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Je planmäßiger die Menschen vorgehen, desto wirksamer vermag sie der Zufall treffen.
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23:59 [Info BRICS] (E)
Trump’s Claims That Nicaragua Is “National Security Threat” to Legitimize U.S. Economic Aggression
Nicaragua has been experiencing a political crisis since mid-April 2018 when a reform of the Social Security system unleashed a pro-U.S. violent protests against President Daniel Ortega. His initiative for pension reforms lit the fuse for major protests that continued even after Ortega withdrew the reform just days ago to pacify the country. However, the protests not only continued, but intensified.
23:15 [One World] (E)
Evo The `Terrorist` & The Weaponization Of Fear-Mongering Labels
The coup-imposed "Interior Minister" of Bolivia demanded that ("former") President Morales be jailed for life because of his supposedly "terrorist" activities, which amounts to the weaponization of fear-mongering labels for purely political reasons intended to intimidate his majority-indigenous supporters into stopping their resistance activities against the US-backed regime change.
13:21 [Voltaire Network] (E)
Bolivia, laboratory of a new destabilization strategy
The international press reports the events in Bolivia with caution. It describes the overthrow of President Evo Morales, evokes yet another coup d’état, but fails to identify what is really happening. It does not see the emergence of a new political force, hitherto unknown in Latin America. For Thierry Meyssan, if the continent’s religious authorities do not immediately assume their responsibilities, nothing can prevent the spread of chaos.
20:28 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
"Liberation": US-Backed Coup Leader Jeanine Añez Moves Bolivian Cash & Gold Reserves To The US
This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 11/22.
18:19 [One World] (E)
Bolivia Faces Croatian-Style Ethnic Cleansing & South African-Like Apartheid
Post-coup Bolivia is at risk of Croatian-style ethnic cleansing and South African-like apartheid unless the protesters succeed in putting substantial international pressure on the new "authorities" and ensuring that genuinely free and fair elections are held as soon as possible as the most realistic attempt to reverse the recent regime change.
7:49 [Jacobin] (E)
A Week After the Coup in Bolivia, There’s Still No Proof of Electoral Fraud
Mainstream commentators continue to assert that Evo Morales oversaw a fraudulent election in Bolivia that led to his resignation. But the “resignation” was a coup — and there’s still no proof the election was even fraudulent.
15:46 [Jacobin] (E)
The Far-Right Coup in Bolivia
In Bolivia, the military, police, and right-wing extremists have carried out a coup against the elected government. They intend to remain in power by violently suppressing the country`s indigenous and poor.
8:59 [Inforos] (E)
Morales confirms he is ready to return to Bolivia soon
"If my return to Bolivia will help establish peace in the country, I will return tomorrow. It hurts me to see that so many people died," El Universal quoted Morales as saying. He also called on Bolivia`s armed forces and police "not to get your hands covered in the blood" of compatriots. Morales noted that his resignation had to be accepted by the Bolivian parliament and that he will return home if this does not happen.
8:59 [Southfront] (E)
Bolivian Parliament Elects New Head, Refuses to Acknowledge Self-Proclaimed President Jeanine Anez
There are videos circulating on Twitter showing Evo Morales supporters gathering to fight against the opposition that seized power. ... At the same time, the opposition, following the coup is struggling with consolidating power. Following the appointment of Sergio Choke, parliament also refused to acknowledge Anez as the legitimate president of Bolivia, since she assumed the interim-president post against the constitution without a vote from the parliament.
8:36 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Wild Lithium Hunt: How Tesla Toppled Morales
It is common for the ordinary public to believe that the different revolutions and coups happen as if by themselves. Cinema adds to this notion the idea of the role of the individual in history....At first glance, the coup in Bolivia seems to be the most accurate confirmation of that. President Evo Morales, who had ruled the country for 14 years and once again won national elections (47% of the vote), was defeated by Luis Fernando Camacho as a result of a coup “following the Ukrainian scheme”.
8:21 [Youtube/Al Jazeera] (E)
Boliviens ehemaliger Präsident kommt in Mexiko an
Der frühere Präsident Evo Morales wurde vom mexikanischen Außenminister Marcelo Ebrard begrüßt. Morales sagte der wartenden Menge, dass er nicht vorhabe, sich aus der Politik zurückzuziehen.
7:30 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Lessons To Learn From The Coup In Bolivia
The coup in Bolivia is devastating for the majority of the people in that country. ... But Morales failed to build the defenses that are necessary to make such changes permanent. The leadership of the military and police stood against him. Why were these men in such positions?
7:28 [The Saker] (E)
A few short comments about the Fascist coup in Bolivia
These are the folks who just came to power: They are all members of some kind of Fascist “Christian” cult. This is what these folks did with those who dare oppose them: Trump loves this. He called it a “significant moment for democracy in the Western Hemisphere” and then he proceeded to threaten two more Latin American states by saying “these events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail. We are now one step closer to a completely democratic, prosperous, and free Western Hemisphere”. Old Uncle Shmuel is still hard at work. In fact, he has a very good point. What this latest coup signals to all patriotic Latin Americans who want to see their continent free from US oppression is this: if you want to openly defy the diktats of the Empire, make absolutely sure the commanders of your armed forces are loyal to you.
7:24 [Mint Press News] (E)
Bolivia Is the Latest Successful US-Backed Coup in Latin America
By Alan Macleod - There is a perfect word in the English language for when army generals appear on television demanding the resignation of an elected head of state while their allies detain and torture government officials. Bolivian President Evo Morales “resigned” at gunpoint Sunday, after army generals publicly demanded his resignation, despite convincingly winning re-election just three weeks ago. The preceding 21 days were filled with fractious demonstrations and counter-protests from Morales’ supporters and opponents.
19:53 [One World] (E)
Here`s How The Hybrid War On Bolivia Succeeded In Carrying Out Regime Change
The Hybrid War on Bolivia isn`t over by a long shot, but it did in fact succeed in its most immediate aim of carrying out regime change against democratically re-elected and legitimate President Morales, so it`s important to review how this happened in the hope that other countries can better prepare themselves for responding to asymmetrical warfare campaigns such as this one if they`re ever targeted in the future.
19:49 [Asia Times] (E)
Released Lula in for greatest fight of his life
He’s back. With a bang. Only two days after his release from a federal prison in Curitiba, southern Brazil, following a narrow 6×5 decision by the Supreme Court, former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva delivered a fiery, 45-minute long speech in front of the Metal Workers Union in Sao Bernardo, outside of Sao Paulo, and drawing on his unparalleled political capital, called all Brazilians to stage nothing short of a social revolution.
19:37 [youtube/the Duran] (E)
Coup d`état in Bolivia topples President Evo Morales
The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the recent coup in Bolivia which has toppled four term President Evo Morales.
19:36 [Internationalist 360°] (E)
The City of El Alto Defends Evo Morales Amid Repression
In Bolivia, the coup bloc has not yet been able to form a government. Jeanine Añez, who landed in Bolivia ... However, she should assume the presidency with the agreement of the legislative power, where in both chambers the Movement Towards Socialism, the party that was forcibly displaced, has a majority. ... For the moment, there is no visible direction of the resistance processes. What is clear is that the decision of those conducting the coup will be to respond with repression on every possible level.
19:35 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Global Proxy War Escalates: "Destabilizing Operation" Sends Bolivia Into Political Chaos
"...what went down in Bolivia is part of the global proxy war the Trump administration is waging against countries like China and Russia in order to push back against the ongoing transition to a multi-polar geopolitical world."
15:07 [RT] (E)
Bolivian President Morales announces his resignation
Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned shortly after the military urged him to do so. Two officials next in line to take over the government also stepped down following weeks of protests. "I resign from my position as president so that (Carlos) Mesa and (Luis Fernando) Camacho do not continue to persecute socialist leaders," Morales said during a televised address, mentioning the leaders of the opposition.
7:40 [Internationalist 360°] (E)
Bolivia Coup d’état: Evo Morales Resigns in the Face of Fascist Attack
The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has announced his resignation from office after opposition groups, who do not want to recognize the election results of last October 20, launched a wave of violence. The escalation of violence by these groups attacked militants and leaders of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS). They are intimidating journalists, burning residences of MAS members, including Evo’s sister, and attacking anyone who looks indigenous. Some political allies and the National Police have gone over to the side of the opposition. The country is in a complete crisis.
7:39 [Internationalist 360°] (E)
The Hours of a Coup Offensive in Bolivia
The attempt to overthrow President Evo Morales is gaining strength, territory and capacity for action. Like an announced bullet that arrives from the front and has a date: before next Tuesday. That day the country will know the result of the audit in which the Organization of American States (OAS) participates, if there has been fraud in the October 20 elections that gave Morales victory in the first round.
20:53 [Jacobin] (E)
“We Are the Only Opposition”
By Will Freeman - Magdalena, Colombia was a right-wing paramilitary stronghold. Now it’s undergoing a political revolution from the left.
9:55 [One World] (E)
The Chilean Unrest Isn`t Unique, It Can Happen Literally Anywhere At Anytime
The sudden explosion of violence in the comparatively wealthy South American country of Chile took practically all observers off guard after they had hitherto assumed that no such unrest was ever possible in a nation with such impressive macroeconomic indicators, yet that just goes to show that what occurred wasn`t by any means unique and can literally happen anywhere at anytime because of very serious underlying systemic issues that have been ignored by many governments for far too long.
22:51 [One World] (E)
Bolivia`s Boiling With Color Revolution Unrest
The narrow re-election of long-serving Bolivian President Evo Morales earlier this month during the first round of voting has been exploited by his internal and external foes alike as the trigger event for inciting preplanned Color Revolution unrest in this lithium-rich landlocked socialist state.
7:18 [TASS] (E)
Chile’s authorities cancel APEC summit in Santiago in November amid protests
The protests that developed into street riots and clashes with police began in Santiago on October 14 following metro fare hikes. Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera said he made a decision to cancel the APEC summit in Santiago in November and the UN conference on climate change in December due to protests in the country.
12:05 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Burn, Neoliberalism, Burn
Neoliberalism is – literally – burning. And from Ecuador to Chile, South America, once again, is showing the way. Against the vicious, one-size-fits-all IMF austerity prescription, which deploys weapons of mass economic destruction to smash national sovereignty and foster social inequality, South America finally seems poised to reclaim the power to forge its own history. Three presidential elections are in play. Bolivia’s seem to have been settled this past Sunday – even as the usual suspects are yelling “Fraud!” Argentina and Uruguay are on next Sunday.
8:27 [The Canary] (E)
New blow for US imperialism as Bolivia re-elects Evo Morales
Bolivian president Evo Morales, whose government has overseen improving living standards and a dramatic reduction in poverty while in power, has been re-elected. This is yet another blow for the ongoing US campaign to get rid of left-of-centre governments in Latin America and boost their austerity-supporting opponents.
15:10 [Fort Russ] (E)
BREAKING: Evo Morales declares state of emergency in Bolivia because of coup attempt
The Bolivian government has called on the EU and the OAS to check the ballot box across the country following allegations of opposition fraud, which it called a “coup d’état” process. Bolivian President Evo Morales has denounced that his country is undergoing a coup d’état, coordinated by the right and with international support. “I report to the Bolivian people and the world in process a coup d’état that was prepared by the right with international support. I appeal to international organizations to defend democracy,” said the Bolivian leader. “We will not seek confrontation, but we will defend democracy,” he emphasized.
17:34 [Press TV] (E)
Chile death toll rises to 11, president extends emergency
Chile`s death toll has risen to 11, authorities say, after three days of violent demonstrations and looting that saw President Sebastian Pinera claim the country was "at war."
9:00 [Global Research] (E)
Ecuador under President Neo-coño Moreno: The IMF’s Deadly “Economic Medicine”, The Weaponization of Neoliberal Reforms
Lenin Moreno: aka Neocon Moreno A popular insurrection is unfolding against the adoption of sweeping IMF reforms imposed by the “centre left” government of President Lenin Moreno. In March 2019, a 4.2 billion dollar IMF loan was granted to Ecuador. “We are here to help you” says the IMF. Our objective is to help Ecuador “modernize its economy and pave the way for strong, sustained, and equitable growth.” Nonsense. This loan agreement initiates a process of economic and social destruction. What is at stake is an engineered economic depression. The Neocons in Washington are firmly behind the IMF’s deadly economic medicine.
12:33 [Mint Press News] (E)
Indigenous-Led Protests Rock Ecuador Decrying IMF Deal and Demanding Moreno’s Resignation
By Julian Cola - Labeled “savages” in times past, today the mobilizing efforts of the indigenous have been associated with the work of “terrorist groups” and “criminal groups” by President Moreno. “We don’t have a state! We don’t have any state!” The lady’s voice projects through a loudspeaker amid the crowd. She’s not having it. Nor is the groundswell of hundreds, if not thousands who’ve converged at Plaza Grande trolley stop, just meters from Simon Bolivar’s statue at the entrance to Quito’s historic center. They’ve come to express their disquiet over a fresh round of austerity measures declared by Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno last week, the backbreaker being the now-infamous fuel subsidy cut, as part of a $4.2 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan package.
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