Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Gleich Kindern laßt ihr euch betrügen, Bis ihr zu spät erkennt, o weh! – Die Wacht am Rhein wird nicht genügen, Der schlimmste Feind steht an der Spree.
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13:14 [Kremlin] (E)
Russian Energy Week Forum
Vladimir Putin took part in a plenary meeting of the Russian Energy Week International Forum. The Russian leader addressed the participants and answered their questions. * * * Excerpts from transcript of Russian Energy Week International Forum plenary meeting
20:44 [RT] (E)
Russia & Saudi Arabia seal major deals & sign OPEC+ long-term cooperation charter
More than 20 deals have been signed on Monday between Moscow and Riyadh during President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to Saudi Arabia. Agreements include the charter for long-term cooperation between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-cartel oil producers. Along with the charter, the two countries have signed a protocol on energy cooperation.
22:16 [RT] (E)
Trump announces ‘biggest deal ever’ with China for US farmers
US President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to celebrate a partial trade deal struck with Beijing, presenting it as the “greatest and biggest deal ever made” for American farmers.
21:40 [Ottawa Citizen] (E)
Footage appears to show Canadian-made armoured vehicle captured by Yemen rebels in fighting with Saudis
Yemen’s Houthi rebels have released video footage of the aftermath of a battle with Saudi forces which appears to show a captured Canadian-made light armoured vehicle. The footage was released Sunday in what the rebels say started as an ambush inside Saudi Arabia but then turned into a major cross-border battle. The footage of the battle was shown on Houthi-run Al Masirah TV and Al Jazeera.
16:34 [RT] (E)
The truth on how natural gas & oil fit into US foreign policy agenda
The US has apparently learned it can use its leverage over natural resources to pursue a geopolitical chess game which sees it heavily countering Russia’s influence over the future of the energy markets. If you look closely enough, the ulterior motives driving Washington’s foreign policy agenda are readily apparent even in the mainstream media. “Our great supply of natural gas is a boon for geopolitical leverage,” Ellen Wald, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center writes in the Hill. “We saw in the Middle East last week how energy production and distribution plays into geopolitics. With so much natural gas, we can work to counteract Russian leverage in Europe, we can supply allies and we can free ourselves of some unnecessary foreign entanglements.”
19:31 [Press TV] (E)
US sanctions China over Iran oil purchase
The Unites States has imposed new sanctions on Chinese firms and individuals over violation the US illegal sanctions on Iran.
7:49 [Press TV] (E)
UK travel firm Thomas Cook collapses, thousands of travelers stranded
The world’s oldest travel firm Thomas Cook (TCG.L) collapsed on Monday, stranding hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers around the globe and sparking the largest peacetime repatriation effort in British history.
6:53 [Zero Hedge] (E)
OECD Slashes Global Growth Outlook, Warns Germany Already In Recession
In one of the most downbeat forecasts on the global economy that we`ve seen so far this year, the Paris-based organization of wealthy nations known as the OECD - the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - warned that the global economy is heading toward a recession, and that governments aren`t doing enough in terms of fiscal stimulus to try and boost the economy....According to CNBC, the OECD`s lower forecast for the EU was largely due to the slowdown in the bloc`s biggest economy, Germany, which was forecast to already be in a technical recession.
21:59 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Here is How China-US Trade War Impacts Iran
In the last week of August, China added crude oil imports from the US to its tariff list for the first time in a retaliatory decision against the US decision to impose fresh tariffs on Chinese products. China imports about 6 per cent of its crude oil from the US. For an economy that increasingly relies on crude oil imports, this decision carries a lot of significance. While China is also preparing to impose high tariffs on import of US cars and the trade-war is likely to continue in the days to come, the all-important question is: why would China impose tariffs on import of oil, the life-line of its economy?
17:59 [RT] (E)
Trump hits Iranian bank with ‘highest’ sanctions ever imposed on a country
US President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he has ordered sanctions on Iran’s national bank following the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities.
10:28 [Indian Punchline] (E)
Trump is in no rush to jump into Saudi defence
Riyadh’s lingering dilemma is that it is yet to substantiate Iran’s culpability and is looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. The keenness to involve the UN in the investigations suggests that Saudis are reasonably confident of a definitive conclusion that helps isolate Iran completely in the world arena.
6:53 [Zero Hedge] (E)
DOJ Accuses JPMorgan`s Precious Metals Trading Desk Of Being A Criminal Enterprise
Who would have thought that JPMorgan`s precious metals trading desk is the functional equivalent of the mafia, and that its one-time leader, Blythe Masters, was the mafia`s don? Well, almost everyone who didn`t mind being designated a conspiracy theorist for years. And now comes vindication, because this has just been confirmed by the DOJ, which accused the PM trading desks at JPMorgan of being deeply involved in what prosecutors described as a "massive, multiyear scheme to manipulate the market for precious metals futures contracts and defraud market participants."
19:54 [Zero Hedge] (E)
De-Dollarization: Europe Joins The Party
The ongoing “World War of Currencies”, as the German journalist Daniel D. Eckert called it, the battle for the future of the world monetary system is not a shallow action film but more like Game of Thrones – a complex series with hundreds of actors and locations, stretching over decades and demanding full concentration from the viewer. The bottom line is that what has been true for decades still applies. The US dollar continues to enjoy the confidence of markets, governments, and central banks. But faith in the US dollar weakens a little every year.
7:29 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
US – China “Trade” War? No Way! Only the Defeat of Turbo-Capitalism!
In the past, West used to produce almost everything. While colonizing the entire planet (one should just look at the map of the globe, between the two world wars), Europe and later the United States, Canada and Australia, kept plundering all the continents of natural resources, holding hundreds of millions of human beings in what could be easily described as ‘forced labor’, often bordering on slavery. Under such conditions, it was very easy to be ‘number one’, to reign without competition, and to toss around huge amounts of cash, for the sole purpose of indoctrinating local and overseas ‘subjects’ on topics such as the ‘glory’ of capitalism, colonialism (open and hidden), and Western-style ‘democracy’.
18:44 [Sputnik] (E)
`US Needs Huawei More Than Huawei Needs US`, Tech Giant`s Top Official Warns Amid Washington`s Ban
While the Chinese telecom giant Huawei remains banned from buying technologies from US firms over alleged collaboration with the Chinese authorities, the company managed to increase its revenues in 2019 and continues to strike 5G contracts worldwide.
9:15 [Consortium News] (E)
PEPE ESCOBAR: On the Road to Interview Lula, Into a Brazilian Black Hole
We were just beginning to hit cruising speed in our wide-ranging, 2 hour and 10 minute world exclusive interview with former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in his prison at the Federal Police building in Curitiba, in southern Brazil. And then it hit us hard when he told us: “The US was very much afraid when I discussed a new currency and Obama called me, telling me, ‘Are you trying to create a new currency, a new euro?’ I said, ‘No, I’m just trying to get rid of the U.S. dollar. I’m just trying not to be dependent.’”
9:50 [Xinhua] (E)
1st LD: China`s exports up 2.6 pct in August, imports down 2.6 pct
China`s exports of goods rose 2.6 percent year on year in August, while imports fell 2.6 percent, customs data showed Sunday.
19:43 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
What the Aggravation of the US-Iranian Relations Means for South Korea
Continuing to monitor the confrontation between Washington and Tehran, the author of this article can see how it affects the South Korean interests. The sanctions badly hit the country’s economy and, since the summer of 2019, there have been attempts to involve Seoul in a possible military coalition.
14:55 [Clusterfuck Nation] (E)
The G-7 Blues
What’s at stake in all these international confabs like the G-7 are the tenuous supply lines that keep the global game going. The critical ones deliver oil around the world. China imports about 10 million barrels a day to keep its operations going. It produces less than 4 million barrels a day. Only about 15 percent of its imports come from next door in Russia. The rest comes from the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Think: long lines of tanker ships traveling vast distances across the seas, navigating through narrow straits. The Chinese formula is simple: oil in, exports out. It has worked nicely for them in recent decades. Things go on until they don’t.
22:42 [Asia Times] (E)
Welcome to the Indo-Russia maritime Silk Road
There’s no way to follow the complex inner workings of the Eurasia integration process without considering what takes place annually at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. BRICS for the moment may be dead – considering the nasty cocktail of economic brutalism and social intolerance delivered by the incendiary “Captain” Bolsonaro in Brazil. Yet RIC – Russia-India-China – is alive, well and thriving.
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