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Zivilisation ist die Kunst, mehr Bedürfnisse zu schaffen als Mittel zu ihrer Befriedigung
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8:26 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Pepe Escobar: No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China
The New Silk Roads – or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – were launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013, first in Central Asia (Nur-Sultan) and then Southeast Asia (Jakarta). One year later, the Chinese economy overtook the U.S. on a PPP basis. Inexorably, year after year since the start of the millennium, the U.S. share of the global economy shrinks while China’s increases. China is already the key hub of the global economy and the leading trade partner of nearly 130 nations. While the U.S. economy is hollowed out, and the casino financing of the U.S. government – repo markets and all – reads as a dystopian nightmare, the civilization-state steps ahead in myriad areas of technological research, not least because of Made in China 2025.
7:43 [Tass] (E)
Chinese Foreign Ministry calls US world’s biggest spy in cyberspace, ‘empire of hackers’
The United States has become the "largest state actor of espionage in the cyber space," and "empire of hackers," Chinese Foreign Ministry’s official spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters on Monday. The statement came in response to a question about media reports that US intelligence used the Swiss company Crypto AG`s encoding devices to spy on other countries. "Facts have proven time and again that as the largest state actor of espionage in the cyber space, the US is worthy of the name of "empire of hackers". The sky`s the limit with the US when it comes to spying," the diplomat said.
16:10 [responsiblestatecraft] (E)
Duterte’s gambit: Why Americans should thank the hot-headed leader of the Philippines
...During any normal news cycle, however, the announcement by the government of the Philippines that it had served official notice to Washington that it was terminating the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), would amount to a geopolitical tsunami.
14:39 [TASS] (E)
Japan’s Foreign Minister states change of phase in talks with Russia
Talks between Japan and Russia are making a transition to another phase, when parties discuss key issues in a more positive way, Japan’s Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.
9:39 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
The Philippines Want the U.S. Out and They Are Not Alone
The pawns of the Grand Chessboard are starting to move much more boldly – in an unpredicted by the punditry decision the Philippines have asked U.S. forces to leave their islands indefinitely. It was impossible to think even 10 or 15 years ago that a country as completely militarily helpless as the Philippines would dare to stand up to Uncle Sam, but now this has become a reality. In a microcosm this move could be blamed on Duterte’s fiery personal character, or as some sort of fluke, but this is a growing trend that will probably continue for at least the next few years, in which ideology actually plays a major unseen role.
23:39 [Indian Punchline] (E)
China, Myanmar to build shared future. What’s there for India?
The state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Myanmar on January 17-18, the first of its kind in nineteen years, has been a transformative event in regional politics from the perspective of China-Myanmar bilateral relations as well as regional security. The “comprehensive strategic partnership” between the two countries is moving toward building a Myanmar-China Community with a Shared Future “based on the aims of mutual benefits, equality and win-win cooperation,” as the joint statement issued after Xi’s visit frames it.
21:59 [RT] (E)
China’s smart supercities powered by 5G to become new growth engine
The next phase of growth in China could come from developing smart supercities through 5G connectivity, smart grids, renewable energy and modern transportation, according to a report by Morgan Stanley.
17:40 [Tehran Times] (E)
China calls for respecting sovereignty, territorial integrity of Iraq
People’s Republic of China in its reaction to the US airstrikes on Friday in Iraq, which led to the martyrdom of IRGC Commander of Quds Force General Ghasem Soleimani, called for respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq.
12:49 [RT] (E)
We bombed it, we own it: US wants China to take its hands off Cambodia
As Washington is getting annoyed by Phnom Penh’s growing ties with China, Cambodia is likely to become the focal point of a major rivalry between China and the United States in the global chess game.
19:41 [Xinhua] (E)
Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway to go into service Monday
The railway is 174 km long, with a maximum design speed of 350 kph. Chongli railway, a branch line of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, will also come into service on Monday. It is 53 km long, with a maximum design speed of 250 kph.
16:30 [Xinhua] (E)
Northwest Chinese city opens high-speed rail
Northwest China`s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region opened its first high-speed railway on Sunday.
15:58 [Global Times] (E)
What’s Plan B for US as jobs go to Southeast Asia?
A new trade pattern seems to be taking shape among the US, China, and Vietnam as the trade war has given Chinese businesses strong incentives to transport goods to Vietnam for assembling and relabeling so as to avoid the hefty tariffs.
20:28 [Indian Punchline] (E)
Why Hindutva is a pariah in world opinion
The international community is shell-shocked over India’s degeneration into authoritarian rule under Modi’s watch in such a short period of time. Western writers are seeking clues from Modi’s political career to put in perspective current events in India. When a democratically-elected government shoots down dissenting citizens in cold blood and moves on nonchalantly, it causes a sense of revulsion in the civilised world. The outside world — Muslim World and the Christian world alike — tend to view the CAA and NRC as patently ‘anti-Muslim’.
2:53 [] (E)
China detaining millions of Uyghurs?
Serious problems with claims by US-backed NGO and far-right researcher ‘led by God’ against Beijing. Claims that China has detained millions of Uyghur Muslims are based largely on two studies. By Ajit Singh and Max Blumenthal
2:47 [Global Times] (E)
China, Japan, S.Korea strengthen relations in trilateral summit
Closer bonds weaken influence of Washington in Northeast Asia
9:09 [youtube/thecrowhouse] (E)
Australia - Wake Up Or Die!
The Drought and accompanying firestorm currently gripping Australia has been brought about, and is being managed, very deliberately. And the treasonous criminal racketeers masquerading as the Australian Government are using the drought they have purposely manufactured to push Agenda 21 onto the people of Australia.
0:04 [One World] (E)
The Self-Professed `World`s Largest Democracy` Is Experiencing A Real Uprising
Increasingly violent protests are sweeping the self-professed "world`s largest democracy" as its people fight to protect the secular nature of their state following Prime Minister Modi`s decision to push forward with a religiously discriminatory citizenship amendment, with this national uprising being met with the disproportionate use of force by law enforcement authorities who are showing zero concern for the collateral damage that they`re causing, especially after they stormed the Jamia Millia Islamia (JMU) university on Sunday and injured at least 100 students.
3:18 [Zero Hedge] (E)
China Threatens To Kill German Car Exports Should Huawei Be Banned
"See, last year, 28 million cars were sold in China, 7 million of those were German. Can we just declare German cars unsafe..."
17:18 [CGTN] (E)
Fighting terrorism in Xinjiang
15-Dec-2019 - Between 1990 and 2016, thousands of terrorist attacks shook the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China, killing large numbers of innocent people and hundreds of police officers. Horrific stabbings and bombings rocked the land once known as a commercial hub on China`s ancient Silk Road. The damage to local communities was incalculable while stability in the region quickly deteriorated. Authorities have been trying hard to restore peace to this land. In this exclusive CGTN exposé, we show you never-before-seen footage documenting the frightening tragedies in Xinjiang and the resilience of its people.
15:57 [Today online] (E)
3 in 10 Malaysians can’t afford food, says World Bank report Read more at
Citing the Gallup World Poll, it said the number of Malaysians who felt this way last year doubled from 2012. “This is more prominent among those living in urban areas, where the poll results more than tripled from 8.6 per cent to 28.7 per cent. In rural areas, those who feel that they do not have enough money for food rose from 18.6 per cent to 30 per cent.”
12:28 [RT] (E)
N. Korea envoy at UN says denuclearization ‘already off the table’ in talks with US
North Korea’s ambassador to the UN has rejected Washington’s call for “sustained and substantial dialogue,” saying that the denuclearization sought by the Trump administration is already “gone out (sic) of the negotiating table.”
15:12 [Sputnik news] (E)
Why Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Joining the Hong Kong Protests?
Leaders of far-right Ukrainian groups that rose to prominence in the 2014 coup d’etat they helped orchestrate, including the Azov Battalion and Right Sektor, have recently traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the anti-Beijing protests there. It’s unclear why the groups, sporting the apparel of a far-right hooligan group called “Honor” or “Gonor,” have gone to Hong Kong, but the fact that both the 2014 Ukrainian coup and the present protests in Hong Kong have enjoyed extensive support from the CIA-spawned National Endowment for Democracy may give a clue.
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