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Wenn das Gehirn so einfach wäre, daß wir es verstehen könnten, wären wir zu dumm, um es zu begreifen.
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20:41 [Voltaire Network] (E)
Kurdistan, imagined by French colonialism
Contrary to popular belief, Rojava is not a state for the Kurdish people, but a French fantasy of the interwar period. The aim was to create a rump state with Kurds equivalent to Greater Israel, which was being considered with Jews. This colonial objective was reactivated by Presidents Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron including the ethnic cleansing of the region intended to host it. The Kurdish people have never had a dream of unification, with the exception of the project of the Prince of Rewanduz.
9:10 [Oriental Review] (E)
South-East Europe In The International Relations At The Turn Of The 20th Century (I)
At the beginning of the 20th century the Great European Powers,[i] divided into two totally antagonistic political-military alliances, were preparing themselves for the final settling of accounts among each other concerning the new division of political-economic spheres of influence and the redistributing the colonies around the world. Their different interests overlapped upon the territory of South-East Europe, much more look down at the other parts of the globe, for the reason of the exploitation of the regional natural wealth and to take advantage of the military-strategic importance of South-East Europe as the strategic hinterland of East Mediterranean and the most fitting bond between Central Europe and the Middle East.
19:02 [The Future of Freedom Foundation] (E)
John Lennon vs. the Deep State
“You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control.”—John Lennon (1969) John Lennon, born 79 years ago on October 9, 1940, was a musical genius and pop cultural icon.
12:31 [SOTT] (E)
What Would it Take For The UK to Apologize For Centuries of Atrocities Carried Out Under The British Empire?
Darius Shahtahmasebi - Any objective historian would concede that the British government has a centuries-long list of atrocities that it must one day apologize for. To this day, the British Empire has struggled with the notion of righting past wrongs. The British government made a rare move last week: it expressed regret for the killing of Maori in New Zealand in 1769.
10:01 [Oriental Review] (E)
A Short History of Yugoslavia (V)
Tito’s policy in the 1970s of the so-called “encourage and suppress” for the sake to struggle against politically undesirable and threatening ethnic nationalisms especially the Croat and the Serb ones appeared to be incoherent one. In another word, while some ethnic nationalisms and their ideologies were considered to be dangerous to the system and, therefore, were suppressed and their advocates were jailed or banned from employment[i] (the case, for instance, of the Serbian dissident professors from Belgrade University), other nationalisms, supposed to be non-dangerous for the regime were encouraged by the local Communist elites (for instance, the Albanian nationalism in Kosovo-Metochia).
21:56 [Press TV] (E)
Untold facts: Gen. Soleimani on 33-day War with Israel
After 20 years, for the first time since being appointed as the Chief Commander of Quds brigade, General Soleimani was interviewed by
21:51 [American Herald Tribune] (E)
The Politics of Remembering the Massacres of Sabra and Shatila
Palestinian collective memory carries with it the burden of international complicity. It is unfortunate that this complicity with Israel has been relegated to anniversary commemorations, as opposed to an increasing awareness that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, as well as the massacres of Palestinian refugees being an intrinsic component of Israel’s colonial project which is approved by the international community. This month marked the 37th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacres, when the Phalange militias, guided by Israel, stormed the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and slaughtered over 3,000 Palestinian civilians.
10:50 [Global Research] (E)
History of World War II: Nazi Germany was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England
More than 70 years ago was the start of the greatest slaughter in history. The recent resolution of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE fully equalizes the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the Second World War, except that it had the purely pragmatic purpose of extorting money from Russia on the contents of some of the bankrupt economies, intended to demonize Russia as the successor state to the USSR, and to prepare the legal ground for the deprivation of her right to speak out against revision of results of war. But if we approach the problem of responsibility for the war, then you first need to answer the key question: who helped the Nazis come to power? Who sent them on their way to world catastrophe?
22:17 [Oriental Review] (E)
A Short History of Yugoslavia (IV)
The declining of Yugoslavia (1967‒1981) In the last years of the Cold War (1949−1989), the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (the SFRY) was the largest, most developed and ethnoculturally diverse country in the Balkan peninsula (South-East Europe). It was a non-aligned federation comprised of six republics: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. In addition to these six republics, two separate territories of Kosovo-Metochia and Vojvodina held the status of autonomous provinces within the Republic of Serbia. Undoubtedly, ex-Yugoslavia was a mix of ethnic groups and religions, with Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and Islam being three main religions in the country.
7:23 [Oriental Review] (E)
A Short History of Yugoslavia (III)
Titoslavia: The national questions and interrepublican boundaries. After WWII, the official state-sponsored myth, based on notorious lies and forged historical facts, of the anti-fascist combat and the liberation of Yugoslavia by Tito’s Partisans acquired a political life of its own until the 1990s. The official brainwashed dogma became the so-called National Liberation of Yugoslavia while the personal cult of Josip Broz Tito became framed on the propaganda that self-proclaimed “Marshall” of Yugoslavia (on November 29th, 1943 in Bosnian town of Jajce) was one of the most intelligent and ingenious national leaders of the anti-fascist coalition in Europe during the wartime.
12:47 [Oriental Review] (E)
A Short History Of Yugoslavia (I)
Yugoslavia (the “land of South Slavs”) was a Balkan multi-ethnic state which emerged from the ruins of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy (est. 1867) and was officially announced to exist on December 1st, 1918 under the original name of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.[i] The name was changed in June 1929 to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The country existed under such name till April 1941 when it was destroyed, occupied, and divided by the Axis Powers and their Balkan satellites.
12:44 [Oriental Review] (E)
A Short History Of Yugoslavia (II)
Partitioning of Yugoslavia during WWII (1941−1945)
10:02 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
The Jacobin Terror 1789-1794: Just Another Color Revolution?
I was shocked to discover, upon reading the 2001-2002 studies published by historian Pierre Beaudry (Why France Did Not Have a French Revolution and Jean-Sylvain Bailly: The French Revolution’s Benjamin Franklin (1)), that the common narrative of the French Revolution is little more than British myth making that bears little to no resemblance to reality as it happened.
6:09 [Oriental Review] (E)
The Peace Treaty of Westphalia (1648) and its Consequences for International Relations
International relations (IR) from the mid-17th century to the mid-20th century were founded on the decisions by the Peace Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 that ended the Thirty Years War. However, from the beginning of the 21st century, the IR are once again more and more framed by the international standards established in 1648.
20:51 [youtube/Know More News] (E)
Never Forget September 11, 2001
Adam Green`s special issue to the anniversary
20:44 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Lessons From the Liberation of Majdanek
On July 22, the world should have remembered the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Majdanek, the first of Hitler’s infamous extermination camps to be captured and shut down. But of course the brave Russian – and Ukrainian, Kazakh and other Soviet nationalities – soldiers of the Red Army got no credit across the West for doing so. It was one of the most important liberations of World War II. On that day in 1944, troops of the Soviet Second Tank Army liberated the notorious death camp near Lublin in Poland.
20:39 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Golfing for Remembrance and Intensifying Confrontation
Brian Cloughley - On September 1 there was a remembrance ceremony in Poland to commemorate the beginning of the World War II in which so many millions were killed because the maniac Hitler imagined he could rule the world. As detailed in, his philosophy was that “In order to fulfil its destiny, Germany should take over lands to the east that were now occupied by ‘inferior’ Slavic peoples — including Austria, the Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia), Poland and Russia.”....The indecorous and even boorish behaviour of some of those we expect to be models of courtesy attracted many sighs but little surprise. To begin with, the Polish Government insulted President Putin, leader of the country that lost 24 million citizens in the fight against Nazism.
7:29 [The Corbett Report/YouTube] (E)
9/11 Whistleblowers: William Rodriguez
About that day...explosions in the sublevel basements Before any alleged jet impact.
14:21 [Voltairenet] (E)
Justin Trudeau Needs a History Lesson
On August 23rd the Canadian Prime Minister’s office issued a statement to remember the so-called “black ribbon day,” a bogus holiday established in 2008-2009 by the European Parliament to commemorate the victims of fascist and communist “totalitarianism” and the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact in 1939. Various centre-right political groupings inside the European Parliament, along with the NATO (read US) Parliamentary Assembly initiated or backed the idea. In 2009, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, meeting in Lithuania, also passed a resolution “equating the roles of the USSR and Nazi Germany in starting World War II.”
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