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Was man heute bekämpfen muss, ist die Angst und das Schweigen... Was man verteidigen muss, ist der Dialog und die weltweite Kommunikation zwischen den Menschen.
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19:45 [Global Research] (E)
Truth About Syria.”How Could Corporate Journalists Get Away with Their Lies…”
Damascus, December 2018. Two great independent journalists sit down together: Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley Eva Bartlett: ‘when I arrived on the 29th (of December 2018) I was told that, aside from yourself (gestures to Vanessa Beeley), I was the only other western journalist in Syria. And it struck me not so much as surprising, in fact it’s more expected, that corporate media journalists could very well be here, but they’re not.’ Vanessa Beeley: ‘Well, there’s been silence in the media about what is effectively a victory for Syria, for the secularism of Syria against extremism and persecution and tyranny.’
4:27 [Project Veritas] (E)
Part 3: Field Ops Manager At Cnn: Zucker’s 9am Calls Are ‘bullsh*t;’ “we’re Totally Left-leaning…(But) We Don’t Want To Admit It”
Manager of Field Operations at CNN Patrick Davis Complains “We Could Be So Much Better Than What We Are. “I Haven’t Listened to a 9AM (Rundown) Call in About 15 Years…Just, I Can’t Listen to It,” Explains Davis, “It’s All Just a Bunch of Bullshit.” Field Production Supervisor at CNN Gerald Sisnette: “The Only Way This Will Go Away is When He (Trump) Dies. Hopefully Soon.” “They Sold Themselves to the Devil. It’s, It’s Sad.” Laments Floor Manager at CNN Mike Brevna. “We Used to Cover News,” Complains Senior Field Engineer at CNN Scott Garber, “We Used to Go Out and Do Stories.” Zucker Admits to Being Personally Responsible for Impeachment Coverage: “I Am the One Saying We Should Just Stay on Impeachment.”
4:24 [Project Veritas] (E)
Part 2: CNN Leadership and Staffers Reveal True Sentiments; Network Picks Favorites Among Democratic Candidates on Eve of Debate
CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez Says, ‘Joe Biden Has a Problem’ Because of his Son’s Foreign Business Dealings; “It Looks Bad. It Smells Bad.” CNN President Jeff Zucker Pushes Kamala Harris’ Demand to Take Down Trump’s Twitter Account; “I Think it’s a Good Segment…Not Going to Happen, But it’s a Good Talking – it’s a Good Segment.” Zucker on Harris: “She is Also Retooling Her Struggling Campaign.” CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra Says Network is Less Fair to Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar, “They’re Pro-Top Contenders.” Sierra: “I Think They Like Warren a Lot” “…They Don’t Like Tulsi Gabbard”. CNN Media Coordinator Nick Neville Says “People Would Change the Channel” if Network Broadcasted a Biden Rally.
4:03 [RT] (E)
Media and politicians didn’t care about chaos the US caused in Syria for years, but now that Trump can be blamed, they’re outraged
Mainstream US media has been the biggest cheerleader for Washington’s chaos production in Syria for years, but now, as Donald Trump pulls troops out of the northeast, they’re suddenly outraged. Spare us the crocodile tears.
8:19 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
Controlled Explanations Rule the Western World
The least trusted American Institution, other than the CIA, is the FBI. McClatchy news reports that the FBI has “expanded its task force on election security beyond examining Russian efforts ahead of the 2020 race to include intelligence activities by China, Iran and North Korea.” “A White House official told McClatchy that the National Security Council stands by its assessment made public in June that Beijing intends to influence the election to suit its interests.”
7:06 [Mediaite] (E)
ABC News Apologizes For Airing Fake Bombing Video During Report on Syria
The video, aired on ABC’s World News Tonight, with anchor Tom Llamas’ claiming that the footage showed “Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town.” The video, however, was not from Syria as reported, but instead “a military gun demonstration in Kentucky that was published to YouTube in 2017,” according to Gizmodo.
20:17 [The Vineyard of the Saker] (E)
Debunking the Putin and Netanyahu/Israel work together canard (final installment)
This will not be an analysis or even a commentary. Neither am I siding with, or expressing support for, the Turkish military operation in norther Syria. Finally, I am not discussing the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the Kurdish Independence movement. All I propose to do here, is to draw your attention to a series of facts and logical imperatives which, in my opinion debunk and falsify the disinformation campaign aimed at convincing us that Putin and Netanyahu are working hand in glove or, even better, that Putin is a puppet of the Israelis. So, with that in mind, here we go
9:27 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
"Top Secret" Russian Unit That "Destabilizes Europe" Is A Well Known Small Arms Training Base
Two days ago the New York Times published a sensational story about alleged Russian fiendishness. It was headlined: Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say. According to the story unit 29155 of the Russian military intelligence service GRU is responsible for the Skripal affair in Britain, the attempts to murder a Bulgarian arms dealer, a failed coup attempt in Montenegro and a `destabilization campaign` in Moldavia. All those alleged operations have a common aspect. They failed to achieve their alleged objective. But the NYT piece does not emphasize that. It instead raises a very scary picture
13:05 [ZeroHedge] (E)
Erdogan`s Syria Invasion Begins: Turkish Jets Filmed Bombing Kurdish Targets
Erdogan`s promised Turkish military operation in northeast Syria has begun, as confirmed by regional media and video footage. On Monday night Turkish fighter jets commenced bombing the Semelka Border Crossing in far northeast Syria on the border with Iraq. Both Hezbollah-affiliated al-Mayadeen television channel and Israeli media are also reporting Turkish jets have attacked Kurdish targets in northern Syria.
13:27 [youtube/the Duran] (E)
DEMS & their media puppets, having hard time keeping Ukraine hoax believable
The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the Ukrainegate hoax narrative, that is so ridiculous and stupid, that even the Democrats` mainstream media mouthpieces are having a hard time keeping the impeachment story somewhat believable.
13:12 [Caitlin Johnstone] (E)
Twitter Suspends Accounts For Propaganda, Has Literal Propagandist As High-Level Executive
Middle East Eye‘s Ian Cobain has published an exclusive titled “Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army ‘psyops’ soldier”, exposing the fact that Twitter’s senior editorial executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa also works for an actual, literal propaganda unit in the British military called the 77th Brigade. Which is mighty interesting, considering the fact that Twitter constantly suspends accounts from non-empire-aligned nations based on the allegation that they are engaging in propaganda. “The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East is also a part-time officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit,” Cobain writes.
10:02 [Global Research] (E)
Hong Kong versus Iraq Protests
What began in Baghdad spread elsewhere in the country, protesting against hugely corrupt and repressive rule, ordinary Iraqis exploited and otherwise abused, their fundamental rights ignored. Coverage by establishment media differs markedly throughout months of US-orchestrated violence in Hong Kong — falsely blaming city authorities and Beijing for what Trump regime hardliners initiated. In Iraq, ordinary people are largely blamed for regime high crimes committed against them.
17:50 [youtube/TruNews] (E)
Murdoch Family’s Fox News Pulls Out Daggers for Donald Trump
Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart examine the latest news regarding the controversy surrounding the connections of the Biden family in Ukraine, and the continued attacks from the Left to impeach Donald Trump.
21:09 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
High Treason Being Committed By “Democratic” Party and US Media Before Our Eyes
If you are such an insouciant, dumbshit, totally stupid American that you cannot see that there is in front of your eyes, assuming you have any eyes open, an attempt based entirely in the constant repeat of lies by the presstitute media to destroy the political stability of the United States, you should be lined up against the wall and shot for your unimaginable stupidity. That is the message I am getting from many readers.
15:04 [Mint Press News] (E)
In the Western Media Narrative, SAA-Targeted Underground Bunkers and Terrorist-Run Prisons Become “Hospitals”
by Vanessa Beeley - We should not allow ourselves to be collectively hypnotized into believing the media hype that would portray armed-group murderers as heroes, and the Syrian people and government struggling to expel them from their country as the villains. In recently liberated Qalaat Al Madiq — 500 meters from As Suqaylabiyah, a predominantly Christian town near Syria’s embattled Idlib province — the White Helmets, a controversial rescue group financed primarily by the U.K. Foreign Office, was found to have an established presence in a network of tunnels. The tunnels zigzagged under a former wheat factory that had since been converted into a headquarters of Nusra Front/HTS — Al Qaeda in Syria. This has been a pattern repeated in many of the areas liberated from extremist groups in Syria: a White Helmets presence alongside the Nusra Front, or whichever extremist group happens to dominate specific districts of the occupied territories.
19:59 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Legitimized US Propaganda Against Russia and China
As far back as World War I, British propaganda already showed the world its might and effectiveness at a time of a political and military conflict. Since then, little has changed when it comes to the use of propaganda against enemies, but still, Washington and London have been perfecting this war tool as well as means of disseminating it. The technological revolution in recent decades yielded quite an effective way of disseminating propaganda, such as the Internet and online social networks.
14:31 [Corey`s Digs] (E)
30 Big Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans
Confused by what’s real and what’s a hoax or a flat-out lie? The magnitude of hoaxes and lies being perpetrated by Deep State is so expansive, they had to cover their tracks by having Google/YouTube conceal search results for “hoax,” “hoax crisis actors,” and “false flags.”
21:32 [The Wall Street Journal] (E)
Aramco’s Repairs Could Take Months Longer Than Company Anticipates, Contractors Say
Saudi oil company tells contractors to spare no expense getting facilities in working order after attacks.
21:29 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Another Day, Another Scandal. What the ‘Trump-Ukraine Collusion’ Is Really About
The furor began on Wednesday, Sept. 18, when the Washington Post disclosed that Trump had said something to an unknown foreign leader that “was so alarming that a US intelligence official who had worked at the White House went to the inspector general of the intelligence community.” Two days later, the Wall Street Journal reported that the foreign leader was Zelensky and that Trump had asked him “about eight times” in the course of a single phone conversation to look into allegations that then-Vice President Biden had pushed for the removal of a public prosecutor investigating a Ukrainian company that employed his son, Hunter.
7:21 [Zero Hedge] (E)
"You`ve Stolen My Childhood" - 16-Year-Old Girl Throws Tearful Climate Tantrum At UN
Greta unleashed... "I shouldn`t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. "For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear... We are in the beginning of a mass extinction..."You are failing us, but the young people are starting to understand your betrayal," "We will not let you get away with this."
7:14 [Mint Press News] (E)
Using Forged Emails, “Progressive” Journalists Smear Their Own for Challenging Syria Groupthink
By Alexander Rubinstein - Behind the campaign to silence these three critical, anti-war journalists was the same cast of characters that have become notorious in progressive circles for the viciousness of their attacks against anyone willing to come out against regime change in Syria. Three American journalists decided to do what many of their colleagues have done since the outbreak of the proxy war on the Syrian government: they traveled to the war-torn country to report what’s happening from the ground. But unlike the reporters who have made a name for themselves traipsing through some of the oldest cities in the world recently put under occupation by a miscellany of jihadist groups, these three journalists reported from areas under the control of the government.
7:07 [youtube/The Real News Network] (E)
Documentary “Blowout” Follows Climate Cost of Oil Boom from Fracking to Exports
The new film follows the U.S. oil supply chain, covering health, climate and environmental justice impacts. And it points to the president who was central to creating the current reality: Barack Obama.
10:37 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Why does Bill Maher get to run anti-Semitic jokes with Bari Weiss, when Ilhan Omar can’t say a word about Israel?
Bari Weiss has written a book about how to fight anti-Semitism, but during an interview with Bill Maher where he was telling anti-Semitic jokes non-stop she just laughed. Jonathan Ofir says this is because they agree on Israel and Zionism.
8:18 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Explaining CIA’s ‘Agent Smolenkov’
The saga of daring escape by a supposed Russian CIA agent from the Kremlin’s clutches and then the added twist of a security-risk American president putting the agent’s life in danger does indeed sound like a pulp fiction novel, as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov put it. How to explain this sensational story? “Opportunism” is one word that comes to mind. The news media who pushed the story, CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post, are vehemently “anti-Trump”. Any chance to damage this president and they grab it.
22:28 [Fort Russ] (E)
Anglo 5CubaHeadline News Twitter Furthers Censorship, Attacks Rights to Information
Twitter suspended accounts of multiple Cuban politicians, including the account of the country’s leader, Raul Castro, and his daughter, as well as the account of a Cuban TV talkshow Mesa Redonda. Some of the journalists who collaborated with the programme in the past, including journalists who work for RT en Español, have also had their accounts suspended on Twitter.
15:19 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Trump the Russian Puppet. A Story That Just Will Not Die
Philip Giraldi - Certainly, there are many things that President Donald Trump can rightly be criticized for, but it is interesting to note how the media and chattering classes continue to be in the grip of the highly emotional but ultimately irrational “Trump derangement syndrome (TDS).” TDS means that even the most ridiculous claims about Trump behavior can be regurgitated by someone like Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow without anyone in the media even daring to observe that they are both professional dissemblers of truth who lie regularly to enhance their professional resumes.
19:13 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
How The BBC`s Quentin Sommerville Created Fairytales Of Underground Hospitals In Syria
In August 2013 the BBC produced a fake video headlined "Saving Syria’s Children" about an alleged chemical weapon attack in Syria which it claimed was caused by the Syrian government. Robert Stuart has since pressed the BBC to admit the obvious fabrication of these scenes. Today the BBC posted on its website another Syria clip under the title Idlib`s secret hospitals hiding from air strikes
9:20 [Asia Times] (E)
We are all hostages of 9/11
Afghanistan was bombed and invaded because of 9/11. I was there from the start, even before 9/11. On August 20, 2001, I interviewed commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, the “Lion of the Panjshir,” who told me about an “unholy alliance” of the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the ISI (Pakistani intel). Back in Peshawar, I learned that something really big was coming: my article was published by Asia Times on August 30. Commander Massoud was killed on September 9: I received a terse email from a Panjshir source, only stating, “the commander has been shot.” Two days later, 9/11 happened.
11:55 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
9/11 After 18 Years
I would appreciate hearing from readers whether they have come across a report in the print, TV, or NPR media of the highly professional four-year investigation of WTC Building 7’s demise. The international team of civil engineers concluded that the official story of Building 7’s destruction is entirely false. I reported their findings here:...
20:51 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Jewish critics are an existential threat to Israel — so they must be labeled as bad Jews
Lately we`ve seen several institutional efforts to show that American Jews are all for Israel, except the lunatics. That`s because the appearance of wall-to-wall US Jewish support is a necessity for Israel lobby groups in convincing politicians to back Israel unconditionally. IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace are a threat to the Stalinist consensus.
8:50 [The Unz Review] (E)
9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein: Media Malfeasance on Steroids
The New York Times, America’s newspaper of record, has the investigative talent and resources to expose major corruption in New York. Why did the Times spend almost two decades ignoring the all-too-obvious antics of Epstein and Silverstein? Why is it letting the absurd tale of Epstein’s alleged suicide stand? Why hasn’t it used the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth—including the brand-new University of Alaska study on the controlled demolition of WTC-7—to expose the biggest scandal of the 21st century, if not all of American history?
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