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Daesh ist unsere Antwort auf eure Unterstützung für die Dawa.
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16:57 [Asia Times] (E)
Why North Korea is rejecting talks with South Korea
There is no reason for the North to hold talks with the South since Pyongyang has no need for what Seoul is offering at this time
12:53 [Press TV] (E)
China tells India to stop meddling in contested Himalayan region
China has called on India to withdraw its troops from a Himalayan region, disputed by both China and New Delhi’s ally Bhutan, vowing that it will defend its sovereignty “at whatever cost.”
13:43 [Asia Times] (E)
What sanctions? North Korea economy grows at fastest pace in 17 years
North Korea’s economy grew at its fastest pace in 17 years in 2016, South Korea’s central bank said on Friday, despite the isolated country facing international sanctions aimed at curbing its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
4:36 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Nordkoreanern droht Hungersnot – Uno
Wegen der schwersten Dürre in Nordkorea seit 16 Jahren benötigt Pjöngjang dringliche Hilfe der Völkergemeinschaft. Das geht laut der Zeitung „The South China Morning Post“ aus einem Bericht der Ernährungs- und Landwirtschaftsorganisation der Uno (FAO) hervor. Der Landwirtschaft seien schwere Schäden angerichtet worden.
8:59 [InfoMilitarisierung] (D)
Südkorea: Kampf um die Demokratie
In Südkorea ist die politische Linke starken Repressionen ausgesetzt. Zahlreiche Aktivisten sitzen im Gefängnis. Während des G-20-Gipfels vergangene Woche lächelte Südkoreas neugewählter Präsident Moon Jae In für ein Gruppenbild mit Donald Trump und dem japanischen Präsidenten Shinzo Abe in die Kameras. Unterdessen protestierten in Seoul Tausende für die Freilassung der politischen Gefangenen im Land.
10:11 [The Local (Danmark)] (E)
Chinese navy sails through Danish waters
A Chinese military vessels are currently being escorted through Danish waters as part of a Chinese-Russian joint military exercise that will also see a Russian submarine and nuclear cruiser in Danish maritime territory. Denmark’s military operations centre confirmed that a unit of Chinese ships was currently in Danish territorial waters.
14:42 [Radio Utopie] (D)
Weltweit erster globaler Küstenwachen-Gipfel
Japan wird als Gastgeberland vierzig Staaten zu einem Küstenwachen-Gipfel am 14.September 2017 in Tokio einladen.
14:24 [Sputnik news] (E)
South Korea wants to talk to North Korea.
Pyongyang may also be inclined to talk — as it had already indicated. But there may be preconditions, as in the suspension of those provocative, annual US-South Korean military drills. The US will say no. Once again, it`s all about Washington.
20:57 [Consortium News] (E)
The Logic in North Korean ‘Madness’
North Korea’s nuclear deterrent is a logical – not crazy – reaction to U.S. “regime change” wars in Iraq and Libya, two countries attacked after they surrendered their WMD stockpiles, reports retired Col. Ann Wright.
10:58 [Telepolis] (D)
Indien und China: Die schlimmsten Spannungen seit langem
Die beiden asiatischen Giganten streiten um einige karge, aber strategisch wichtige Felsbrocken und Geröllhalden im Himalaya. Seit Mitte Juni stehen sich im chinesisches und indisches Militär in Dreiländereck Bhutan, Indien und China gegenüber. Bisher ist kein Soldat zu Schaden gekommen, aber man spricht von der ärgsten Konfrontation seit 1967, dem letzten ähnlichen Vorfall, bei dem es ganz in der Nähe des aktuellen Schauplatzes mehrere Tote auf beiden Seiten gegeben hatte.
3:40 [Xinhua] (E)
China`s industrial output expands 6.9 pct in H1
China`s value-added industrial output, an important economic indicator, expanded 6.9 percent year on year in the first half of this year, compared with the 6.8-percent increase for the first quarter, official data showed Monday.
19:46 [Sputnik] (E)
South Korea May Try Replace Years of Hawkishness With New `Sunshine Policy`
South Korea has proposed holding military talks with its northern neighbor, the first such talks since 2014. President Moon Jae-in, who was elected in May, is seeking a return to the "sunshine policy" which led to improved relations with North Korea.
17:20 [Xinhua] (E)
China completes Beijing-Xinjiang desert freeway sections
Three new sections of freeway, mostly in desert areas, were put into use on Saturday, marking the completion of a freeway between Beijing and northwest China`s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
1:44 [RT] (E)
‘Get used to it’: China warns Japan after routine drills over western Pacific
Beijing describes the latest overflight of Chinese warplanes between two Japanese islands in the western Pacific as “routine exercises,” and says that Tokyo should “get used to” the practice.
0:48 [Sputnik] (E)
Pyongyang Observed to Be Ramping Up Nuclear Weapons Fuel Processing
Pyongyang has stepped up its manufacture of nuclear weapons fuel, according to a US group’s interpretation of recent satellite surveillance data.
22:04 [The American Conservative] (E)
Don’t Be Fooled, There Is No ‘Diplomacy’ With North Korea
Some would prefer a preemptive attack.
22:00 [Press TV] (E)
China defends imports of North Korean iron ore
China defended Thursday its purchase of iron ore from North Korea following criticism by US President Donald Trump and said it is "strictly and earnestly" complying with UN sanctions.
2:44 [China Daily] (E)
China plans world-leading bay area covering Guangdong, HK, Macao
A draft plan to turn the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area into the world`s largest bay area in terms of GDP by 2030 has been filed with the national economic planner, according to an official.
23:33 [Asia Times] (E)
Crisis after crisis, Duterte still on top
While confronting his biggest political crisis in Mindanao, where Islamic State-affiliated groups have stepped up a campaign of terror, he has managed to rally all relevant domestic and international partners, including China and the United States, to his government’s side.
11:44 [German Foreign Policy] (D)
Das Jahr der Entscheidung
Deutsche Nordkorea-Experten warnen vor einer ungeplanten militärischen Eskalation im Machtkampf um die nordkoreanischen Atom- und Raketenprogramme.
23:09 [Xinhua] (E)
Premier calls for more efforts to promote economic upgrading in west China
Premier Li Keqiang had underlined the importance of reform and innovation in promoting the economic development and upgrading in west China.
18:05 [Sputnik] (D)
USA hetzen Asiaten gegen Asiaten auf – Zeitung
Die USA wollen China dazu zwingen, härter gegen Nordkorea vorzugehen. Damit will Washington einen Keil zwischen die Asiaten treiben, wie das Zentralblatt der Nordkoreanischen Arbeiterpartei, „Rodong Sinmun“, schreibt.
11:53 [Press TV] (E)
Protesters in Japan stage rally in objection to new anti-terror law
Thousands of Japanese have held a rally in Tokyo in protest at a controversial anti-terror law adopted last month, urging the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to step down.
21:24 [RT] (E)
North Korea warns of nuclear war after US bombers carry out ‘provocative’ live-fire drills
North Korean state media has condemned a US bombing drill on the Korean peninsula, warning that the move could spark a nuclear war.
17:16 [Sputnik] (E)
Pipeline of Peace: How Russian Gas Could Soothe Tensions in the Korean Peninsula
A project to import Russian gas to South Korea via North Korea could be a valuable economic and political tool that fosters more economic cooperation between the two Koreas.
16:02 [Asialyst] (F)
Chine : Xi Jinping à la manœuvre au niveau de l’état central
Xi contrôle de manière effective plus de la moitié de la scène politique provinciale chinoise depuis la fin 2016 ainsi que nous l’avons vu ces dernières semaines.
14:13 [Sputnik] (F)
Séoul ne veut pas «engloutir» Pyongyang et se dit prêt à dialoguer
Le Président sud-coréen Moon Jae-in a affirmé que Séoul ne voulait pas «engloutir» Pyongyang par l’intégration et qu’il était prêt à rencontrer le dirigeant nord-coréen «n’importe où et n’importe quand» dans des conditions convenables dans le but de régler le conflit dans la péninsule coréenne.
7:33 [Asialyst] (F)
Nuages à venir sur la relation Washington-Séoul
Les sourires crispés et convenus ne trompent que les naïfs. Derrière une unité de façade face à la menace nord-coréenne – le contraire eut été surprenant ! – Donald Trump et son homologue sud-coréen, Moon Jae-in, ont bien peu de terrains sur lesquels ils vont pouvoir s’entendre.
7:21 [Strategika 51] (F)
Pyongyang: vers l’indépendance stratégique
La Corée du Nord a accompli un pas supplémentaire vers son indépendance stratégique. la Corée du Nord a lancé le missile balistique à portée intercontinentale « Hwasong-14 » à 0040 UTC le 4 juillet 2017 vers l’est à partir d’un site près de l’aérodrome Panghyon de Kusong.
21:00 [Xinhua] (E)
China ready to join S. Korea in restoring healthy development of ties: Xi
Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Thursday that China would like to join South Korea in returning bilateral ties to the track of healthy development.
15:24 [SouthFront] (E)
China’s Maritime Strategic Realignment
China has begun construction of the first Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) at the Shanghai based Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Company. Construction most likely started in January or February of this year, with some satellite imagery and digital photos appearing online of at least one pre-fabricated hull cell.
19:47 [Tass] (E)
Expert sees Pyongyang’s new missile launch as game-changer in US-North Korean relations
According to the Russian expert, after the launch one can state that Pyongyang has acquired nuclear deterrence means
11:14 [Sputnik] (E)
North Korean ICBM Could Travel Nearly 5,000 Miles
North Korea`s latest intercontinental ballistic missile could reach a flight path of nearly 5,000 miles, South Korean media cited experts as saying Tuesday.
17:17 [Sputnik Deutschland] (D)
Russland legt Partnern Plan zur Regelung der Korea-Krise vor
Russland hat einen Plan zur Regelung der Krise auf der koreanischen Halbinsel ausgearbeitet und schlägt den USA vor, auf eine weitere Eskalation zu verzichten und schrittweise zur Entspannung der Situation überzugehen.
2:26 [Pepe Escobar] (E)
´HK’s role for next 20 years? Silk Road ‘super-connector’
´Hong Kong appears to have lost its unique position as a gateway to China, and then attempted to rebrand itself as a glitzy entertainment/shopping/tourism hub. But that’s just not enough
19:30 [Sputnik] (E)
China Gives Millions of Dollars in Weapons to the Philippines to Fight Daesh
The Philippines are getting millions in weaponry from China in a move to fight Daesh. Philippines Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that Beijing has donated $ 7.35 million in weapons and ammunition to fight the terrorists.
18:44 [Press TV] (E)
Japan’s ruling party suffers defeat in Tokyo election
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe`s Liberal Democratic Party suffered a historic defeat in an election in the Japanese capital on Sunday, signaling trouble ahead for the premier, who has suffered from slumping support because of a favoritism scandal.
13:05 [Xinhua] (E)
DPRK calls on Seoul to resist U.S. attempt to prevent inter-Korean relations from improving
The Democratic People`s Republic of Korea (DPRK) said Sunday South Korea should resist U.S. attempt to use DPRK`s nuclear issue as a pretext to prevent inter-Korean relations from improving.
0:57 [Le Savoir perdu des Anciens] (F)
La Chine commence à construire la première ville « forestière » du monde
La première « Forest City » du monde, bâtie pour lutter contre la pollution, est maintenant en construction à Liuzhou, dans la province du Guangxi, en Chine. Conçue par Stefano Boeri Architetti, la ville accueillera une communauté d’environ 30 000 personnes.
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