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20:18 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Why GDP Is Fake
... Hurricanes are a direct hit to your nation’s balance sheet. The national income statement goes up because of increased spending to replace lost assets, but the “equity” part of the national balance sheet ends up taking a hit in direct proportion to the damage that occurred. ...
17:40 [Goldseiten] (D)
Wacht der schlafende Riese auf?
Wenn der Name "Russland" fällt, laufen Unternehmer, Investoren und normale Stimmbürger rasch in Deckung - zumindest gedanklich. Neben Trump ist Putin und sein Umkreis die Quelle allen Übels...Der üble Putin verhalf angeblich dem noch übleren Trump zum Sieg, schaltete durch seine Manipulationen die engelhafte Clinton per Hackerattacken aus, hackt seither Tag und Nacht fast alle westlichen Webseiten und Server rund um die Uhr weiter...Nach dieser Melodie jedenfalls beten die westlichen Medien ihre tägliche Anti-Russland-Litanei wie einen Rosenkranz herunter.
15:32 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The `Hyper-Crash` Is Coming
It`s Not The Everything Bubble, It`s The Global Short Volatility Bubble
21:35 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Saudi `Plunge Protection Team` Rescues Stocks As Riyal Devaluation Bets Surge
As the FX markets came to life last night after a tense weekend in the middle east, it is clear that anxiety about the Saudi Riyal is at the forefront. Forward bets on devaluation/depegging surged most in 7 months as shares in bin-Talal`s Kingdom Holdings continued their slide to the lowest since Dec 2011.
14:03 [Neulandrebellen] (D)
Stubenmenschen dürfen jetzt auch vorne rein
Pakete von Amazon können künftig direkt im Wohnzimmer des Bestellers abgestellt werden. Das sei eine reine Vertrauensfrage heißt es in der medialen Darstellung dazu.
20:17 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Dear Jay... You Have A Problem
Financial conditions just tumbled to their `easiest` in 24 years - despite four rate hikes. Jerome Powell has his work cut out persuading the market that he is serious (before this bubble bursts).
10:54 [Reseau International] (F)
Pourquoi les prix des matières premières repartent à la hausse ?
Après cinq mois consécutifs de baisse, les prix des matières premières importées en France se sont envolés en août 2017, comme le montrent les données définitives de l’INSEE.
22:44 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Gold Spikes On Massive Volume After Trump`s Fed Chair Comments
The Dollar index dropped and gold jumped as President Trump told reporters during a meeting with the prime minister of Singapore that he was "very very close" to a decision on who would be the next chair(person) of The Fed...
12:41 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Bank Of America: "This Could Send The Nasdaq To 10,000"
...“if we don’t see a sustained cyclical jump in wages, then yields won’t go up. And if yields don’t go up, then the asset price ascent will accelerate,” continued the strategist. “Which will lead us into a 2018 that looks like what we had expected out of 2017; a war against inequality, a battle for Main Street at the expense of Wall Street, an Occupy Silicon Valley movement.” He paused, flipping through his calendar. "Then you’ll have this nightmare for the next Federal Reserve chief, because they’ll have to pop a bubble.”...
14:46 [The Future of Freedom Foundation] (E)
Separating Economy and State
Throughout history, governments have controlled and regulated economic activity and monetary affairs. It has been generally accepted that such control and regulation are among the essential functions of government. The notion has always been that without government control and regulation of the economy and money, there would be economic and monetary chaos and disorder that would cause suffering for everyone, especially the poor.
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