sakrosankte Ikonen der Bürgerrechtsbewegung wie Joan Baez, Angela Davis taten es ebenfalls: "elect Hillary Clinton .. " steht da.
[RT Deutsch]
Der Finanzausschuss im Unterhaus des US-Kongresses hat vorgeschlagen, die militärische Hilfe für die Ukraine deutlich zu kürzen. Zum ersten Mal ist jedoch auch die so genannte letale Rüstung im Plan vorgesehen.
No, the "sky is not falling" with the new ridiculous McCarthyist charges against Attorney General Sessions--if any of you had thought it might be falling. Rather, this is a new desperation tactic by Obama personally, himself, after the enthusiasm generated by President Trump`s Tuesday address to Congress.
[European Deep State]
It could not be more ridiculous than pushing an agenda against Attorney General Jeff Sessions via strawmen and -women of George Soros. But if you are inclined to turn away from the MSM consider that their fake news strategy is a vital part of the „game“ to bring down Donald Trump.
[European Deep State]
During President Donald Trump’s first speech in Congress several groups held a rally under the title „resistance address“. Among the participants we find Soros linked organizations like the Ameri­can Civil Liber­ties Union or Rosie O’Donnell was the featured guest who raged against Trump accusing him of dealing with Russia...
[Press TV]
Top US Democrats have called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign for hiding his contacts with Russia, raising a new challenge for President Donald Trump.
"I think the global crisis can be stopped; we have to mobilize to do it," Lyndon LaRouche asserted in the course of a policy review of President Donald Trump`s Feb. 28 address to Congress, and the political actions that must now be taken, moving forward.
Der Senat will Trump daran hindern, die Sanktionen gegen Russland aufzuheben. Bereits Ende Januar haben sich die republikanischen Senatoren John McCain und Rob Portman vehement gegen die Aufhebung der gegen Russland verhängten Sanktionen ausgesprochen.
[Press TV]
"I, for one, just speaking for myself, think the diplomatic portion of the federal budget" is a positive tool for US foreign policy, the 75-year-old senator said, adding that spending money on diplomacy is often cheaper and more effective than what "we do on the defense side."
11:31 pm — America liked it. Bigly. .@CNN poll for #JointAddress: 57% very positive, 21% somewhat positive, 21% negative; 69% say Trump`s policies will move USA in positive dir — Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) March 1, 2017 .@CNN poll shows 78% — 4 out of 5 Americans! — said Trump`s #jointaddress speech was "very" (57%) or "somewhat" (21%) positive. A triumph. — Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) March 1, 2017
[Press TV]
US President Donald Trump has offered a more moderate tone on immigration policy, telling lawmakers in Congress that he was open to immigration reform.
Stunning conversation with Robert Steele about Trump`s survival chances unless he makes MAJOR changes in this top staff, immediately, and frees himself from being surrounded by traitors and treason.
Trump har seine erste Rede vor dem Kongress gehalten und eigentlich nichts anderes gesagt, als das, was er vom Beginn seiner Kampagne an gesagt hat.
In the hours before Pres. Donald Trump`s first address to the joint session of Congress tonight, high-level envoys for Russia and China each stated their nation`s interest in collaborating with the United States in strategic affairs.
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