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19:22 [The Saker] (E)
Erdogan’s Long-Coming Reality Check:
by Ghassan Kadi for The Saker Blog - It is hard to say if Erdogan is running out of choices, friends, time, or all of the above; and his stands on various issues and the contradictions he ploughs through are making his situation increasingly untenable. For the benefit of readers who haven’t heard this before; Erdogan is juggling being a Turkish Muslim reformer who parades under the photos of Turkish secular anti-Muslim nation-builder Mustafa Kemal; an EU-aspiring member and also an aspiring global Sunni leader; an ally of Israel as well as Hamas; an Islamist who is also at odds with the Wahhabi Islamists; a nationalist Turk who wants to curb Kurdish aspirations not only in Syria and Iraq but also in Turkey; a Sunni leader who wants to restore the Sultanate and Caliphate and the fundamentalist Sunni version of anti-Shiite Islam but is also a friend of Shiite Iran; a NATO member with a special relationship with America, and a special friend and ally of Russia.
7:37 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Yet Another Israeli Provocation in the Middle Eastern Skies
While using a civilian airliner as cover, four Israeli F-16 fighters approached the outskirts of Damascus and launched an attack on local residential areas late night on February 6. There’s no disputing that by adopting such tactics the Israeli Air Force endangered the civilian aircraft – an Airbus A320 owned by the private Syrian Cham Wings Airlines, arriving at Damascus from Najaf International Airport (NJF) in Iraq with 172 passengers on board. This Syrian airliner was running late and it’s clear from data provided by FlightrRadar24, that Israeli military aircraft were clearly expecting the arrival of yet another A320, owned by SyrianAir due to arrive from Tehran, hoping to provoke local air defence units into destroying the liner by mistake.
13:42 [Tass] (E)
US sets up new military bases in northeast Syria — Anadolu
The United States has been setting up new military bases in northeastern Syria to gain foothold in oil-rich regions of the country, Turkey’s Anadolu news agency has reported. According to the agency’s sources, US servicemen started creating a base near Tal Brak, a village in northern Al-Hasakah Governorate, in a bid to block Russian servicemen the way to the Rmelan district that houses Syria’s main oil fields. Equipment and materials for the construction have been redeployed from Iraq. Another base will be set up in former Kurdish fortifications in the south of Al-Hasakah, to control oil extraction in the Deir ez-Zor governorate.
7:32 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
Israel Used Civilian Plane As Cover, Killing 23 & US Contractor Was Killed By ISIS Rocket, Not Iran
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.
23:26 [Sana] (E)
Syrian Arab Army units complete dismantling explosives and landmines left behind by terrorists in Saraqeb city
Last Thursday, units of the Syrian Arab Army liberated the city of Saraqeb and started to remove what the terrorists have left behind.
23:00 [SANA] (E)
Army units continue to advance in several towns and villages in Idleb and Aleppo countryside
The reporter added that the Army units operating in Aleppo southern countryside advanced in al-Eiss town and its strategic hill after concentrated strikes which destroyed the terrorists’ fortifications and bases.
9:31 [State of the Nation] (E)
Israel is literally using Tehran-Damascus commercial flights as targets to draw fire away from their illicit missile strikes on Syria
Israeli strikes on Damascus suburbs put a civilian aircraft in serious danger and forced it to divert to Russia’s Khmeimim airbase as the Syrian air defense was activated to repel the attack, the Russian military said.
14:28 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Syrian Army Progress Leads To New Scuffle Between Turkey And Russia
The continuing Syrian army operation to liberate Idleb governorate is leading to a new clash between Turkey and Russia. The governorate of Idleb is still largely occupied by Turkish controlled `rebels` and al-Qaeda aligned Jihadi groups like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).
14:23 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Israel in the Middle East — A Civilisational and Metaphysical War
Alastair Crooke - President Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ has been published this week. Mostly, it has been examined as a purely political project – whether in terms of the domestic needs of Trump and Netanyahu, or as a maximum squeeze on Palestinians, which may, or may not, work. But there is another (implicit) dimension, lying – a little out of sight – behind these explicit politics. It has been argued, by at least one US historian, that the U.S. is no ordinary nation-state, but should be understood as a system leader, a ‘civilizational power’ – like Rome, Byzantium, and the Ottoman Empire. The ‘system leader’, historically, has always sought to embed its particular civilizational vision onto those distant ‘lands’ that serve, or abut, its empire: which is to say that the universalistic vision may be bound to one state, but is forcefully unfurled across the globe, as ‘our’ inevitable destiny.
17:06 [Southfront] (E)
Turkey Works To Manipulate Russia Over Idlib Question
The incident with the Syrian Army strike in Greater Idlib, which killed and injured several Turkish service members, once again demonstrated that Turkey was pursuing solely its own interests regardless its formal status of one of the the ‘key Russian partners’ in the region. On February 3, the Turkish Defense Ministry reported that 6 Turkish personnel were killed and 7 others were injured in a Syrian Army attack....Another point of pressure is the Turkish stance towards the conflict in Ukraine. On February 3, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his Turkish counterpart discussed ways to “enhance strategic partnership and cooperation in all areas of interaction.” In his comments, the Turkish president once again condemned Russia’s ‘annexation’ of Crimea, particularly speaking up for the rights of the Crimean Tatars in the region.
14:29 [Asia Times] (E)
Chaos in Iraq may further US regional strategy
The absence of former Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani is beginning to be felt in Iraq. The two meetings that US President Donald Trump had with the leader of Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, and Iraqi President Barham Salih in Switzerland on January 22 on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum are symptomatic of Washington’s agenda to press ahead with the rollback of Iranian influence in Iraq.
18:19 [Tass] (E)
Four Turkish troops killed, nine wounded in Idlib shelling
At least four Turkish military servicemen have been killed and nine others wounded by shelling in Syria’s idlib province, Turkey’s NTV television reported on Monday citing a statement by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense. According to Ankara, Turkish troops were shelled by the Syrian army near the inhabited community of Saraqib.
14:52 [TASS] (E)
New Turkish military convoy crosses border with Syria - TV
A Turkish military convoy has crossed the border with Syria, Al Arabiya TV channel reported on Sunday. According to the report, the new convoy consists of several dozen armored vehicles, including tanks. Asharq Al-Awsat reported that at least 40 armored vehicles and tanks of the Turkish army had crossed the border through the Kafr Lusein checkpoint located in the north of Syria’s Idlib Governorate.
14:50 [TASS] (E)
Russia in full compliance with obligations concerning Idlib de-escalation zone — Kremlin
Moscow is in full compliance with its obligations concerning the Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria but the situation is far from perfect, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters. "We don’t agree with this view," Peskov said, commenting on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that Moscow had allegedly failed to abide by Syria agreements. "Russia is in full compliance with the Sochi agreements on the Idlib zone. At the same time, we regret to say that the situation is far from perfect," he added. The Kremlin spokesman pointed out that "a large number of terrorists remain in the area and continue aggressive attacks on the Syrian army and Russia’s Hmeymim air base." "It causes us huge concern," he added.
10:08 [TLAXCALA] (E)
One person, one vote for Israel-Palestine
Gideon Levy - The Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan brings with it good news and bad news. It will put the final nail in the coffin of that walking corpse known as the two-state solution – that’s the good news. It will also create a new reality in which international law, the resolutions of the international community and especially international institutions are meaningless. Filled with the hope that the U.S. president instills in us, in his great mercy, let’s begin with the good news. Once his proposal is made public, no one will ever be able to talk with any seriousness about the two-state solution. It was probably never born, but now it is clearly dead. There is no Palestinian state and there never will be. The gall of America to support Israeli annexation now and the establishment of a Palestinian state only “in the future” – as if the burning issue were annexation, not the occupation – is only an ornament for the casket.
10:07 [Consortium News] (E)
Trump Gives Away the Store and Israel Will Now Officially Become an Apartheid State
Ignoring past Israeli prime ministers who warned that annexation of the West Bank would introduce legal apartheid to Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said the first phase of annexations would go to the Cabinet on Sunday, reports Joe Lauria. Within hours of the so-called Trump peace plan on the Palestine-Israel question being revealed on Tuesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would propose the first phase of West Bank annexation to the Israeli cabinet on Sunday.
7:41 [youtube/ vanessa beeley] (E)
Iraq: Million man/woman march to demand end of US occupation.
Yesterday a million or more protestors took to the streets of Iraq to demand the exit of the US military from Iraq and an end to the American occupation of this sovereign nation. While western media tried, pitifully, to spin the numbers or even to try to portray the marches as being against the Iraqi government - the numbers of Iraqis who are now rising up against American imperialism is increasing every day,
12:14 [presstv] (E)
Iraqis march in `millions` to call for expulsion of US troops
Iraqis have rallied in Baghdad in massive numbers to call for an end to US military presence in the country following high-profile assassinations and airstrikes targeting anti-terror forces.
19:25 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Ukraine Will Send Cannon Fodder to Help the US Further Occupy Iraq
Ukraine will send a reconnaissance group of staff officers to Iraq. According to a source from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence, this team will include representatives of the East and South operational commands. The officers will have to study on the ground the area of future deployment of the Ukrainian contingent as part of the NATO mission in Iraq.
13:11 [TASS] (E)
Abbas says wants to discuss "deal of the century" and Palestinian polls with Putin
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday he wanted to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin US President Donald Trump’s "deal of the century" for the Middle East, as well as the problem of the occupation of Palestinian territories and elections in Palestine. "Naturally, we need to discuss a number of problems.
8:05 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Trump Transforms the Middle East into NATO’s “Area of Responsibility”
There’s been no shortage of cultural and political figures over the last couple of centuries who would show interest towards the incredibly rich history of the Middle East. Essentially, this region gave birth to economy as we know it, a handful of ancient civilizations on top of three of world’s major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The United States started showing interest towards the Greater Middle East (that includes North Africa, Iran and Afghanistan on top of the Levant) as early as in the 19th century, when 20% of its maritime trade was with the Middle East...In a world where the Middle East acquires 35% of the world’s total arms sold each year, Turkish journalists go above and beyond to draw attention to the fact that all of these weapons are being used against Muslims!
10:43 [Mint Press News] (E)
How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump’s True Motives in Iraq
...While recent rhetoric in the media has dwelled on the extent of Iran’s influence in Iraq, China’s recent dealings with Iraq — particularly in its oil sector — are to blame for much of what has transpired in Iraq in recent months, at least according to Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who is currently serving in a caretaker role....After the feed was cut, MPs who were present wrote down Abdul-Mahdi’s remarks, which were then given to the Arabic news outlet Ida’at. Per that transcript, Abdul-Mahdi stated that: The Americans are the ones who destroyed the country and wreaked havoc on it. They have refused to finish building the electrical system and infrastructure projects. They have bargained for the reconstruction of Iraq in exchange for Iraq giving up 50% of oil imports. So, I refused and decided to go to China and concluded an important and strategic agreement."
19:42 [Al Jazeera] (E)
Oman`s new sultan faces diplomatic, economic challenges
Haitham bin Tarek has indicated he will maintain the country`s independent foreign policy in a troubled Gulf region....The new Sultan, Haitham bin Tariq named by Qaboos in a letter opened following his death, will now have to undertake serious economic reforms to safeguard Qaboos`s legacy and maintain internal stability, analysts said. At the same time, Haitham will be in charge of upholding the country`s foreign policy - which can be summarised as "an enemy to no one and a friend to all" - amid a polarising conflict in the region.
19:41 [Al Jazeera] (E)
Oman`s Sultan Qaboos, a negotiator in a volatile region
Qaboos was a direct descendant of the founder of the Al Bu Said dynasty and he ruled the Gulf state since 1970... "Sultan Qaboos will first and foremost be remembered for initiating the `Omani Renaissance`, undertaking social, economic, educational and cultural reforms as well as opening Oman up to the world," Jeffrey Lefebvre, associate professor of political science at the University of Connecticut, told Al Jazeera. "In a conservative society, he also took the lead in promoting women to positions of influence in the government [like] the Omani ambassador to the United States, and ensuring representation in popularly elected legislative councils," Lefebvre added.
11:31 [The Ron Paul Institute] (E)
Putin`s Orthodox Christmas visit to Damascus plays up Assad`s Syria as enclave of peace - while rest of Middle East burns
By Scott Ritter - Russian leader Vladimir Putin made a surprise Christmas visit to Syria, where he met with the country`s president, Bashar Assad. The tranquility of their meeting was in sharp contrast to the hell breaking out in neighboring Iraq. The unannounced visit to Syria, where Putin also delivered a Christmas address to Russian forces deployed in that nation, was remarkable.
11:23 [Middle East Monitor] (E)
Gaza: Palestine’s Parliament calls for endorsement of steadfast Jerusalemites
Thursday, the Palestinian Legislative Council (Parliament) called on Thursday for the endorsement of the steadfast population of the occupied city of Jerusalem through implementing projects that aim at strengthening Palestinians’ roots in the face of the occupation and the rabid campaign of Judaisation targeting them. The rapporteur of the Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council, MP Ahmed Abu Halabiya, demanded on Thursday that the Palestinian Authority (PA) undertakes an active role in pursuing the occupation authorities for the crimes they are committing against Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.
1:01 [Middle East Monitor] (E)
Israel Police disguised as Palestinians attacked by Jewish settlers
Israeli police officers impersonating Palestinian technicians were attacked by two teenagers in the illegal Jewish settlement of Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion located in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday.
1:00 [Middle East Monitor] (E)
Saudi promises to prevent Iraq becoming a theatre of another war
With the risk of Iraq becoming a theatre of war following American assassination of Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Saudi Arabia has said that it is doing everything in its power to spare the country from the dangers of another war.
21:10 [Middle East Monitor] (E)
Syria: US forces withdraw from 2 bases in Hasakah
US troops withdrew from two military bases in Syria’s north-eastern province of Hasakah yesterday following the previous night’s missile strikes by Iran on US bases in Iraq in retaliation for the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani. According to local sources American forces left from a base in Kharab Al-Jir area and moved towards the Al-Walid crossing near the Iraqi-Syrian border in a caravan of 40 military trucks, with at least 50 more evacuating another base in Shaddadi towards Houl, east of Hasakah.
20:44 [Al Monitor] (E)
US withdrawal from Iraq is Israel’s worst-case scenario
The letter of Gen. William H. Sili, commander of US military operations in Iraq, was leaked and then rapidly disseminated among Israel’s most senior security figures Jan. 6. In fact, a translated version in Hebrew appeared only minutes after the letter was leaked to the media, sweeping up the WhatsApp groups of Israel’s most top-secret (coded) defense systems.
7:45 [RT] (E)
Iran didn’t want to kill US troops with its strike, it wanted to make point to Trump about its missile tech & resolve. It did that
Iran’s anticipated retaliation for the US assassination of Qassem Suleimani sent a clear signal to Donald Trump that while the current round of violence may be over, Iran stands ready to respond to any future US provocation.
21:38 [youtube/presstv] (E)
The Moment Iran Attacked Ain Al-Assad Airbase - E. Michael Jones Reaction
Toward the end of a segment on Press TV dealing with the assassination of General Qassam Soleimani, the moderator interrupted what I was saying to announce that the IRGC had fired rockets from Iran at two American military bases in Iraq.
21:25 [Tass] (E)
80 people dead in Iran`s missile attack on US bases in Iraq — Reuters
80 people were killed in Iran’s missile attack on US bases in Iraq, Reuters reported with reference to Iran’s state television. Earlier, CNN said citing sources that the missiles launched by the Iranian side hit the part of the Ain al-Asad air base in Iraq where no American troops were stationed.
19:46 [RT] (E)
Putin makes surprise visit to Syria, discusses security situation with Assad
Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a surprise visit to Syria, holding talks with his counterpart, Bashar Assad, at the Russian military command center.
19:02 [RT] (E)
Iraq asks the US to clarify after letters with different message on troop withdrawal received
The government of Iraq has asked Washington for clarification, after Baghdad received Arabic and English-language letters on troop withdrawal containing different messages.
17:11 [Press TV] (E)
US-led coalition temporarily relocates headquarters from Iraq to Kuwait: Report
Iraq’s Arabic-language al-Forat news agency reported that the alliance took the decision on Tuesday to move its command center from the Iraqi capital Baghdad to Kuwait City.
6:57 [Press TV] (E)
Moqtada al-Sadr: Iraq will turn into new Vietnam for US if its forces stay
Iraq’s influential cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, has released a statement saying that if US troops do not leave the country, Iraq will turn into a new Vietnam for Washington.
18:59 [Tehran Times] (E)
Iraqi Parliament votes to expel U.S. troops from Iraq
... “There is no need for the presence of American forces after defeating Daesh,” said Ammar al-Shibli, a lawmaker and member of the parliamentary legal committee. “We have our own armed forces which are capable of protecting the country,” he said, Reuters reported.
21:19 [Tasnim] (E)
Trump to Soon Realize He Has Lost Region, Will Lose US Elections: Nasrallah
“When the coffins of American soldiers and officers begin to be transported ... to the United States, Trump and his administration will realize that they have really lost the region and will lose the elections,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech broadcast live from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut as he addressed his supporters on Sunday evening.
20:44 [Press TV] (E)
Yemeni forces hit gathering of Saudi-led mercenaries in Asir with missiles
Yemeni forces have targeted a gathering of Saudi mercenaries in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern province of Asir with domestically-manufactured missiles in retaliation for airstrikes by the kingdom, a Yemeni military source says.
20:36 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Harper: Iraq Parliament Action Starts A Longer Uncertain Process
Under the 2014 agreement in which American troops were invited to return to Iraq to help in the fight against the Islamic State, a foreign troop withdrawal begins after one-year notice. If the letter of the agreement is maintained, US troops will remain in Iraq for the foreseeable future. But that is the legal status, not the reality on the ground, which is yet to be determined. There are currently more than 5,200 US troops in Iraq.
16:43 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Retaliation Begins: Multiple Mortar Attacks On US Presence In Iraq, Hezbollah Warns Security Forces "Stay Away"
Update: There are unconfirmed reports that US aircraft have attacked Iranian positions near the eastern Syrian city of Al-Bukamal. Meanwhile, a US surveillance drone was reportedly shot down by Iran`s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Anbar, however there has been no official confirmation.
16:31 [Xinhua] (E)
Iraqi parliament asks gov`t to end presence of foreign forces in Iraq
The Iraqi parliament on Sunday passed a draft law requiring the government to end the presence of foreign forces in Iraq and prevent them from using Iraqi airspace and water.
18:44 [RT] (E)
Iraqi air base housing US troops comes under rocket fire north of Baghdad
Iraq`s Balad Air Base, which hosts a number of US forces and contractors, has been the subject of a rocket attack. At least three unguided projectiles have exploded inside the facility, reportedly causing no casualties.
18:43 [RT] (E)
Rocket lands close to US Embassy in Baghdad, no known casualties – reports
An explosion has rocked Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, where the US Embassy is located. Some reports indicate that a rocket was fired, targeting the area.
13:19 [Press TV] (E)
No let-up in terror: Fresh US airstrike hits PMU convoy
Shortly after the United States’ assassination of a senior Iranian commander in Baghdad, a fresh American airstrike hits a convoy belonging to Iraq’s anti-terror fighters north of the Arab country’s capital, reportedly killing six people.
15:40 [RT] (E)
US State Dept tells Americans to leave Iraq ‘immediately’ after assassination of Soleimani
The US State Department is calling on all US citizens to “depart Iraq immediately” in advice issued on Friday, in the wake of the US killing of key Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.
8:50 [RT] (E)
Israeli cops disguised as Palestinians attacked by Jewish teens in no-Arabs-allowed settlement, 2 arrested
Two teenage boys from the Jewish-only settlement of Bat Ayin have been arrested for attacking a pair of cops disguised as Palestinian laborers in what the right-wing legal aid group defending them has condemned as a “provocation.”
19:04 [Press TV] (E)
Battle in Syria`s Idlib aims to eliminate terrorism: President Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the army`s operations against terrorist groups in the northwestern province of Idlib are aimed at eliminating terrorism as a threat to security and safety of the Arab country`s nation.
18:26 [RT] (E)
Trump blames Iran for Baghdad embassy attack, promises US will ‘always’ respond strongly
President Donald Trump has blamed Iran for bombing a coalition base and orchestrating the storming of the US Embassy in Baghdad, as Iraqis rage at American airstrikes on militias in the country.
21:04 [RT] (E)
US airstrikes are a violation of sovereignty, will have ‘grave consequences’ - Iraqi Prime Minister
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has condemned US airstrikes on what he claims were “Iraqi armed forces,” saying that such attacks will have “grave consequences.”
6:41 [Xinhua] (E)
4 rockets hit military base housing U.S. troops near Iraq`s Baghdad
Four Katyusha rockets hit Sunday a base that houses U.S. troops near the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a Interior Ministry official said.
4:32 [Press TV] (E)
Iraqi president condemns US attack on PMU bases as death toll reaches 25
The Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported on Friday that Salih decried the attacks as being unacceptable and damaging for the country, adding that the strikes were contrary to security agreements inked between Baghdad and Washington.
20:34 [RT] (E)
US strikes Kataib Hezbollah HQ in Iraq, Syria
US airstrikes have pounded three Kataib Hezbollah military facilities near the town of Qaim, Iraq, as well as two targets in Syria, in response to the group’s alleged bombing of an Iraqi military base on Friday.
20:16 [Press TV] (E)
50 Yemenis have died from latest outbreak of H1N1: Health ministry
Fifty Yemenis have died from the latest outbreak of the H1N1 flu, also known as swine flu, in the war-ravaged country and 1,600 others are suspected to have contracted the disease, says the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population.
18:12 [Press TV] (E)
Yemeni forces imposed new military equations on enemy: Spokesman
Yemen’s soldiers have adeptly managed to impose military equations on the Saudi-led coalition involved in a deadly campaign against the impoverished country, says the spokesman for Yemeni armed forces.
17:07 [Press TV] (E)
Leader`s aide: Iran opposes any buffer zone in Syria
Velayati who is an adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with a delegation of representatives from Syrian tribes in Tehran on Saturday.
6:17 [Sic Semper Tyrannis] (E)
Idlib battle footage - TTG
ANNA News has some excellent footage of recent combat in Idlib. It shows some 25th Special Mission Forces Division units on the attack. You get a good feel for the nature of the combat with small, combined arms units operating over fairly open terrain.
3:32 [Al Masdar News] (E)
Moment US and Syrian troops come face to face in northeast Syria: video
The video shows a Syrian soldier (some pages said he was an officer), as he faces an American patrol in the eastern Euphrates. The Syrian Army soldier tells the U.S. patrol: “You are occupiers, and you will leave Syria either today or tomorrow.”
22:40 [Press TV] (E)
Syrian forces retake more terrorist-held villages in Idlib Province
Official news agency SANA said troops pressed ahead with their advances in the southeastern countryside of Idlib on Thursday, and liberated strategic villages of Halban, Samaka, Tal Khatra and Khirbet Nawwaf from Takfiri terrorists.
13:39 [Tass] (E)
Russian military police enter rear base in Syria’s Tal Samin as US forces leave
Tal Samin is located 26 km north of Raqqa, the former capital of the Islamic State terrorist organization (outlawed in Russia). Just a few days ago, US troops were still present in the rear base, located in a former school building.
11:06 [Iran Front Page] (E)
Iran Says Ready to Help Syria with US Troop Pullout
A senior advisor to Iran’s Leader says the country is prepared to help Syria regarding the withdrawal of American troops from the Arab state.
11:13 [Sana] (E)
A holy mass at Mar Antonios Church in Damascus on occasion of Christmas
The Christian denominations in Syria celebrated the merry Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messenger of Love and Peace, by holding masses and prayers at churches and places of worship.
5:51 [Sana] (E)
Army’s air defenses down a drone for terrorist organizations in Hama countryside
Syrian Arab army’s air defenses on Tuesday downed a drone belonging to terrorist organizations in al-Sqailbiyeh city in the northwestern countryside of Hama province.
22:52 [Press TV] (E)
Heavy clashes erupt between protesters, police outside Lebanon’s central bank
Protesters demonstrated against the economic and financial policies in Lebanon on Tuesday, and demanded a major overhaul of the banking sector.
2:40 [The American Conservative] (E)
Yemen’s Humanitarian Catastrophe Has Not Ended
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) spoke to several Yemeni mothers about their experience in the war and the effects that the war has had on them and their families. This is the testimony of a mother named Nadia: The plane shelled close to us. We fled because we were afraid for our children … Our life was miserable even before the war … We depend on livestock. I just sold a sheep to buy flour and sugar. I do not cook anything but bread and tea … My baby was close to death a few days ago. He had fever and seizure. I was holding him and crying to my mother. The war on Yemen has lasted for almost half a decade, and it has been a nightmare for the country’s civilian population. Millions have been driven from their homes, almost a quarter of a million have died from starvation, disease, and violence, and tens of millions are on the edge of famine.
8:17 [twitter/GeromanAT] (E)
#Syria - Battle for #Idlib - #Hama N - #IdlibDawn #EyesOnIdlib
#SAA // #HTS & Allies Latest Situation: . Areas taken the last 24h by #SAA
20:03 [SANA] (E)
Army reestablishes control over strategic town of al-Tehh in Idleb countryside
Syrian Arab Army units reestablished control over the strategic town of al-Tehh in the southeastern countryside of Idleb following violent battles.
0:16 [Sana] (E)
Army clears new villages in Idleb countryside, continues operations against terrorists
Syrian Arab Army’s units on Saturday continued their military operations against the terrorist organizations in the southeastern countryside of Idleb and cleared three new villages after eliminating terrorists in them.
23:38 [Press TV] (E)
US, Israel orchestrating violent attacks in Iraq: Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq Leader
Qais al-Khazali, the leader of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, says Israeli and American spy services are behind violent attacks in Iraq, and they include attacks on protesters and even the US embassy in Baghdad.
16:58 [Press TV] (E)
China’s special envoy for Syria says the United States’ pretext for extending its military presence in the Arab country, namely to protect Syrian oil fields, is untenable.
China’s special envoy for Syria says the United States’ pretext for extending its military presence in the Arab country, namely to protect Syrian oil fields, is untenable.
13:39 [Press TV] (E)
`US State Department to cut Iraq-based personnel by third`
The reduction would mean 114 fewer people at the US Embassy in Baghdad, 15 fewer people at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center, and eight fewer people at Consulate General in Erbil, the capital of Iraq`s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, the report said.
22:36 [Mint Press News] (E)
The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil
The outsized role of U.S. Israel lobby operatives in abetting the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil reveals how this powerful lobby also facilitates more covert aspects of U.S.-Israeli cooperation and the implementation of policies that favor Israel.
4:43 [Press TV] (E)
Turkey FM says may tell US to withdraw from Incirlik
Turkey has threatened the United States with requesting its withdrawal from Incirlik Air Base if Washington imposes sanctions on Ankara over purchase of S400 missile defense systems from Russia.
7:43 [Fars News Agency] (E)
Senior MP: US Sending Weapons to Ein Al-Assad Base without Baghdad`s Knowledge
A senior member of the Iraqi parliament`s Security and Defense Commission disclosed on Tuesday that the US continues non-stop dispatch of arms and military equipment to Ein al-Assad base in al-Anbar province without the government`s knowledge.
22:54 [Elijah J. Magnier] (E)
What have the US and protestors in Lebanon achieved over Iran and its allies?
For several weeks now, much of the Lebanese population has turned on the country’s traditional political leaders and wrought havoc on the corrupt domestic political system. Those who have ruled the country for decades have offered little in the way of reforms, have paid little attention to the infrastructure, and done little or nothing to provide job opportunities outside the circle of their clients. The protestors were also driven into the street by the US measures strangling the Lebanese economy and preventing most of the 7-8 million expatriates from transferring financial support (around $8 billion per year) to their relatives back home. This is how the US administration has conducted its policy in the Middle East in its failed attempt to bring Iran and its allies to their knees.
10:52 [Consortium News] (E)
The Angry Arab: U.S. Role in Lebanon’s Crisis Goes Unrecognized
The bulk of Lebanon’s corrupt ruling class are clients of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, not Iran. But this fact is too inconvenient for Western media to point out, writes As’ad AbuKhalil.
20:44 [Press TV] (E)
Lebanese businessman Khatib withdraws name from premiership
Lebanese businessman Samir al-Khatib, one of the leading candidates for the position of prime minister, has withdrawn his candidacy to lead the next government, paving the way for caretaker Prime Minister Sa’ad al-Hariri to re-emerge for the job.
20:39 [Sana] (E)
After deployment of Syrian Arab Army in it, normal life returns to Abu Rasin area in northern Hasaka
Life is gradually returning to normal in Abu Rasin area and its villages in Hasaka northern countryside, with the return of business activity to markets there due the state of stability brought to the area by the presence of the Syrian Arab Army.
20:36 [Press TV] (E)
Hundreds of displaced Syrians leave the al-Hol camp
Hundreds of displaced Syrian citizens are heading towards their hometowns and villages from an overcrowded desert camp in the northeast of the conflict-hit country.
17:59 [Press TV] (E)
Lebanon’s new government must immediately carry out reforms: Hezbollah MP
Lebanon’s new government must have a plan to immediately carry out reforms in the cash-strapped country, says a lawmaker from the Hezbollah resistance movement, stressing that “chances of a solution to the crisis have not been eliminated.”
22:11 [TASS] (E)
Soviet-built Syrian hydropower plant from 1980s being revived
According to the peacekeeper, once the civil war broke out, this strategically important site fell under the control of IS. The strategically vital Al-Ba’ath HPP, in the northern Syrian province of Raqqa, is in the process of being renovated, Vladimir Varnavskiy, an officer from the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides told TASS.
0:26 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Saudi Arabia Retreats From The Troubles Its Clown Prince Caused
When the Saudi King Salman promoted his son Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) to Defense Minister and then Crown Prince the expectations were high. But three of the major projects Muhammad since launched soon ran into trouble. Now initiatives are under way to limit the damage he caused. The end of the five year old Saudi war on Yemen is coming into sight. The public offering of the Saudi state owned ARAMCO oil company is finally taken place but with a much lower valuation than originally planned. The thirty month spat with Qatar is under repair.
0:15 [Gospa News] (E)
“Israel must leave the Golan”. The UN’s slap against Trump and Bibi-Briberies
Israel must leave the Golan. The UN General Assembly reiterated it in recent days, which gave a great slap to US President Donald Trump who on several occasions declared legal the occupation of the territories taken from the Tel Aviv army to Syria. The news did not have prominence in the western media that instead in June last had celebrated with enthusiasm the laying of the foundation stone of the city Trump Heights, so named by the Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu after the public recognition by the White House of the territories occupied by Israel in the the Golan plateau.
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