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20:44 [Tass] (E)
ECHR does not recognize second Khodorkovsky-Lebedev case as political
The European Court of Human Rights partially satisfied a lawsuit filed by ex-CEO of the now-defunct Yukos oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky and former Menatep Group CEO Platon Lebedev. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) partially satisfied a lawsuit filed by ex-CEO of the now-defunct Yukos oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky and former Menatep Group CEO Platon Lebedev, but did not acknowledge their complaints that the criminal case against them was politically motivated. The court ruling regarding the so-called second case was published on the ECHR’s website on Tuesday.
20:42 [Stalker Zone] (E)
“Intermarium” of Adherents: Latvian and Ukrainian Nazis Predict the Collapse of the EU
In early January torch marches were held in Kiev and a number of other cities of Ukraine in honour of the birthday of the idol of local nationalists Stepan Bandera. This caused sharp resentment from Israel, as well as neighbouring Poland, whose Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Bartosz Cichocki, publicly expressed concern about what had happened.
11:46 [EU Sanctions] (E)
EU to start applying targeted measures against Venezuela
The EU’s High Representative, Josep Borrell, has announced that the EU is “ready to start work towards applying targeted measures against individuals” involved in recent acts undermining democracy, rule of law and human rights in Venezuela. The recent acts relate to the use of force against Juan Guiadó, the President of the National Assembly, and other lawmakers to impede their entry into the National Assembly on 5 January.
11:45 [EU Sanctions] (E)
UK preparing to impose human rights sanctions in early 2020
The Foreign Office has reportedly said the UK will bring its targeted sanctions regime relating to human rights abuses into force immediately after the UK ceases to be an EU Member State on 31 January, and that a list of targeted individuals might be published in February or March 2020. These would be based on powers in the Sanctions and Money-Laundering Act 2018. It was also reported that those targeted may include citizens of Russia, Libya, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia. These potential targets of the sanctions regime were additionally considered in Parliamentary debates on 7 January following the Queen’s Speech, see here and here.
18:42 [Press TV] (E)
France warns US against digital tax retaliation
French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire warned the United States on Monday that any retaliation to France`s new digital services tax could "deeply and durably" damage relations.
9:44 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Nazis in Kiev Marched in Honour of the Birthday of Bandera
A march in honour of Stepan Bandera‘s birthday took place in Kiev… The torch march of Ukrainian nationalists took place on the streets of Kiev on a grand scale, and not for the first year. Its organisers are still the same: “OUN“, “Right Sector“, “Trizub” (“Svoboda” party) – all of them are banned in Russia by court decision, but very well comfotable under the current authorities in Ukraine, and even under the government of the ethnic Jew Zelensky. And in fact, the destruction of Jews, along with Poles and Russians, or rather-Soviet citizens, was a characteristic feature in the fight of Ukrainian nationalists for their so-called “freedom”.
8:48 [Voltaire Network] (E)
For the European Union, the time has come to use force
The new European Commission has clearly stated its project in the era of US withdrawal: to restore Western Europe’s dominance over the rest of the world from the 16th to the 19th century. To achieve this, it is adopting a trumped-up ideology that uses the vocabulary of its philosophers in the wrong way. This posture would be laughable if it could not lead to war....President Ursula van des Leyen summed up her programme for the restoration of European domination with these words: The time has come, "We must use Force".
19:08 [Press TV] (E)
Corbyn urges resistance to Tory hard right agenda
The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, has called for “resistance” to Tory rule as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, prepares to implement his hard right agenda.
9:50 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Did Macron And Johnson Negotiate A Hard Brexit In October?
Something odd is happening with Brexit...
7:30 [Xinhua] (E)
Kiev completes prisoner swap with rebels: presidential office
The Ukrainian government completed a prisoner swap with rebels in the country`s eastern regions and received 76 detainees on Sunday, the presidential office said.
20:56 [Press TV] (E)
Tom Watson gives self-serving interview to the Guardian
The Labour party’s former deputy leader, Tom Watson, has tried to shift the blame of his failed political career onto the party’s intellectual fabric and ideological direction.
19:27 [German Foreign Policy] (E)
The Global Judges: EU Prepares Global Sanctions Regime
The EU is preparing a new sanctions regime and wants to impose coercive measures on human rights violators - both presumed and real - throughout the world. It will be equivalent to two US sanctions laws Washington uses to penalize undesirable persons from Russia and other countries. Those listed under the US law can no longer travel to the United States and any assets they may have in the USA would be frozen. During a conflict with Turkey, the Trump administration enforced one of those laws, the "Global Magnitsky Act", to impose sanctions on Turkey`s justice and interior ministers. The EU foreign ministers have now instructed the European External Action Service to prepare a corresponding law for the EU, the `European Magnitsky Act".
5:39 [CGTN] (E)
What have leaders across Europe said in their Christmas messages?
Heads of states and political leaders across Europe have begun issuing their annual Christmas messages. It is a chance to reflect on a turbulent year marked in many countries by political uncertainty and socio-economic challenges. Here is a round-up of the ones already published, with more to be added as they are issued.
5:36 [Stalker Zone] (E)
An Activist from the Socialist Front of Lithuania Was Set on Fire In Kaunas
In Kaunas an unknown man set fire to an activist from the “Socialist Front of Lithuania”, Aida Merkulova. The incident took place on December 12th, but it has only now become known....“We want to know how the investigation will be conducted,” said Grabauskas. According to him, the attack on Merkulova is a dirty method aimed at weakening the activities of anti-fascists in Lithuania. “Earlier similar ways of exerting pressure were used in Ukraine, now it appeared in the Baltic states. This is a clear pro-fascist approach, which is dangerous for society,” said Grabauskas.
5:35 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Case of Sheremet: Ukrainian Radicals Attacked Journalists At a Court Hearing
At a hearing on the case of Yuliya Kuzmenko, who is suspected of killing the journalist and radio presenter of “Vesti” Pavel Sheremet, in the Court of Appeal of Kiev on December 24th, there was a clash between Kuzmenko’s associates and representatives of the publication “”. It is reported that representatives of the website of the blogger Anatoly Shary came to the court hearing. The associates of Yuliya Kuzmenko pushed and kicked them out of the courthouse, including the known journalist Antonin Belyazov, who was listed third on the list of the “Shary Party”. It is reported that the journalist was called “swine” and “provocateur”.
17:46 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Farage: Anti-EU Revolt Is Spreading Across Europe
“People do not want to be run and governed by faceless bureaucrats…you’re being rejected,” said Farage in comments aimed at EU leaders.
15:47 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Peace For The Donbass: A Distant Hope
Christopher Black - The Normandy Four talks, held in Paris,on December 11, between Russia, Germany, France and the Kiev regime of Ukraine produced not much except more of the same: vague commitments to seek peace, agreements on prisoner exchange and gas supplies, but little else. Russia remains committed to the Minsk Agreements of 2015 and the road to a peaceful resolution of the conflict set out in those agreements but faces weak support from Germany and France; which as parts of NATO have a deep interest in keeping the conflict boiling, to harass Russia and give NATO pretext for moving troops there.
7:37 [TASS] (E)
Belarusian opposition spends West’s money on mansions and cars, says president
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Monday that the Belarusian opposition, which as he is informed is financed by the US and Germany, is spending money on mansions and luxury cars..."Usually via Lithuania and Poland. Americans, Germans are financing them," he added. "They have a good life," the president added, expressing doubts that Belarusian oppositionists are seeking to get into whatever government agencies.
7:29 [TASS] (E)
Two-day rally in protest against closer integration with Russia ends in Minsk
An unauthorized opposition rally protesting against closer integration with Russia, the second one of this weekend, has ended in Minsk. No one was detained, no violations of public order were reported. The rally lasted for five hours, like the one on Saturday.
3:05 [TASS] (E)
Second Russian NTV reporter denied entry to Ukraine in past day
Aleksandra Tonkikh, a correspondent of Russia’s NTV channel, was barred from entering Ukraine on Saturday, the channel said. "The cause behind the ban was the fact that in 2016 Aleksandra Tonkikh visited Crimea," statement said. On Friday night, another NTV reporter, Sergei Savin, was denied entry to Ukraine. ...On December 9 at the Paris summit of Normandy Four, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky invited Russian journalists to come to Ukraine and assess the situation in the country in person.
21:46 [The Canary] (E)
Thank you, Jeremy Corbyn
I’m writing this through tears, and know I’m not alone in that today. But as the vultures swoop to pick clean the bones of the election results, it feels important to say one thing: Thank you, Jeremy Corbyn.
19:30 [RT] (E)
Labour’s failure to realise this was a 2nd Brexit referendum hands Britain to Boris
The Corbynites which make up Momentum, the group steering Labour, were blinded by ideology. They offered a socialist agenda of state giveaways and nationalisations and threatened to raid the bank accounts of billionaires, but its voters wanted Brexit, it was that simple.
0:18 [Press TV] (E)
Britain Brexit bound as Johnson set for big parliamentary majority
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party will win an overwhelming victory in Britain’s election with a majority of 86 seats in parliament to deliver Brexit on Jan. 31, an exit poll showed on Thursday.
20:43 [The Saker] (E)
French Black Bloc’s utter uselessness… except to the French government
On December 5th France’s long, long, LONG-awaited General Strike against austerity measures began, and it was a huge success: 90% of trains were shut down nationwide, there was an unprecedented walk out by teachers, and as many as 1.5 million people marched despite temperatures near zero. And yet the march in Paris was a total failure. For nearly four hours I watched perhaps 500 Black Bloc members hijack the front of the march and stop an estimated 250,000 people from moving. Just 500 unarmed Black Bloc – not battle-hardened, insane Daesh terrorists – stopped a quarter million people from advancing for FOUR hours!
15:19 [Stalker Zone] (E)
The End of Russian Schools in Ukraine?
Decommunisation and derussification are developing hand in hand. The young Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Anna Novosad is preparing “reforms” that are supposed to definitively end secondary and higher schools in the country. The once best Soviet education in the world has been crushed year after year for as long as there has been an independent government.
15:18 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Stetsko & Co: Ukraine Will Celebrate the Birthdays of Nazi Accomplices at the State’s Expense
In 2020 Ukraine will celebrate at the state level the birthday of Nazi collaborators from OUN-UPA.
22:46 [TASS] (E)
Ukrainian foreign minister says Normandy summit`s draft document "not very ambitious"
The document that will be made public after the Normandy Four (Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine) summit will not include any ambitious objectives, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko said on Tuesday on the sidelines of the NATO Engages conference in London. "To tell you the truth, the document is not very ambitious, but rather very cautious. At the moment, the document envisages emphasizing the achivements," the Evropeyskaya Pravada newspaper quoted Pristayko as saying.
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