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10:36 [Proche et Moyen Orient] (F)
Placé, comme la Syrie sous sanctions économiques américaines, le Liban – du moins certaines voix libanaises, dont celle du secrétaire du Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, appellent à une coopération « nouvelle » et « renforcée » avec la Chine, la Russie, l’Irak et d’autres pays afin de « préserver le Liban de la famine ». Dans un contexte de pression américaine maximale, l’Iran vient de finaliser un accord historique avec la Chine pour les 25 prochaines années ! En fait, ce « partenariat stratégique » – concernant les secteurs énergétiques, bancaires, les télécommunications, les transports et la coopération militaire – était en discussion depuis 2016. Pour les vingt-cinq prochaines années, la Chine obtiendrait pétrole et gaz à prix réduit contre des investissements lourds dans nombre d’infrastructures vitales pour l’Iran. Aujourd’hui sous sanctions américaines, le pays exporte de 100 à 200 000 barils par jour contre plus de 2,5 millions en avril 2018 – avant que Donald Trump ne déchire l’accord sur le nucléaire.
14:35 [Global Research] (E)
Trump Administration’s Pressure Prompted Tehran and Damascus to Cultivate Ties with China
Rebuffed and shamed by the US and its European acolytes, Iran is clearly determined to opt for the chief eastern alternative which, over the past decade, has emerged as a major political as well as economic power. This is true also of Tehran’s ally, Damascus which, like Iran, suffers from a hardening sanctions regime which not only punishes Syria but also neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon. In the latter the economy has been in free fall for the past year. Beijing put on a large display at last August’s Damascus International Fair and made it clear that China seeks Syria as a partner in the Belt and Road project designed to revive the ancient “Silk Road” trade routes.
11:18 [Global Research] (E)
Video: Syria Sends Pantsir Air Defense Systems to Counter Turkey in Libya
The Syrian government seems to be deploying Pantsir-S1 air defense systems to Libya to assist forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in their battle against the Turkish-controlled Government of National Accord. An unusual Pantisr-S1 air defense system was for the first time spotted in Libya last week, when local activists released a video of a Libyan National Army convoy moving towards the port city of Sirte besieged by Turkish-led forces.
9:47 [Middle East Eye] (E)
How Iran-China deal could alter the Middle East`s balance of power
The Iranian government has reportedly approved a draft 25-year deal with China on economic and political cooperation. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, said it was a proud moment for Iranian diplomacy. Tehran has not revealed the full details of the agreement, but a previous report by the Petroleum Economist suggests that Iran is set to grant huge concessions to China, including significant discounts on oil and gas, and the ability to delay payments for up to two years and to pay in soft currencies.
10:21 [Global Research] (E)
Iran and China Turbo-charge the New Silk Roads
Two of the US’s top “strategic threats” are getting closer and closer within the scope of the New Silk Roads – the leading 21st century project of economic integration across Eurasia. The Deep State will not be amused. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi blasted as “lies” a series of rumors about the “transparent roadmap” inbuilt in the evolving Iran-China strategic partnership. That was complemented by President Rouhani’s chief of staff, Mahmoud Vezi
13:14 [News Front] (E)
Syria and Iran sign a military cooperation agreement
Syria and Iran signed a comprehensive military cooperation agreement on Wednesday. This was reported by Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen. According to him, Syrian Defense Minister Corps General Ali Abdullah Ayub and Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Bagheri signed a “comprehensive agreement on military cooperation. The agreement, in particular, provides for strengthening ties in the military field, security and strengthening of permanent coordination between the parties.
10:10 [Observateur continental] (F)
La Chine promeut la multipolarité avec l’Afrique
La coopération Chine-Afrique se trouve toujours à un niveau stratégique, et ce pour les deux parties. Si jusqu’à encore assez récemment, l’accent dans l’interaction sino-africaine était surtout mis sur l’aspect économique, désormais Pékin intensifie la partie géopolitique, dans le cadre du soutien à la multipolarité.
11:02 [RT] (F)
Zarif assure que l’Iran continuera sa collaboration économique avec la Syrie malgré la loi César
Le ministre iranien a déclaré vouloir poursuivre sa coopération économique avec Damas et ce en dépit de l`entrée en vigueur de la loi César. Il a dénoncé un interventionnisme américain qui engendre selon lui des «ravages sur le peuple syrien».
19:25 [Donbass Insider] (E)
Donbass – Ukraine declares Minsk agreements are non-binding
In addition to totally sabotaging the meeting of the contact groups which took place on 15 June 2020 by videoconference, Ukraine tried during the latter to oust the DPR and LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics) from the negotiations, while declaring that the Minsk agreements were only non-binding recommendations.
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