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12:54 [The Unz Review] (E)
Black Voices Also Matter
That we are proceeding rapidly into an authoritarian reality is hardly a news item: it is impossible not to identify the institutions at the centre of this unfortunate transition. Every day one Jewish organization or another brags about its success in defeating our most precious Western values: political freedom and intellectual tolerance. At the moment it seems as if silencing authentic Black voices is the Zionists’ prime objective. This morning we learned that Black Voices do not matter at all: in a total capitulation to the French Zionist Lobby group CRIF, the great Black French comedian Dieudonné’s YouTube channel was deleted by Google.
14:36 [Consortium News] (E)
Rewriting History & Rehabilitating George W Bush
The liberal rehabilitation of George W. Bush is now virtually complete, with his successor Barack Obama declaring this week that the 43rd president was committed to the rule of law, despite all evidence to the contrary. In an online fundraiser for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden Tuesday night, Obama stated that Bush “had a basic regard for the rule of law and the importance of our institutions of democracy.”
12:48 [Voltaire Network] (E)
Racism and anti-racism as lies
The ideologies of anti-racism and racism are based on the same sham: there are separate human races that cannot have healthy common descent; a stupid postulate that everyone can see is nonsense. When questioned on the subject, the proponents of these two ideologies can only ensure that they speak figuratively, but shortly afterwards resume their racial interpretation of humanity and its history. As Thierry Meyssan shows, this passionate couple has never served the interests of anything but the dominant Powers.
10:35 [Jonathan Cook] (E)
Tearing down statues isn’t vandalism. It’s at the heart of the democratic tradition
It is easy to forget how explicitly racist British society was within living memory. I’m not talking about unconscious prejudice, or social media tropes. I’m talking about openly celebrating racism in the public space, about major companies making racism integral to their brand, a selling-point.
11:15 [Of Two Minds] (E)
The Illusion of Control: What If Nobody`s in Charge?
As doing more of what broke the systems in the first place is failing, the illusion of functionality has been shredded. Now that the illusion of functionality has been lost, control of the narrative via institutional authority has also been lost. I`ve often written about the difference between force and power; elites often mistakenly believe the two are equivalent, but they are worlds apart. Those who wield power persuade the masses to obey without being coerced, and to accept the self-serving narratives of the elite without question. Power leverages institutional authority and cultural myths and beliefs.
13:24 [Cassandra`s Legacy] (E)
How catalytic events change the course of history: From the 9/11 attacks to the coronavirus pandemic
If you are a chemist, you know very well how catalysts can work small miracles: you had been trying for some time to have a reaction occur, without success, then you add a little pinch of something and - suddenly - things go "bang." In no time, the reaction is complete. Of course, as a chemist you know that catalysts don`t really work miracles: all they can do is to accelerate reaction that would occur anyway. But that may be mightily useful, sometimes. The concept of catalysis can be used also outside chemistry, for instance in politics. Let`s go back to the year 2000, when the group of American neoconservatives identifying themselves as the "Project for a New American Century" (PNAC) issued a document titled "Rebuilding American Defenses." In that document, they argued that the American public could be led to accept a major shift of the available resources to military purposes only by means of "some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."
11:16 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Italian Thinkers are Now Resisting Lies about the Soviet Union and WWII
Lying about world history is one of the main weapons of the Western imperialists, through which they are managing to maintain their control of the world. European and North American countries are inventing and spreading a twisted narrative about almost all essential historic events, be they colonialism, crusades, or genocides committed by the Western expansionism in all corners of the globe.
11:01 [China Daily HK] (E)
Rioters in SAR will never understand what is happening in the US
A few days ago, I received a letter from a person in Hong Kong. Not from a fan of my writing; on the contrary, or should I put it more precisely: “from a person who is standing clearly at the other side of the barricade”. She tried to explain why some people in Hong Kong are “losing trust in the government”, and why “Hong Kong does not want to be like mainland China, where the internet is censored and some topics are not allowed to be discussed”.
16:54 [RT] (E)
Whenever I criticize the foreign policy of the current US administration, I always get some pushback from Trump supporters who insist that this president is doing more good than harm by “fighting the Deep State” and, even more commonly, by “keeping us out of wars”. This notion that Donald Trump is some kind of peace president, or even the notion that he puts any more inertia on the US war machine
US President Donald Trump has declared that America will shift its focus from waging “endless wars” and being the “policeman of the world,” rehashing his 2016 campaign promises that were not fulfilled. The US is entering a “crucial moment” of its history, the president said as he addressed the US West Point Military Academy graduates in his commencement speech. “We are ending an era of endless wars.”
16:49 [] (E)
The Persistent Myth That Trump Opposes War
Whenever I criticize the foreign policy of the current US administration, I always get some pushback from Trump supporters who insist that this president is doing more good than harm by “fighting the Deep State” and, even more commonly, by “keeping us out of wars”. This notion that Donald Trump is some kind of peace president, or even the notion that he puts any more inertia on the US war machine than his predecessor did, is contradicted by all facts and evidence we have available to us. Trump has not ended a single one of the wars his predecessors started, and has added dangerous escalations against Venezuela, Iran, and nuclear-armed Russia.
15:47 [j.b. handley blog] (E)
LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person`s guide
For anyone willing to look, there are so many facts that tell the true story, and it goes something like this: Knowing what we know today about COVID-19’s Infection Fatality Rate, asymmetric impact by age and medical condition, non-transmissibility by asymptomatic people and in outdoor settings, near-zero fatality rate for children, and the basic understanding of viruses through Farr’s law, locking down society was a bone-headed policy decision so devastating to society that historians may judge it as the all-time worst decision ever made. Worse, as these clear facts have become available, many policy-makers haven’t shifted their positions, despite the fact that every hour under any stage of lockdown has a domino-effect of devastation to society. Meanwhile, the media—with a few notable exceptions—is oddly silent on all the good news. Luckily, an unexpected group of heroes across the political landscape—many of them doctors and scientists—have emerged to tell the truth, despite facing extreme criticism and censorship from an angry mob desperate to continue fighting an imaginary war. My goal is to engage in known facts. You, the reader, can decide if all of these facts, when you put them together, equate to the story above.
14:33 [RT] (E)
Riots in Covid-19 era are the ‘language of the unheard’, looted bare by white elite
The massive scale of the protests sparked by the police killing of a black man in Minneapolis bares the roots of American discrimination – economic woe and ‘legal’ ruling-class looting, multiplied amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The killing of 46-year-old black man George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis has sparked a wave of violent protests rooted in something bigger than one more terrible incident of racist police brutality.
21:03 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
How To Change The Meaning Of Monuments Without Removing Them
On Sunday protesters toppled a bronze statue of the 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol, England. It was thrown into a river. Some had tried for years to get rid of the monument but others had rejected that as Colston had also donated a lot for various local social purposes. Some of the institutions he had supported still exist. In the U.S. there are many discussions about removing memorials and statues of people who had fought in support of slavery during the civil war.
9:53 [Mises Wire] (E)
The Moral Authority of the Lockdown Fetishists Is Gone. Thank the Protestors and Rioters.
Six weeks ago, when thousands around the nation took to state capitols to protest the human rights abuses inflicted by coerced "stay-at-home orders," lockdown supporters reacted with sanctimonious outrage. Declaring the protestors to be "covidiots" who failed to appreciate the virtue and necessity of police-enforced lockdowns, news outlets and lockdown advocates on social media declared that the protests would cause outbreaks of disease, and nurses declared that the protests were "a slap in the face" to those trying to treat the disease. One political cartoon featured an image of an emergency room nurse saying "see you soon" to antilockdown protestors.
10:50 [] (E)
Smartphone Cameras Are The Windows Into Society’s Soul
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, then smartphone cameras are the windows to the soul of our society. In ages past we knew hardly anything about what was going on in a given civilization. Mythology about a population’s history were handed down around campfires in the form of verbal tradition from generation to generation. When the written word came around we invented something called “history”, which was really just records of the ancient propaganda from whoever happened to have won the most recent war.
18:07 [zerohedge] (E)
Two Doctors Explain Why COVID-19 Was Likely Lab Experiment
The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had a Lab Origin If the public has learned a lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic it is that science does not generate certainty. Do homemade face masks work? What is the death rate of COVID-19? How accurate are the tests? How many people have no symptoms? And so on.
15:21 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Anti-Communism is a Fundamentalist Religion, Now Followed by Billions
150 years ago, on April 21, 1870, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, alias Lenin, was born. According to many, he was the greatest revolutionary of all times, a man who gave birth to both internationalism and anti-imperialism. It is time to “revisit Communism”. It is also time to ask some basic, essential questions: “How is it possible that a system so logical, progressive, and so superior to what is, up till now, governing the world, failed to permanently overthrow the nihilism and brutality of capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism?”
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