Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Die Aufgabe der NATO ist es, „die Russen draußen, die Amerikaner drinnen und die Deutschen unten zu halten.“
  Lord Ismay, erster NATO Generalsekretär
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3:59 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
America`s True "Special Relationship" Is With the Ideas of Gottfried Leibniz
An over-extended and exposed British Empire deployed their Secretary of Defense, Gavin Williamson, to Washington, D.C. this week to try to jam Washington back into the "Special Relationship" straitjacket, without which their centuries-long grip on global power will disintegrate.
3:57 [Global Research] (E)
Giving Trump Carte Blanche for War
A little-noticed Senate bill would give Donald Trump blanket permission to launch wars in violation of the Constitution, says John Kiriakou.
9:06 [RT Deutsch] (D)
US-Senatorin Feinstein - der Doppelstandard einer antirussischen Scharfmacherin
Mit großer Hingabe wirft die US-Senatorin Dianne Feinstein Russland vor, die USA auf beinahe jede denkbare Art zu unterminieren. Wenn es mit China um einen anderen wichtigen Gegenspieler der US-Politik geht, dann bleibt die Demokratin jedoch auffällig still.
5:35 [Press TV] (E)
Omarosa offered $15,000 a month in exchange for silence after leaving White House
A former White House official says she was offered $15,000 a month in exchange for silence after stopping to work for US President Donald Trump.
20:40 [The Jimmy Dore Show/Youtube] (E)
Yes, Everyone Is Lying About The DNC Server Scandal. w/John Kiriakou
Jimmy Dore and his guests break it down.
14:59 [] (D)
Freigegebene Dokumente geben Auskunft über Folter im geheimen Gefängnis der CIA-Direktorin
Die Dokumente enthalten viel blumige Sprache, loben die "katzenartige" Art, wie Vernehmungsbeamte den Raum betraten, bevor sie Verdächtige folterten, und versprachen, einen von ihnen "auf eine Art und Weise leiden zu lassen, die er nie für möglich gehalten hätte".
0:39 [IntelliNews] (E)
US to impose “crushing” set of sanctions on Russia’s debt and oil
A proposed "crushing" bipartisan bill introduced by the US Senate on August 2 will not be debated until the autumn and many of the harsh terms could be considerably watered down, Luis Saenz, the co-head of equities at BCS Global Markets said in reaction to the latest round of blows between the two rivals.
21:26 [ZeroHedge] (E)
Russia Condemns New "Draconian" Sanctions, Weighs Banning Rocket Engines To US
A furious Russia condemned a new round of U.S. sanctions as "draconian" on Thursday and threatened to retaliate as news of the measures sent the ruble tumbling to two-year lows and sparked a wider asset sell-off over fears that Moscow was locked in a spiral of never-ending sanctions. “Such measures are absolutely unfriendly and can hardly be associated with the constructive - difficult but constructive - atmosphere at the last meeting of the two presidents,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on a conference call.
21:10 [12160] (E)
Powerful Yahoo News Video about the #Walkaway movement
From Yahoo, Unfiltered ‘The left practices tolerance in the most superficial ways’
21:06 [Natural Blaze] (E)
Genocide For Profit – How The Govt, Big Pharma, Psychiatry, And DSS Are Conspiring To Destroy Native American Culture
...In this new phase of the war, DSS/CPS play an important role. The separation and destruction of the family unit has continued apace with both the Native American and American populations but, in the case of Native Americans, it not only functions as a way to remove children from their families, but also a way to remove them from their culture.
21:02 [antiwar] (E)
The Pathetic US Response to the Latest Saudi Massacre
The U.S. response to the massacre of dozens of children and other civilians earlier today was predictably feeble
13:28 [Ron Paul Institute] (E)
Neocons Demand `Crushing` Sanctions on Russia
You can always count on the neocons in Congress to ignore reality, ignore evidence, and ignore common sense in their endless drive to get us involved in another war. Last week, for example, Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-NC), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and others joined up to introduce what Senator Graham called “the sanctions bill from hell,” aimed at applying “crushing” sanctions on Russia.
6:37 [Press TV] (E)
Canadian PM refuses to withdraw criticism of Saudi human rights record
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his country will not withdraw its criticism of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, rebuffing a call by the kingdom’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir.
5:15 [The Jimmy Dore Show/Youtube] (E)
Alex Jones Banned By Facebook/Apple/Youtube/Spotify
Alex Jones has been banned by nearly all major content distribution platforms. Regardless of how one feels about him, this isn’t a good thing, and here’s why.
22:54 [Global Research/Dr. Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
Americans Live in a World of Economic Lies
The US government and the presstitutes that serve it continue to lie to us about everything. Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics told us that the unemployment rate was 3.9%. How can this be when the BLS also reports that the labor force participation rate has declined for a decade throughout the length of the alleged economic recovery and there is no upward pressure on wages from full employment.
22:46 [Foreign Policy Journal] (E)
CIA/FBI/DOJ Plot to Overthrow the President of the United States
There is no evidence Trump`s a Russian agent, but there`s plenty that the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and national security officials have conspired to overthrow him.
22:45 [Strategic Culture/Eric Zuesse] (E)
America’s Billionaires Battle Each Other for Political Control over Europe
A contest for political control of Europe is gearing up between two American teams, one headed by the long-established George Soros, and the other now being set up by the upstart Steve Bannon, US President Donald Trump’s former campaign-manager. Soros has long led America’s liberal billionaires in controlling Europe, and Bannon is now organizing a team of America’s conservative billionaires to wrest that control from the liberal ones.
20:19 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
This Country Has Fractured Under The Collusion Of The MSM And The Democrats – Disguised As The Mueller Investigation.
What have we learned from the Mueller Investigation of any legitimate nature, which offers the American people a reason to fracture their own Country? It cannot be put together again, and the citizens of this Country are left holding the pieces in their hands.
20:18 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Left-wing media literally driving Americans into mass mental illness: Psychiatrists baffled
It started off as a joke among conservatives. But so-called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is actually a legitimate health condition, say psychiatrists – and one that afflicts millions of Americans who obsessively hate the President.
20:17 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Portland Braces For “Blood In The Streets” As Antifa Pledges “Militant Antifascist Resistance Against Patriot Prayer” On Saturday
If Portland authorities do not intervene in a major way, we could potentially see one of the largest street brawls in modern American history on Saturday. On June 30th, an extremely violent confrontation in Portland between Antifa thugs and conservative groups made headlines all over the world, and now both sides have been hyping this August 4th sequel as an even bigger event.
9:40 [RT] (E)
FBI paid dossier author Christopher Steele, heavily redacted documents show
The FBI has released 70 pages of documents related to contacts with British spy Christopher Steele, author of the notorious Trump-Russia dossier. Though almost entirely whited out, the documents still show FBI paid Steele.
5:58 [Youtube/SGTreport] (E)
Proof: "This Country Has A Vicious Corrupt Core." -- Jared Beck
Am 26.08.2017: The DNC fraud lawsuit has been dismissed, so Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hilary Clinton will once again get away with blatant corruption. In fact, DNC lawyers argued that the DNC has the right to "choose their nominee in a smoke-filled back room and it still wouldn`t be legally actionable."
21:16 [Activist Post] (E)
Federal Whistleblowers Expose TSA’s “Quiet Skies” Secret Surveillance Program for ALL Travelers
It appears that, once again, the government narrative that TSA surveillance and groping is needed to keep Americans safe from the terrorists “over there” is nothing but a justification to violate the rights of everyone. Thanks to a group of federal air marshals displaying good conscience, we are now learning about a new program that shows the full web of physical and digital surveillance that is being employed by the government to track people far beyond even the dubious “terror watch list.” Not only are these marshals ready to talk – they are equipped with documents.
0:06 [Le Peuple] (F)
Pourquoi faut-il mettre Montréal en tutelle ?
L`île de Montréal part à la dérive avec son lot d`événements qui confirment, jour après jour, qu`un vent de folie souffle sur les destinées d`une métropole qui devrait être en symbiose avec la nation québécoise. Malheureusement, la nouvelle administration municipale confirme, avec sa fuite en avant, qu`il y a péril en la demeure.
23:56 [Blacklisted News] (E)
Chomsky accuses Israel of meddling in US elections
Renowned American scholar and political activist Noam Chomsky has accused Israel of meddling in US elections, stressing that the Israeli intervention “vastly overwhelms” any efforts allegedly carried out by Russia in 2016.
23:55 [Blacklisted News] (E)
New York City officially ends prosecution of cannabis possession and use
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced on Tuesday that his office will no longer prosecute most charges for the use or possession of marijuana. Beginning Wednesday, prosecutors will not file charges for such offenses committed in New York City.
23:18 [The Jimmy Dore Show/Youtube] (E)
Ashton Kutcher Licks CIA Boots First Thing In Morning
Jimmy Dore and his guests break it down....
10:45 [Press TV] (E)
Trump slams powerful Koch brothers as `overrated`
US President Donald Trump has slammed the Koch brothers and their powerful political operation, describing the conservative group as “globalist” and “a total joke,” amid signs of growing public tensions between the president and American business groups over tariffs and trade.
0:01 [Press TV] (E)
Contradiction in Washington: Trump, Pompeo at odds over preconditions for talks with Iran
US President Donald Trump says he is ready to meet his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, “any time they want to.”
0:17 [Sputnik news] (F)
Trump menace d’un shutdown gouvernemental
Insistant sur l’indispensabilité de la construction d’un mur entre son pays et le Mexique, le locataire de la Maison-Blanche a menacé d’arrêter les activités gouvernementales aux États-Unis.
0:17 [Strategic Culture] (E)
The US 2019 Defense Budget Bill: Congress Defies the New World Order
The House and Senate versions of the draft National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019 were unveiled by Congress on July 23. Both include a provision to temporarily bar the transfers of F-35 joint strike fighters (JSF) to Turkey.
0:20 [Press TV] (E)
Trump doesn’t understand Iran`s culture of resistance: Sherman
In an interview with Yahoo News published on Sunday, Wendy Sherman slammed Trump`s use of threats to push his adversaries into submission, emphasizing that Iranians are not a nation to surrender to any threats.
14:55 [ZeroHedge] (E)
Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran, New Poll Finds
Americans are opposed to going to war against Iran by a more than two-to-one margin according to a new poll. This week relations between Iran and Washington entered a heightened intensity and new war of words, with the dangerous potential for an actual war seeming to rise daily, especially after President Trump`s latest twitter warning to Iran of "consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before..." should Iran`s leaders threaten the United States.
15:06 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Paul Craig Roberts Exposes The All-Pervasive Military-Security Complex
"...the military/security complex has woven itself so tightly into the American social, economic, and political fabric as to be untouchable."
15:05 [Big League Politics] (E)
Watch: Maxine Waters Claims God Sent Her To Earth To Stop Trump
During an interesting speech at a church in Los Angeles recently, California Rep. Maxine Waters insinuated that God sent her to stop President Donald Trump. Waters began by accusing the president of being intent on “taking America down”,rather than the now famous “Make America Great Again” slogan from the 2016 campaign.
15:02 [Big League Politics] (E)
Trump Delivers 4.1% GDP Growth, Even The Haters & Losers Are Impressed
The Commerce Department released their second-quarter economic growth estimate on Friday, showing the strongest growth in nearly four years. In the second quarter, gross domestic product (GDP) increased at a solid 4.1% rate, (marking the best pace since 2014), and is finally pushing the economy out of the lull it’s been in for almost a decade.
15:01 [Big League Politics] (E)
Here’s a List of Economic ‘Experts’ Who Were Dead Wrong About Trump’s 4% GDP Growth Promise
If there is anything that President Donald J. Trump has proven during his first year-and-a-half as Commander In Chief, it is that the so-called “experts” cited regularly by allegedly reputable media outlets are about as trustworthy as the schmuck sitting at the end of the bar at closing time, ranting drunkenly to no one in particular about the news topic du jour.
1:14 [Réseau International] (F)
“Le Rêve américain” … la fin du chemin?
Face au calvaire du prolétariat étatsunien, il ne faut surtout pas adopter une attitude idéaliste ni une vision métaphysique ou spiritualiste, présentant le monde, alternativement comme un enfer sur terre, où chacun subit son châtiment, puis un ciel mérité où ils pourront psalmodier les psaumes à la félicité et la grandeur de l’Oncle Sam, notre ami yankee sous le règne de Barak ou de Donald (sic).
1:04 [NachDenkSeiten] (D)
Ausge-Strzok-t, Lisa Page legt die Karten offen
Von Ray McGovern: Die Bedeutung einer wichtigen SMS, die zwei FBI-Beamte austauschten, ist offiziell entschlüsselt. Und das ist keine gute Neuigkeit für alle Russiagate-Gläubigen. Die ehemalige FBI-Anwältin Lisa Page sagte vor dem gemeinsamen Ausschuss des Repräsentantenhauses aus, dass die SMS, die der FBI-Spionageabwehrbeamte Peter Strzok ihr am 19. Mai 2016 schickte mit dem Wortlaut „there’s no big there there“, bedeutete, es gibt keine Beweise für eine geheime Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Trump-Kampagne und Russland.
20:29 [America Out Loud] (E)
What Next? The Democrats Keep Changing the Script
Never in the history of this country has there been such an abject refusal on the part of so many to ignore the outcome of a presidential election. Never has the rhetoric from one side been so vile, so vulgar, so intemperate, or so illogical.
20:28 [America Out Loud] (E)
America Is Entrenched With Tyranny – But Not For Long!
The latest count of 40,483 sealed indictments filed in the U.S. Federal District Criminal Courts since October 30th, 2017,...The circumstances which surround the guilty are of a variety of misdeeds and this number is growing every month as these people are involved in horrific sex crimes, affiliation with the “deep state”, gun, drug running, organ and human trafficking, money laundering and other RICO offenses, as well as intent to harm the President of the United States, his administration, the American people, the nations and the world.
20:21 [The Heritage Foundation] (E)
Federal Court Hands Trump a Win, Brings Rogue Agency Under Tighter Control
“You’re fired.” President Donald Trump will soon be able to use his famous catch phrase against the head of a troubled federal agency, the Fair Housing Finance Agency, which is led by a single Obama appointee with no meaningful oversight from the president. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that the agency’s structure is unconstitutional.
20:21 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar
"Make no mistake, what we are witnessing is 4th generation warfare on the public - All other wars including the trade war are kabuki theater designed to distract from this reality. "
22:08 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Putins verwanztes Geschenk: Weißes Haus sieht das Thema vom Tisch
Das Weiße Haus will das Thema des Fußballs, den Präsident Donald Trump von seinem russischen Amtskollegen Wladimir Putin geschenkt bekommen hat, nicht mehr kommentieren. Laut Medienberichten verfügt das Geschenk über einen installierten Chip. Der US Secret Service prüfte es auf Sicherheit.
21:38 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
CNN Obtains Trump Cohen Recording From Lanny Davis…
This is funny…. this is actually very funny to anyone who knows Trump lingo. Lanny is hung up on the wording “cash” from POTUS Trump and tries to spin it a particular way. Despite what some may say, there is a possibility Lanny is not being intentionally malicious. What Lanny is missing is the context of “cash” in relation to the question Donald Trump asks moments prior about “financing”.
21:37 [Zero Hedge] (E)
A Stunned Donald Trump Responds To Leaked Cohen Recording
"What kind of a lawyer would tape a client? So sad! Is this a first, never heard of it before? I hear there are other clients and many reporters that are taped - can this be so? Too bad!"
21:37 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As "Irresponsible Breeders"
“...irresponsible people who have more than two children should be taxed to the hilt for the privilege of irresponsible breeding.”
21:36 [RT] (D)
Wegen "Hexenjagd": Trump verschiebt Treffen mit Putin auf das Jahr 2019
US-Präsident Trump wird den russischen Präsidenten Putin erst im Jahr 2019 in Washington empfangen, sagte der nationale Sicherheitsberater des Weißen Hauses John Bolton. Zudem muss sich zur Stunde US-Außenminister Mike Pompeo vor dem US-Kongress für Donald Trumps Außenpolitik rechtfertigen. Dabei geht es vor allem um Trumps Treffen mit dem russischen Präsident Wladimir Putin und dem nordkoreanischen Staatsoberhaupt Kim Jong-un.
21:35 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump Delays Next Putin Summit Until "The End Of Russia Witch Hunt"
The President believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russia witch hunt is over, so we’ve agreed that it will be after the first of the year.”
21:34 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Majority Of Americans Ready To Welcome Vladimir Putin To The White House
US mainstream media (and its politicians) out of touch once again...
21:33 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Universities Are Fueling The Growth Of Democratic Socialism
With more than 40,000 card carrying members, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a growing leftist force in not only our political system, but in our systems of higher education.
21:41 [DCWhispers] (E)
A Must-Read Swamp Road Map Linking Clintons, Comey, Rosenstein, Lerner, Mueller, Kerry, Obama, and Putin`s Russia…
If you read anything this week, this is it. The dots are connected and the motivation for a massive federal government coverup made clear. Even for those who’ve been paying attention, it’s gonna blow your mind.
21:14 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch Asks Court for Carter Page FISA Warrant Hearing Transcripts
Judicial Watch today filed a motion in the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court seeking the transcripts of all hearings related to the surveillance of Carter Page, a former Trump campaign part-time advisor who was the subject of four controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants from the Department of Justice (DOJ). Last week, in response to a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit, the Department of Justice released 412 pages of heavily redacted documents relating to FISA warrants targeting Page.
19:54 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Acting Director Katharine Sullivan of the Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women Delivers Remarks at National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Annual Conference
It’s wonderful to be back in Colorado and in a room full of judges! Even after 11 years and 45,000 cases, I still loved being a county judge and running two problem-solving courts in the mountains of Colorado. But I love my country even more, so I came to Washington, DC, to work for President Trump’s Administration. I hope many of you had the chance to attend yesterday’s session on Gang Sex Trafficking in the United States, presented by our own Michael Frank, the Associate Deputy Attorney General. He is terrific.
19:50 [Big League Politics] (E)
Mainstream Media Struggles With Fact That Americans Want Peace with Russia
“Donald Trump did not draw many positive reviews after his summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin last week, at least among the punditocracy,” wrote New York Magazine. “But in a new NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll, conducted both before and after the Helsinki summit, Trump has seen his approval rating tick up to 45 percent, an all-time high for him in the survey.” ... He has been calling for peace with Russia and in the Middle East since his campaign days. His supporters were vehemently opposed to military intervention in Syria ...
19:49 [Telepolis] (D)
Trump lässt Sicherheitseinstufung für ehemalige Geheimdienstler prüfen
Der New York Times zufolge ist das Verhältnis zwischen dem Präsidenten und dem Sicherheitsapparatestablishment so schlecht wie nie zuvor. Donald Trump prüft seiner Sprecherin Sarah Huckabee Sanders zufolge die Sicherheitseinstufungen einer Reihe von hochrangigen Geheimdienst- und Bundespolizeimitarbeitern aus seinen Vorgängeradministrationen. Konkret handelt es sich dabei um den ehemaligen Geheimdienstdirektor James Clapper, Obamas Sicherheitsberaterin Susan Rice, Ex-CIA-Direktor John Brennan, Ex-NSA-Chef Michael Hayden, Ex-FBI-Chef James Comey und Ex-FBI-Vize Andrew McCabe.
14:36 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-Senatoren kündigen Gesetzentwurf über neue antirussische Sanktionen an
Zwei US-Senatoren von der Republikanischen und der Demokratischen Partei – Lindsey Graham und Bob Mendendez – haben einen parteiübergreifenden Gesetzentwurf annonciert, der gegen Russland gerichtete Sanktionen verstärken soll. Betroffen werden die russischen Staatsschulden sowie der Energie- und der Finanzsektor, meldet Bloomberg am Dienstag.
11:00 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Joker, Hitler, Burglar, Spy - The Four Stages Of Trump
Donald Trump is the most divisive American political figure of my lifetime. Even Ronald Reagan wasn’t treated like this. Back then the real powers in the U.S. used their full control over the narrative to keep Reagan on a short leash. Reagan, like Trump, was a Master of Media. They both are what Scott Adams calls Master Persuaders. Their power to communicate transcends words. It breaks through control systems.
2:33 [Oriental Review] (E)
Betraying The President
President Trump was savagely attacked by the American political and academic community over the Helsinki summit, during which, in their opinion, he capitulated to President Putin on every issue. All attempts to defend him have been in vain. The American press, who consider themselves to be the freest and most professional journalists in the world, continue their race to the bottom.
22:30 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Trump Tweets Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch Five Times in 24 Hours on Rosenstein-Mueller-Deep State Inquisition
Judicial Watch is playing a key role in exposing the motivations and malfeasance behind the Mueller-Rosenstein attempt to undermine the Trump presidency. And President Trump is clearly aware of JW’s continuing success at ferreting out the truth – despite the Deep State intransigence and cover-ups. The five Trump tweets below – all within the past 24 hours – reveal the major impact Judicial Watch is having
22:29 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Die meisten Amerikaner wollen zweites Trump-Putin-Treffen – Umfrage
Die Mehrheit der US-Bürger unterstützt einer Umfrage von The Hill und HarrisX zufolge den Vorschlag des US-Präsidenten Donald Trump, einen weiteren Gipfel mit seinem russischen Amtskollegen Wladimir Putin abzuhalten.
15:21 [investmentwatchblog] (E)
Game On! Judge Orders Mueller To Publicly Name 5 Witnesses Given Immunity…
Nunes Asks Trump To Declassify Entire Fisa
14:41 [investmentwatchblog] (E)
Press Secretary Sanders: “Not only is the president looking to take away Brennan’s security clearance..."
"... he’s also looking into the clearances of Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, & McCabe–because they’ve politicized and in some cases monetized their public service.”
0:46 [Consortiumnews] (E)
Moon-Strzok No More, Lisa Page Spills the Beans
By Ray McGovern - The meaning of a crucial text message between two FBI officials appears to have been finally explained, and it’s not good news for the Russia-gate faithful, as Ray McGovern explains. Former FBI attorney Lisa Page has reportedly told a joint committee of the House of Representatives that when FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok texted her on May 19, 2017 saying there was “no big there there,” he meant there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
0:39 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Ihrem „Tyrannen“ treu geblieben: Republikaner halten zu Trump
In regelmäßigen Abständen erforscht das Gallup Center seit rund 60 Jahren die Beliebtheit des amerikanischen Präsidenten. Diesen Monat ist eine neue Umfrage erschienen, die einen großen Riss innerhalb der Gesellschaft widerspiegelt.
23:43 [The Duran] (E)
Tucker Carlson Slams attacks against Donald Trump
The people yelling the loudest about how the Russians are our greatest enemy and Trump is their puppet happen to be the very same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past two decades
23:01 [Big League Politics] (E)
More Hollywood Sickos Exposed For Their Disgusting Sexual Thoughts About Children
....As one of Hollywood’s most outspoken critics of President Donald Trump, Michael Ian Black continues to push the idea that the NRA is little more than a terrorist organization, and uses Twitter to harasses Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the National Rifle Association. The 46-year-old’s tweets emerged on the wake of “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn’s similar style of “comedy” using social media to describe his fantasies of performing sexual acts with children.
22:55 [Big League Politics] (E)
#NeverTrump Talking Heads Rush to Protect Pedophilia Obsessed Director James Gunn
Why are the #NeverTrumpers defending him? Just when you thought #NeverTrump Republicans couldn’t go any lower, they have jumped to the defense of a Hollywood director whose pedophilia obsessed Tweets were so indefensible Disney fired him. Big League Politics previously reported that Ben Shapiro jumped to the aid of “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, but now he has friends joining with him.
22:50 [Epoch Times] (D)
Eine Welle der Gewalt bedroht die Trump-Unterstützer
.....Abgeordnete der Demokratischen Partei rufen ihre Anhänger dazu auf, Mitglieder der Regierung öffentlich zu bedrängen und zu beschimpfen. „Töte deinen örtlichen Trump-Fan,“ schreit ein Graffiti von einer Bostoner Wand in die Welt hinaus...Kinder wurden mit Pfefferspray besprüht, als ihre Eltern für das Recht auf freie Rede demonstrierten. Ältere Menschen wurden fast zu Tode geprügelt, als sie zu ihren Autos gingen, auf denen ein Trump-Aufkleber angebracht war.
21:16 [The American Conservative] (E)
Trump Stays Defiant Amid a Foreign Policy Establishment Gone Mad
“Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Under the Constitution, these are the offenses for which presidents can be impeached. And to hear our elites, Donald Trump is guilty of them all....Apparently, some on the left believe we need a military coup to save our democracy....Worst of all, Trump clearly intends to carry out his campaign pledge to improve relations with Russia and get along with Vladimir Putin....For if there is no war on, no war imminent, and no war wanted, what does a War Party do?
16:10 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing
Flashback to Strzok after returning from London: “the White House is running this”
16:09 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
„Schwindel“: Trump über Vorwürfe zu Russlands „Wahleinmischung“
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat Vorwürfe gegen Russland, sich in die US-Präsidentschaftswahl eingemischt zu haben, via Twitter als einen „Schwindel“ bezeichnet. Dabei hat Trump seinen Vorgänger Barack Obama scharf kritisiert.
11:43 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
FISA Fraud by Obama`s DOJ and Intel Community by Publius Tacitus
There is a growing body of evidence that the FBI leadership engaged in a criminal conspiracy and that the Department of Justice senior leaders were enthusiastic collaborators in a plot to take down President Donald Trump. The latest evidence comes courtesy of a partial look at the FISA applications that were filed by the FBI with DOJ approval seeking permission to spy on Carter Page, an American citizen. I write, "partial" because about 85% of the application is blacked out.
4:36 [Information Clearing House] (E)
Coming Coup Against Trump
The US political class have cast their verdict that Trump is a state enemy, and are openly calling for a mutiny against the White House. Trump`s political survival is the balance. Possibly the only thing staying the hands of his enemies for now is their wariness about how the ordinary American citizens would react to a deep state maneuver to overthrow the elected leader.
4:30 [12160] (E)
The 5 Min Video with NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney That ENDS The Mueller Goat Rodeo
The spotlight of this video focusses on the ANALYSIS of famed NSA whistleblower Bill Binney of the FAKE Russian hack of the DNC Server.
15:20 [Activist Post] (E)
As Americans Argue Over Russia, US Gov’t Quietly Allows “Dark Money” Groups to Keep Donors Secret
While politicians and mainstream media outlets obsess over President Trump’s recent press conference with Russian President Putin, the United States Treasury quietly announced that it will no longer force “dark money” groups or certain tax-exempt organizations to disclose their financial donors.
23:41 [The Free Thought Project] (E)
As Americans Argue Over Russia, US Gov’t Quietly Allows ‘Dark Money’ Groups to Keep Donors Secret
The U.S. government will no longer force “dark-money” groups or certain tax-exempt organizations to disclose their financial donors.
22:23 [State of the Nation] (E)
Deep State’s Intensifying Coup Against Trump, Traitors Boldly Expose Themselves
Will ex-CIA Director Brennan become President Trump’s Allen Dulles? President Kennedy’s fate was sealed when he fired his CIA Director. Were it not for the Internet, it’s almost certain that Donald Trump would have been JFKed by now. When virtually the entire U.S. Intelligence Community is aiming for you, there’s no way to escape their furtive plots and deadly machinations....John Brennan’s recent comments about Trump ought to give every American reason to pause…and then offer a prayer of protection.
13:00 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Strebt US-Establishment Krieg mit Russland an? Trump als “letzter Pragmatiker”
US-Präsident Donald Trump äußerte neulich die Meinung, dass “Fake”-Medien sich nach einem Krieg zwischen Russland und den USA sehnen würden. Laut dem russischen USA-Experten Konstantin Blochin drängt das US-Establishment tatsächlich zu einer ernsthaften Konfrontation mit Russland.
1:06 [12160] (E)
Children As `Tools`
Common Core is the set of educational standards for American children which first came onto the scene in 2009, after Obama took office, using money from the $350 million stimulus package.
0:59 [RT] (D)
Nach Helsinki: Trump lädt Putin nach Washington ein (Video)
US-Präsident Trump hat seinen nationalen Sicherheitsberater John Bolton gebeten, den russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin nach Washington einzuladen. Die Ankündigung eines solchen Treffens dürfte genügen, um die US-Medien erneut in Hysterie zu versetzen.
0:59 [Strategic Culture] (E)
The Establishment Strikes Back
There are a number of elements in the recent release of an indictment of twelve named alleged Russian military intelligence GRU officers by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein looking into possible ties between Moscow and the Trump Administration that I find either implausible or even incoherent.........The Helsinki Summit between the two leaders was critically important to anyone interested in preserving the planet Earth as we know it and there was no reason at all to release a non-time sensitive document that was clearly intended to cast a shadow over the proceedings.
17:59 [Strategic Culture] (E)
Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Snuff out Europe’s Independence
On July 18, Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) introduced a bill, co-sponsored by Sens. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.), to allow NATO member states to — in his words — “escape from Russia’s political coercion and manipulation.” That’s too much of a good thing, but then nobody in Europe asked for such “help.” The senator’s website claims “the Energy Security Cooperation with Allied Partners in Europe Act, or the ‘ESCAPE Act,’ enhances the energy security of NATO members by providing those countries with reliable and dependable American energy.
17:58 [The Jimmy Dore Show/Youtube] (E)
Netanyahu Brags About Controlling Trump - Media Silent
In a leaked tape, Benjamin Netanyahu boasts about making Trump pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. This will not make the evening news.
17:55 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump weist „aufrichtigen Vorschlag“ von Putin zurück
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat laut der Sprecherin des Weißen Hauses Sarah Sanders den Vorschlag des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin zurückgewiesen, Verhöre einer Reihe von Bürgern nach dem Prinzip der Gegenseitigkeit zu ermöglichen. Dies berichtet die Webseite „The Hill“. „Das ist ein von (Russlands Staatschef) Wladimir Putin gemachter aufrichtiger Vorschlag, aber Präsident Trump stimmt nicht zu“, sagte Sanders.
17:50 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump: Fake-Medien wollen Konfrontation zwischen Russland und USA
Der US-amerikanische Staatschef Donald Trump hat erklärt, dass die Fake-Medien eine Konfrontation zwischen Russland und den USA anstreben würden, die die zwei Länder zu einem Krieg bringen könne.
17:49 [Rubikon] (D)
Der Verräter Trump - Dem US-amerikanischen Establishment ist Trump zu friedlich
Donald Trump hat gegenüber dem russischen Präsidenten versöhnliche Töne angeschlagen. Er hat nicht eingeräumt, dass er seine Wahl allein einer russischen Verschwörung verdankt. Und er vertraut seinen eigenen Geheimdiensten offenbar nicht blind. Schon ein derartiges „Fehlverhalten“ ist für die Mehrheit der System-Politiker und -Medien ein Grund, ihn als „Verräter“ abzukanzeln. Verraten hat er jedoch vor allem die Einheitsfront derer, die auf einen großen Krieg mit der Macht im Osten aus sind.
17:49 [RT] (D)
Trumps Sprecherin: "Wir prüfen, US-Amerikaner durch russische Ermittler verhören zu lassen"
US-Präsident Trump versetzt die amerikanischen Medien durch immer neue Ankündigungen in Aufruhr. Seine jüngste Idee ist nach Sprecherin Sarah Sanders die Möglichkeit, dass russische Ermittler US-Amerikaner befragen. Die bringen sich schon in Stellung.
8:03 [Xinhua] (E)
White House rejects Putin`s request to question ex-U.S. envoy, several U.S. citizens
U.S. White House on Thursday rejected the request of Russia President Vladimir Putin to interrogate several U.S. citizens, including a former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.
23:34 [Middle East Eye] (E)
How the Birthright movement is losing young American Jews
For decades, a debate has raged in the Jewish diaspora about how to preserve the identity of Jewish youth for coming generations.
18:01 [Big League Politics] (E)
Lisa Page Confirms: The Chinese, Not The Russians, Hacked Hillary’s Emails
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Blackberry was hacked by the Chinese, according to Peter Strzok’s mistress Lisa Page, who testified behind closed doors about her role in Operation Crossfire Hurricane. While her boyfriend Strzok stonewalled Congress, Page was open to cooperating behind the scenes with Republican lawmakers. Ohio’s Jim Jordan led the way in getting Page into backdoor meetings where she aided investigators in their probe of Page and Strzok’s collusion against the Trump government.
23:11 [Ceiberweiber] (D)
Donald Trump als russischer Agent?
Wenn sie nicht weiterwissen, kommt ein neuer Spin, der noch absurder klingt – so kann man Berichterstattung über US-Präsident Donald Trump dort charakterisieren, wo man Barack Obama, George Bush und Bill Clinton (und Hillary) zu Füßen liegt. „Ist der US-Präsident ein russischer Agent?“ fragt etwa Eric Frey im „Standard“, der vor Wolfgang Petritsch Präsident der Marshall Plan Stiftung Austria war. Wie z.B. der Sender CBC bezieht er sich auf Jonathan Chait, der eine Theorie darüber im „New York Mag“ entwickelt (das ausschließlich negativ über Trump schreibt). Der Text von Chait wurde vor dem Gipfeltreffen zwischen Trump und Putin in Helsinki verfasst und trägt den Titel „Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart — Or His Handler?“. Freilich muss Chait dazu von der These ausgehen, dass Trump nur wegen angeblicher russischer Hacks gegen Clinton gewonnen hat und ausblenden, was die Clinton-Kampagne mit Russland zu tun hatte bzw. welche Rolle die Clintons beim Uranium One-Deal spielten.
22:53 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?
The US Democratic Party is determined to take the world to thermo-nuclear war rather than to admit that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election fair and square. The Democratic Party was totally corrupted by the Clinton Regime, and now it is totally insane. Leaders of the Democratic Party, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, my former co-author in the New York Times, have responded in a non-Democratic way to the first step President Trump has taken to reduce the extremely dangerous tensions with Russia that the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes created between the two superpowers.
21:46 [Big League Politics] (E)
Hillary’s Deleted Emails Have Been Found, Court Orders Them Released
Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails will be released to the public in September 2018, in accordance with a court ruling pertaining to the contents of Clinton’s “backup” email device. It turns out that fired FBI director James Comey had Hillary Clinton’s definitive backup email device the entire election and never searched it. Thanks to the work citizen researcher Larry Kawa, the coverage of Big League Politics, the determined congressional work of Rep. Ron DeSantis, and the lawyers of Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch...
21:45 [Big League Politics] (E)
Trump to Tucker Carlson: ‘We Can All Work Together, We Can Live in Peace’
Today, President Donald J. Trump spread a message of world peace on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” hosted by Tucker Carlson after taking heat from the mainstream press for being “too soft” on Russia. “[Russia has] a strong military, as you know, but their economy is smaller than China, and I don’t even want to use the word adversary,” Trump said regarding U.S. relations with Russia. “We can all work together, we can do great. Everybody can do well, and we can live in peace.”
21:44 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch Victory: Court-Ordered Consent Decree Requires Kentucky to Clean Up Election Rolls
Judicial Watch announced today that a federal court judge has issued a consent decree directing the Commonwealth of Kentucky to remove the names of ineligible voters no longer in residence from its official voter registration lists. U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove of the Eastern District of Kentucky, Central Division, signed the consent decree between Judicial Watch, Kentucky and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).
21:44 [Washington`s Blog] (E)
Our Institutions Are Failing
The mainstream media and its well-paid army of “authorities” / pundits would have us believe the decline in our collective trust in our institutions is the result of fake news, i.e. false narratives and data presented as factual. If only we could rid ourselves of fake news, all would be well, as our institutions are working just fine. This mainstream narrative is itself false: our institutions are failing, and the cause isn’t fake news or Russian hacking–the cause is insider plundering and collusion, aided and abetted by a decline in transparency and accountability and the institutionalization of incompetence.
20:43 [investmentwatchblog] (E)
Ron Paul: The Trump-Putin Summit Was A Success And The Neocons Are Furious!
Presidents Trump and Putin have just concluded a press conference where although there remained some serious points of contention — specifically, Iran — both leaders agreed that their summit was a great start to restoring good relations between the US and Russia.
20:37 [Ron Paul Institute] (E)
America First, Helsinki, and Trump’s Existential Threat to the Empire
The major – perhaps only – redeeming virtue of the Donald’s ersatz campaign platform was his clear intent to seek a rapprochement with Russia, revamp America’s commitments to NATO and other cold war relics and to discard "Regime Change" as the core tenant of foreign policy. In essence, "America First" was to become the new route to domestic security and safety.
20:37 [Antiwar] (E)
Trump Declares EU a ‘Foe,’ Alongside Russia and China
In comments made during the Sunday Meet the Press show, President Trump declared that the US has “a lot of foes,” singling out the European Union first and foremost among them. He went on to say that he has “a big problem” with Germany.
20:05 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Paranoia May Destroy Ya’ – The Collective Response From the Co-Conspirators…
At first glance saying: yesterday was a very good day, might sound like spin. However, for those who have been frustrated about the lack of righteous push-back from the executive office; the attacks from the former “spygate” co-conspirators might be just what is needed to trigger President Trump to declassify the underlying material. Consider the tweets from James Comey (former FBI), John Brennan (former CIA), Sally Yates (former DOJ), and statement from Ash Carter (former DoD)...If you note they are all connected to the intelligence apparatus, and more specifically the well documented FISA...
20:03 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
McCain nennt Gipfeltreffen in Helsinki „tragischen Fehler“
Der einflussreiche US-Senator John McCain hat das Gipfeltreffen der Präsidenten der USA und Russlands, Donald Trump und Wladimir Putin, in Helsinki als einen „tragischen Fehler“ bezeichnet.
17:41 [LLAMA] (E)
Russiagate Part One: The Story That Everyone Missed
If there’s one guy that has flown under the radar when it comes to Russiagate, it’s Thor Halvorssen. He’s a Venezuelan human rights activist and an associate of Bill Browder’s so that alone should tip you off that maybe there’s some shadiness involved here. In 2013, Halvorssen invited Browder to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum, they’ve both been crying about Russia for years, and back in April, Browder spoke at Halvorssen’s New York event, PutinCon. Other speakers at the event included journalist Luke Harding, former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, and Alexei Navalny, a Russian activist...
0:45 [Youtube/Fox News] (E)
Rosenstein, Mueller want to destroy Trump’s presidency: Chris Farrell
Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell discusses Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein`s announcement that 12 Russian intelligence officers have been indicted for allegedly hacking the Democratic National Committee.
0:44 [Zero Hedge] (E)
US Message To Assad: "We Will Pull Out Of Syria If Iran Withdraws"
As Presidents Trump and Putin are set to meet Monday in Helsinki, efforts toward winding down the proxy war in Syria will no doubt be high on the agenda.
1:12 [zerohedge] (E)
The True Meaning Of "Collusion" Exposed
The indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose task it is to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and ‘Russians’, that was released yesterday by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, raises so many questions one has to be picky.
1:10 [unz] (E)
Trump Should Fire Rosenstein Immediately
Does Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers for allegedly hacking Hillary’s emails and interfering in the US election have any purpose other than to throw a monkey wrench in President Trump’s upcoming summit with Putin?
1:07 [Investment Watch Blog] (E)
Mueller’s Latest Indictment Contradicts Evidence In The Public Domain
On July 13th, 2018, an indictment was filed by Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III. This author is responding to the indictment because it features claims about Guccifer 2.0 that are inconsistent with what has been discovered about the persona, including the following: Evidence was found over 500 days ago relating to the Guccifer 2.0 persona that showed they had deliberately manipulated files to have Russian metadata. We know the process used to construct the documents was not due to accidental mistakes during the creation process.
17:18 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
FISA Abuse: It is the Risk, the Reality, and the Reason…
The prior use of FBI and NSA networks for metadata exploitation and political surveillance is what underlines all of the current activity taking place within the current political battle. Peel all of the layers of investigative schemes, intelligence deception, false and distracting media narratives -including Mueller- and what lies beneath it all is the weaponized use of database-collected material for political surveillance and exploitation. It really is that simple.
17:17 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Alan Dershowitz Discusses Peter Strzok Testimony…
Alan Dershowitz and Maria Bartiromo discuss the testimony of FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Dershowitz knows what happened. He can’t admit it openly; but he knows exactly what happened.
17:17 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Rosenstein Delivers Indictments For 12 Russians – Then Buries in Lock-box of DOJ National Security Division…
...While the DOJ document is full of detailed accusations; which has given the narrative engineers a great deal of fuel; there’s a specific aspect missing. The entire indictment (full pdf below) is based on the premise of the FBI conducting some -unexplained and unsubstantiated- form of forensic data-analysis to formulate their detailed conclusions. However, can anyone explain how this FBI forensic data-analysis was possible when the FBI was never allowed access to the DCCC, DNC and Clinton Campaign servers?.
17:15 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Attorney General Sessions Delivers Remarks Announcing National Health Care Fraud and Opioid Takedown
...Last July the Department of Justice announced a record-breaking enforcement action against health care fraud. We coordinated the efforts of more than 1,000 state and federal law enforcement agents to charge more than 400 defendants—including 56 doctors—with more than $1.3 billion in fraud. Today I am announcing that we are breaking records again. The Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services, is announcing the largest health care fraud takedown operation in American history.
17:10 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Rod Rosenstein Impeachment Plans Drawn Up: Report
Possibly to be filed as soon as Monday...
17:09 [Zero Hedge] (E)
After The Strzok Stonewall: WSJ Says Trump Should Declassify This To Expose The Truth
"Trump is undoubtedly being told that declassifying these documents would set a bad precedent, or risk accusations that he is undermining special counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation. But the worst precedent would be letting mistrust and partisan suspicion persist over how law enforcement behaved during a presidential campaign."
17:09 [Big League Politics] (E)
Woman Found Dead, Stuffed Inside Garbage Chute At Anthony Weiner’s Apartment Building
A woman has been found dead inside the garbage chute at Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s Manhattan apartment building. The woman, 48, was pronounced dead at the scene on Tuesday at 1 Irving Place in Union Square, where Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin own an apartment. However, the medical examiner has not yet provided a cause of death.
17:09 [Big League Politics] (E)
Strzok and Page Knew of Alleged Anthony Weiner Sex Trafficking Link, Hid Evidence
FBI agent Peter Strzok doctored evidence in the Anthony Weiner investigation to hide the fact that Weiner’s laptop — under investigation for his sex crimes with a minor — contained classified Hillary Clinton emails. Did Peter Strzok know that Anthony Weiner was involved in something sinister? Absolutely. Now, on the same day that a woman turned up dead stuffed in a garbage chute in Weiner and Huma Abedin’s apartment building, we are learning more revelatory information.
23:54 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-Abgeordnete wollen Vize-Justizminister absetzen – Medien
Trotz der Anklage gegen zwölf russische Bürger, die in die angebliche Eimischung Moskaus in US-Wahlen verwickelt sein sollen, bemühen sich konservative Abgeordnete des US-Repräsentantenhauses um die Amtsenthebung des Vize-Justizministers Rod Rosenstein. Dies berichtete die Zeitschrift „Politico“ unter Verweis auf informierte Quellen.
13:30 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Grand Jury Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence Officers for Hacking Offenses Related to the 2016 Election
The Department of Justice today announced that a grand jury in the District of Columbia returned an indictment presented by the Special Counsel’s Office. The indictment charges twelve Russian nationals for committing federal crimes that were intended to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. [...]Everyone charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court. At trial, prosecutors must introduce credible evidence that is sufficient to prove each defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, to the unanimous satisfaction of a jury of twelve citizens.[...]
13:29 [Daily Wire] (E)
Hillary`s Emails Went To Unauthorized Foreign Entity, Strozk Ignored, Congressman Claims
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said during the congressional hearing of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found that tens of thousands of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to an authorized foreign entity. "You said earlier in this hearing you were concerned about a hostile foreign power affecting our election," Gohmert said to Strzok. "Do you recall the former Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough having an investigation into an anomaly found on Hillary Clinton’s emails?"
12:01 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Intel Officials For Hacking DNC, Hillary Campaign
The DOJ unveiled charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers who are accused of hacking into the computer networks of the DNC and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and using Wikileaks to release "stolen documents."
11:59 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch: FBI Begins Releasing Strzok-Page Communications, DOJ Objects to Preservation Order
Judicial Watch obtains the first court-ordered production of Strzok-Page communications from the FBI. udicial Watch announced today that it has received 87 pages of records from the Department of Justice revealing former top FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page’s profanity-laced disdain for FBI hierarchy and policies. The DOJ, meanwhile, is resisting Judicial Watch’s request for a court order to preserve all responsive Page-Strzok communications.
11:59 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Bizarre, Creepy Video Of Peter Strzok Smirking Goes Viral
"Like a horror movie where the heroine sees her friend’s face morph into demon. "
10:42 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Something Rotten About the DOJ Indictment of the GRU by Publius Tacitus
Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein announced a bizarre indictment against Russian military intelligence operatives today that, rather than confirming the case of "Russian meddling" in the U.S. 2016 Presidential election raises more questions. Here are the major oddities
5:40 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
More thoughts on Trump and his thinking - 12 July 2018
First he beat up the oh, so sensitive Europeans, then he claimed they would spend 4% of GDP on defense. In response the French then said, non, We will spend only 2%. Well, that is what he wanted to hear. He doesn`t care at all if they think he is an uncultured lout. He got what he wanted.
5:36 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Some Thoughts on Trump - 11 July 2018
Trump has no policy in Syria. He has been drifting along following donor pressure to accept Israeli policy that is driven by unreasonable tribal fears. He is a pragmatist and deal maker. The R+6 has pretty much won the the war against Israeli/American/Saudi backed jihadis and the ever elusive unicorn semi-jihadis of the FSA. Trump knows when it is time to cut your losses.
1:30 [Madaniya] (F)
“Rêve américain” … la fin du chemin ?
Les réalisations de l’épopée mystique des pèlerins du MayFlower n’auront duré que quatre siècles finalement. Le bilan est lourd cependant. Cette ex-colonie de peuplement, formée de colons désespérés – des réfugiés de l’Angleterre Anglicane intégriste, conquérante et acrimonieuse – l’Angleterre impérialiste à son apogée – aura tué des centaines d’ethnies amérindiennes.
1:24 [Russia Insider] (E)
The US Has Been in Slow-Motion Collapse Since ... About 2005
"Racking up immense debt was our way of faking it. If you can’t cover your costs in the present, just borrow from the future. Unfortunately, that works only as as long as there’s some reasonable expectation that debt can be paid back. We’re so far beyond that now, it’s not funny."
1:23 [The Jimmy Dore Show/Youtube] (E)
Republican Builds Border Wall 1,000 Miles From Border
A congressional candidate makes the most ridiculous campaign ad.
0:07 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Bürgerkrieg in den USA: Seit langem verschwiegen – seit langem real
US-Bürger entwerfen Lagepläne künftiger Kämpfe, horten Munition und suchen sichere Orte, wo der 2. Bürgerkrieg ausgesessen werden könnte. Noch vor kurzem war dieses Thema in den amerikanischen Medien ein No-Go, heute schreiben renommierte New Yorker Tagesblätter darüber. Wovor haben sie Angst? Und warum gerade jetzt?
0:07 [] (E)
FBI lovers’ emails indicate urgency to find Something on Trump campaign before election: “Hurry the F up”
It’s no wonder the FBI and Justice Department have stonewalled congressional efforts to learn everything that can be learned regarding “Spygate” – the bogus ‘counterintelligence’ operation Obama’s Deep State launched so he could keep a rival presidential campaign under surveillance. Late last week the FBI and DoJ finally handed over more documents containing email exchanges from anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both of whom have since left the bureau.
0:02 [Der Überflieger] (D)
US-Präsident Donald Trump wollte Venezuela bombardieren
Nach Informationen der beiden Nachrichtenagenturen AP und CNN, hat US-Präsident Donald Trump im August vergangenen Jahres, als sich die Lage in Venezuela prekär zuspitzte, seinen engsten militärischen Beratern eine militärische Invasion vorgeschlagen.
2:21 [Parteibuch] (E)
Katholische Richterverjüngung in den USA
Ende Juni hat der Richter am Obersten Gerichtshof der USA Anthony Kennedy erklärt, am 31. Juli mit dann 82 Jahren in den Ruhestand zu gehen. US-Präsident Trump Donald hat am 9. Juli den am Bundesberufungsgericht für den District of Columbia tätigen 52-jährigen Richter Brett Kavanaugh als Ersatz für ihn zur Bestätigung durch den US-Senat nominiert.
2:15 [Russie Politics] (F)
Le sénateur américain Kennedy ou pourquoi la russophobie n`est pas conjoncturelle
Début juillet, un groupe de sénateurs américains était venu en visite en Russie, tester le terrain avant le sommet Trump / Poutine du 16 juillet.
2:37 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
The SCOTUS struggle and the emergent hatred among us
... Judge Barrett was mocked by Senator Feinstein for her religion? Has Feinstein no memory of the Shoa in which hate like hers led to millions of deaths? Kavanaugh was very clear in his speech on national TV last night that he will stand by his church and its commitment to justice and will not shrink for being called a Papist by Protestants, Jews or any others ...
1:35 [The White House] (E)
Abolishing ICE Would Erase America’s Borders And Open The Floodgates To More Crime, Drugs, And Terrorism
To the great and brave men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit. You are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements.
1:21 [TraumHawaii] (D)
The Spirit of Aloha – Was bedeutet Aloha und wie wirkt sich der Aloha-Spirit aus?
Du hast schon so viel vom Aloha-Spirit gehört. Aloha bedeutet Hallo und auch auf Wiedersehen, aber was hat es mit „Spirit of Aloha“ auf sich?
20:02 [Fox News] (E)
`They Just Didn`t Get It, But They Do Now!`: Trump Trolls His Doubters With Video Mash-Up
President Donald Trump shared a video on Twitter Sunday that trolled pundits, celebrities and media outlets that said he had no chance of winning the 2016 election.
19:37 [USA Really] (E)
PSE&G Company Kills Newark Woman for Non-payment of Debts
A 68-year-old Newark woman, Linda Daniels, died soon after the PSE&G company turned off her electricity for non-payment. She survived only a few hours due to her oxygen tank.
1:26 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Mueller`s "Pit Bull" Attorney Arranged Secret "Black Ledger" Meeting With AP Reporters
"The meeting raises serious concerns about whether a violation of grand jury secrecy occurred"
1:25 [Judicial Watch] (E)
JW Sues Over Mueller Abuse
In April, Special Counsel Mueller and the DOJ crossed yet another bridge too far, when Mueller recommended, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved, a raid on President Trump’s then-personal attorney’s home and office. At the time of the raid, I tweeted: “The raid is just one more reason to shut the Mueller operation down – it’s constitutionally suspect, ethically compromised, & frankly has no reason for being – given the fact that there’s no evidence of @RealDonaldTrump-Russia collusion.”
18:36 [youtube/trustylimbs] (E)
Chris Hedges Revolutionary Speech.
Christopher Lynn Hedges (born September 18, 1956) is an American journalist, Presbyterian minister, and visiting Princeton University lecturer.
18:32 [Press TV] (E)
US repeats mistakes about Iran: Ron Paul
Former US Congressman Ron Paul says the US is repeating the mistakes it has been making since the time of the US-led 1953 coup in Iran and is naive to think the notorious anti-Iran terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) could be a viable political force.
18:28 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-Kongressmitglied will Todesfälle von russischen Adoptivkindern untersuchen
Das Kongressmitglied und der Vertreter der US-Delegation bei der Parlamentarischen Versammlung der OSZE, Steve King, hat am Sonntag gefordert, die Todesfälle von 22 russischen Adoptivkindern in den Vereinigten Staaten zu untersuchen.
18:27 [LifeZette] (E)
New Memos Confirm Russia Probe’s ‘Hyper-Political Bias,’ Fitton Says
[...]“There is no Russia collusion, and the only collusion we’re aware of with respect to Russia is Hillary Clinton using Fusion GPS to gather Russian intelligence to smear Donald Trump,” Fitton insisted. “[Special counsel Robert] Mueller ought to be investigating how his investigation started if he’s looking for Russian collusion.”[...]
2:05 [Lars Schall] (D)
Der globale „Kreditkarten-Krieg“ der USA
In der Vergangenheit wandten die USA verschiedene Mechanismen an, um ihre Kriege zu finanzieren, und niemals zuvor haben die Vereinigten Staaten einen Krieg fast ausschließlich über die Aufnahme von Krediten geführt – so wie sie es nunmehr beim „globalen Krieg gegen den Terror“ tun.
20:57 [Press TV] (E)
Trump under fire for mocking senior Bush
US President Donald Trump has stirred controversy by poking fun at former President George H.W. Bush and his “Thousand Points of Light” slogan.
17:03 [Press TV] (E)
US to maintain North Korea sanctions as talks seem to falter
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says American sanctions on North Korea will remain in place, as talks between Washington and Pyongyang seem to have hit a snag.
15:47 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Do Not Look Away: Politicians, Pundits and Predators Continue Showcasing Democrat Ideology…
There are those who refuse to accept how deviant and perverse the underlying progressive ideology of Democrats really is; however, that tribe is shrinking. More and more Americans are waking up to understand and accept the commonality. The latest example from San Antonio, Texas, is not an exception; this is who Democrats are. Do not look away.
15:47 [Big League Politics] (E)
Who Is Q?: We Interviewed The Anons Themselves To Get To The Heart of the Mystery
As the “Q Anon” movement races into worldwide relevance, the White House press corps still refuses to address this growing phenomenon. The Q movement — predicated on the revelations of an apparent government insider named “Q” — seeks to expose the globalist criminal conspiracy that operates from within the confines of the U.S. federal government. Q alleges or implies that human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, narcotics smuggling, and unspeakable violence are being perpetrated by a small number of globalist elites, including those in the U.S. intelligence agencies ...
15:46 [Big League Politics] (E)
Proof Mueller Knows The Russians Did Not Hack The DNC
“Russia” special counsel Robert Mueller knows that the Russians did not actually hack the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and that the Christopher Steele dossier — which he still uses in his “investigation” — is false.
15:41 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
United States Announces Settlement with Kentucky Ensuring Compliance with Voter Registration List Maintenance Requirements
[...]The NVRA includes requirements for maintaining voter registration lists in elections for federal office. One of these NVRA requirements is that states make a reasonable effort to remove registrants who have become ineligible due to having died or moved. At the same time, the NVRA has protections to ensure that eligible voters remain on the rolls, including specific procedures that states must follow before removing voters who have moved to a new jurisdiction.[...]
1:29 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
„Wir sind die Trottel, die alles bezahlen“: Trump kritisiert Berlin
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat bei einer Kundgebung in der Stadt Great Falls (US-Bundesstaat Montana) Deutschland wegen dessen, aus seiner Ansicht, zu geringen Verteidigungsausgaben scharf kritisiert. Dies berichten US-Medien am Freitag.
22:26 [RT] (E)
US establishment in hysterics that Trump-Putin summit might succeed
There are many reasons the bipartisan US establishment hates Trump. His heresies from neoliberal orthodoxies on immigration and trade are prominent. But top among them is his oft-stated intention to improve relations with Russia.
15:12 [Russia Insider] (E)
America Shows Many Signs of Impending, Catastrophic Collapse
The Trump administration did not rise, prima facie, like Venus on a half shell from the sea. Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cultural and social decay. He is a product of our failed democracy.
15:07 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Trump macht Prognose für sein Treffen mit Putin
US-Präsident Donald Trump hat bei seiner Rede in der Stadt Great Falls (US-Bundesstaat Montana) seine Meinung bezüglich der Beziehungen zu Russland und des bevorstehenden Gipfels mit seinem russischen Amtskollegen Wladimir Putin geäußert, meldet der TV-Sender Fox News.
15:04 [RT] (D)
USA: Linke wenden sich von den Demokraten ab (Video)
Eine neue Bewegung in den USA sorgt gerade für Diskussionen. Ins Leben gerufen wurde sie von einem ehemaligen liberalen Wähler der US-Demokraten. Unzufrieden mit der Partei veröffentlichte er unter dem Motto "Wende dich ab" ein Video, das schnell viral ging.
15:03 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
US-Senator droht Russland mit „drakonischen Maßnahmen“
Die Vereinigten Staaten können „drakonische Maßnahmen“ gegen Russland ergreifen, falls bei der Kongress-Wahl „russische Einmischung“ festgestellt werden sollte. Dies sagte US-Senator John Neely Kennedy im Gespräch mit der Zeitung „Kommersant“.
15:01 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Credit Suisse’s Investment Bank in Hong Kong Agrees to Pay $47 Million Criminal Penalty for Corrupt Hiring Scheme that Violated the FCPA
Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited (CSHK), a Hong Kong-based subsidiary of Credit Suisse Group AG (CSAG), a Swiss-based issuer of publicly traded securities in the United States, reached a resolution with the Department of Justice and agreed to pay a $47 million criminal penalty for its role in a scheme to corruptly win banking business by awarding employment to friends and family of Chinese officials.
15:01 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Nach Korruptionsvorwürfen: US-Umweltminister tritt zurück
Nach zahlreichen Korruptionsvorwürfen muss US-Umweltminister Scott Pruitt die Konsequenzen ziehen und seinen Posten räumen. Laut US-Präsident Donald Trump gibt es bereits einen Nachfolger.
15:00 [Consortium News] (E)
Former US Envoy to Moscow Calls Intelligence Report on Alleged Russian Interference ‘Politically Motivated’
Prominent journalists and politicians seized upon a shabby, politically motivated, “intelligence” report as proof of “Russian interference” in the U.S. election without the pretense of due diligence, argues Jack Matlock, a former U.S. ambassador in Moscow. Did the U.S. “intelligence community” judge that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election?
23:29 [The Conservative Treehouse] (E)
Washington DC Chaff and Countermeasures…
Repost: A “Countermeasure” is a measure or action taken to counter or offset a preceding one. Politically speaking, the deployment of countermeasures is a tactic used by professional politicians in Washington DC to counter incoming public inquiry and protect themselves from anger expressed by the electorate. Weaponized government takes action and creates victims. Beyond the strategy – the countermeasures are politicians assigned a role to control the incoming righteous inquiry from voters who find out about the weaponized or corrupt governmental action.
23:28 [Judicial Watch] (E)
Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records About Raid on Michael Cohen’s Office, Home and Hotel Room
Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for all records related to the April 9 raid on the office, home and hotel room of Michael Cohen, then-personal attorney to President Donald Trump (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-01466)). The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Justice Department failed to respond to three separate FOIA requests.
23:26 [The Daily Caller] (E)
Anti-Trump FBI Agent May Ignore Congressional Subpoena, His Lawyer Says
Embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok may ignore a subpoena demanding his testimony before Congress July 10, his lawyer said Tuesday. "My client will testify soon, somewhere, sometime. We just got this subpoena today, so I don’t know whether or not we are going to be testifying next Tuesday in front of these two particular House subcommittees,” Aitan Goelman, the attorney for Strzok, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday.
3:52 [Covert Geopolitics] (E)
Forget the Punditry! The IG’s Report is a Bombshell – Boyd
June 15—Today, Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his 565-page report on the FBI and Justice Department’s Hillary Clinton email investigation. President Trump and various supporters have expressed outrage that Horowitz did not go further in frying former FBI Director James Comey or declaring the obvious political bias he otherwise documents in the Clinton investigation.
2:16 [LaRouchePAC] (E)
Happy Independence Day! The Spirit of the Schiller Institute
As the governments of Europe, and the EU itself, are becoming increasingly ungovernable, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche offered a path out of the chaos: rather than fighting over what to do with the refugees flooding into Europe from the war-torn and impoverished nations of Southwest Asia and Africa, join forces instead with China`s New Silk Road, to rebuild those suffering nations and restore hope to their people.
2:08 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Amazon`s Fusion With The State Shows Neoliberalism`s Drift To Neo-Fascism
"This year may go down in history as a turning-point when the world finally woke up to the dark side of the ubiquitous presence of popular Silicon Valley companies in our daily lives. One can only hope so, at least.
2:08 [Activist Post] (E)
Paradigm Shift: Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Hemp, Introduces Bill To Federally Decriminalize Cannabis
It is no secret that in America, political change is a slow and agonizing process. For years, lawmakers have paid lip service to the topic of decriminalizing cannabis while millions have continued to suffer as their medicine remains “illegal” and millions more are arrested for possessing a plant that is legal, in some form, in over half of the country. Thankfully, the United States Senate has finally begun to take meaningful steps towards rectifying this injustice.
14:53 [RT] (D)
Vor Gipfeltreffen zwischen Putin und Trump: Die Krim als ewiges Argument für Sanktionen
Die Sprecherin des Weißen Hauses Sarah Sanders verkündete am Montag, die US-Sanktionen gegen Russland würden aufgrund der "Annexion" der Krim aufrechterhalten. Sicherheitsberater John Bolton hatte sich vorsichtiger geäußert, ganz zu schweigen von Trump selbst.
14:52 [Voltairenet] (D)
Was Donald Trump vorbereitet
Nachdem Thierry Meyssan die historischen Bezüge von Donald Trump (der konstitutionelle Kompromiss von 1789, die Beispiele von Andrew Jackson und Richard Nixon) und die Wahrnehmung seiner Politik durch seine Anhänger untersucht hat, analysiert er Trumps anti-imperialistisches Vorgehen. Es geht für den amerikanischen Präsidenten nicht darum, „zur guten alten Zeit“ zurückzukehren, sondern im Gegenteil darum, die Interessen der herrschenden transnationalen Klasse aufzugeben, um seine nationale Wirtschaft zu entwickeln.
14:51 [World Alternative Media/youtube] (E)
Cynthia McKinney On Government: "It`s All FAKE!" (FULL Exclusive Interview)
Josh Sigurdson talks with former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney about a host of important issues. Starting off, we ask Cynthia about her thoughts on voluntaryism or private contract governance. Then she goes into what she`s learned since being a politician. Moving on, we talk about the left right paradigm and people being dependent on the state to save them. She talks about witnessing first hand that everything in government is fake. It`s all a scripted show. While Bush, Obama and Trump all ran on change successfully, the puppetmasters continue to do as they please b
20:42 [Russia Insider] (E)
American Evangelicals Are More Supportive of Israel Than American Jews - Pew Poll
What IS surprising is the level of support for the state of Israel, particularly when one looks at a comparison between the levels of support from the American Christian community and the American Jewish community. Here is what Pew found regarding American attitudes toward the existence of Israel as a nation given to the Jewish people by God based on religious affiliation, noting that the numbers don`t always add up to 100 percent because some respondents declined to answer or said that they "didn`t know"
1:13 [Big League Politics] (E)
IG Report: FBI, Secret Service Planned Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting
As the American public continues to digest the revelations from the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s 500-page report, BizPac Review discovered a detail that has not yet been reported.
1:13 [Neon Nettle] (E)
Ex-Secret Service Agent Files $1.5 Billion Lawsuit Against Clintons
RICO case includes Podesta, Soros, Media Matters and Clinton Foundation. A former Secret Service agent has filed a huge $1.5 billion lawsuit against the Clintons and their cronies. The mega-RICO case has been issued by ex-SS Gary Byrne and the defendants in the suit include Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, David Brock, and the Soros-funded trolling website Media Matters.
1:10 [United States Department of Justice] (E)
National Health Care Fraud Takedown Results in Charges Against 601 Individuals Responsible for Over $2 Billion in Fraud Losses
Largest Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action in Department of Justice History Resulted in 76 Doctors Charged and 84 Opioid Cases Involving More Than 13 Million Illegal Dosages of Opioids. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex M. Azar III, announced today the largest ever health care fraud enforcement action involving 601 charged defendants across 58 federal districts, including 165 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals, for their alleged participation in health care fraud schemes involving more than $2 billion....
17:38 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Surprise! US Taxpayers, Not Illinoisans, Will Cover Most Of The Public Funding For Obama-Land Fiasco In Chicago
"What matters is that funding by any taxpayers for the center is wrong and that the public has been duped. A privately funded presidential library morphed into a monument to hubris and the arrogance of power: Obamaland."
16:13 [Press TV] (E)
Trump administration reportedly drafted bill that ignores WTO rules
The administration of US President Donald Trump has reportedly drafted a bill that allows the White House to unilaterally raise tariffs without congressional consent and offers Trump significantly more discretion over US trade policy.
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